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A strategy game involving basic math
Submitted by praneet56 — 1 hour, 37 minutes before the deadline
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Jam Judge

Hey praneet, fun game but if you watched my review video I was definitely floored by the music:   Just wondering, is that your own music or did you source it from somewhere else?


Love'in the DOS look!  Reminds me of the maths and word games I'd play when I was a kid.

I can't tell if this game is hard or if I am just stupid!  xD

Definitely made me have to think tho!


Honestly this is the most unique game I've played so far in this jam. Really good take on the theme in my opinion. Gameplay is simple but pretty engaging (especially if you enjoy simple maths). I liked the 10 second timer forcing you to make decisions quickly. Added a nice amount of pressure to force you to think quickly but not enough to make it super stressful. Really enjoyed the game


Well done! This is captivating! In the first rounds it kept my brain really busy doing the calc but then I realised that I had to look elsewhere and check the difference only when needed... and then suddenly... salvation - it ran almost automatically. I especially like when the next block to store has the same value than one on top - these are for free ;)

Thumbs very high up for gamplay and theme implementation!


Thank you so much, really does put a smile on my face :)


This is a stressful but engaging game!

  • Useful how-to-play tutorial with illustrations, I got the gist instantly
  • The time limit on the machine choosing is really good and keeps me on my toes
  • The last time I was this stressed about numbers was in school, this game gives me ptsd :thumbsup:
  • In the end, I just resorted to a system where any number above 50 goes to the lower number machine and any number under 50 goes to the higher number machine and it worked for 8 minutes
  • Although, the game's resolution was a bit small and I couldn't resize it to be larger

This is also the first game I've played in a while with such a interesting take on the theme! 5/5

Thanks for making this game, I hope you had fun while creating this!


Glad that you liked my take on the theme and also that the how-to-play tutorial was useful. I'm very new to using the Godot Engine, I had to spend half my time watching tutorials and learning how to use the engine while making this game and it certainly was fun creating this.


I liked this, super simple, yet a challenge to do well in. I had to think before every move and found it enganging because of that xD. Loved the soundtrack & overall idea. 

Well Done!


Thank you, the idea came to me from a math problem my friend had asked me recently. Glad that you liked it. :)


is it possible to make a mac port?


Just added one, don't know if it's gonna work though, please do give it a try and let me know.


Doesn't seem to work for me.


Oh, well thanks for letting me know. Learning to export for mac has now been added to my list of the next few things to learn.