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@Kazzual XR & @Paranormal & @HarshitGamer13 thank you so much for hosting this jam and your submissions!

Keep it up - VR RULES!

Hey Paranormal, congrats on your first VR game - interaction works fine on Quest1 and 2.
I'm sure you can deploy for PCVR as well...

Not sure what to do though, I got rid of the asteroids with the wrench, adjusted fuel with the turning knob... and arrived I guess.

hmd tracking not working  :(

Thank you, bartender!

Hi bstroub - nice entry!
I like the intro's post-apocalyptic winter environment, really impressive!
The controls work although they're a bit unresponsive sometimes, nice to have would be more speed steps and maybe audio feedback when pulling left/right.
Great job!

Thank you for playing and your positive feedback!

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Thank you for playing! and sorry for your mosick ;)

Thanks for trying!

Oculus Rift S


Decent locomotion, lovely cubic and facetted art - wouldn't mix it though. Grabbing, switching hands and firing works fine. Lighting and music generates a relaxing mood. Cute ghosts :D

The moment of finding the 3 runes was confusing because I couldn't see them appear - I was too close and the tree I just teleported to (near the rune) was suddenly lit by the flame light, capturing my attention. Audio helped me there but the runes should be further away from their trigger or at least a 3D volume.

Great Job getting it done in 7 days!

Nice seeker, the wall/opening balance is good for gameplay. Some visual feedback and maybe time bonus as reward would make it even more fun.

Thumbs up!

Nice, this is a good base for a tricky puzzle game! Movement is a little dull and scaling is hard to control though.

I guess disabling the rigidbody on the cube while it is grabbed will avoid it bouncing around.

Thumbs up!

Very nice game, decent mood and tricky puzzles, thumbs up!

Nice! Decent locomotion, lovely meshes and animation, well done!

Thank you for taking the time to play and comment!

I really would like to work on it some more, need to think about the direction it should take though - I'd like to add more seriousGaming/educational features and pair that with visual experiences - a lot of work for solo...

Thanks so much for playing and rating!

Did you make it to the end sequence? This is where the real story begins, so it's kind of a demo with tutorial.

Oculus RiftS User

That was fun :D

VR interaction worked fine and the challenge kept me playing...

Thumbs up!

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Oculus RiftS

Nice modeling and mood, good grab and shoot, decent moving speed!

 It's just very laggy because there are way too many polygons  in the scene at once... better close the doors and load rooms runtime.

Congrats for making this in 7 days, thumbs up!

Nice art and shield animation - well done!

Nice shooter, walking sideways would have  helped me ;)

Thumbs up!

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Oculus Rift User

That was fun :D

It feels weirdly natural to stick my hands into things and transfer my element...

A thing I missed was to see the size if the zones to load the hands - thet mostly both loaded up with the same element - I had a hard time to have different states for the hands.

Thumbs up!

Please check out my entry:

Doesn't work with Oculus Rift unfortunately.

Congrats for getting it done in a week though!

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Hey Macchi, thank you for playing and rating - yes - sleep was scarce...

So it works on the Vive, too?

Will check your project for sure!

there is a new version available with more control keys and a few other updates - check it out  :D

Well done! This is captivating! In the first rounds it kept my brain really busy doing the calc but then I realised that I had to look elsewhere and check the difference only when needed... and then suddenly... salvation - it ran almost automatically. I especially like when the next block to store has the same value than one on top - these are for free ;)

Thumbs very high up for gamplay and theme implementation!

Thank you so much for your positive feedback!!!

Nice! Takes a while to get hard though...

Thumbs up!

Nice gameplay! The quests should have more visual feedback though...

Thumbs up!

Nice! Hard to control though...

Thank you  🤗

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it !

I know ;)

oculus quest IS android...

starts windowed with sound but no tracking  (oculus quest)

ヘ( ^o^)ノ\(^_^ )

Thank you for your feedback!

Controllers - good idea :D

Thank you!!!

Nice, the speed and zoom upgrades make it really interesting - beeing faster than the wave was a good choice.

The boat graphics could be more clear about nose and rear ;)

Thumbs up!

gracias por jugar!