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I take everything back. Hard? pff.


Thanks. Glad you liked all those things.

Simple and clever. I love that. Thanks.

As crisp as that pfp?

Shooting monsters on a dirt seesaw is really poetic isn't it.

And the guy who made the rhythm game is complimenting on my music?  I'm so proud.


  • Finally someone with such exquisite taste to notice.
  • Webgul is bestgul
  • You mean my wasd controls aren't innovating the field of 2d platformers?!
  • btwiloveyourgame
  • Juice rules 101
  • I tried fixing that bug so many times  rip

Thanks for playing. Glad you enjoyed it.

That's one more skill to add to your resume.

Fat bullets are the best bullets.

Doesn't seem to work for me.


The art was inspired by the lack of time.

Thanks a lot.

You're spot on. I wasn't sure how to make retro sounding things so I just crushed the song with compression :\

I double apologize for your ears pls don't sue.


You're spot on. I wasn't sure how to make retro sounding things so I just crushed the song with compression :\

I apologize for your ears pls don't sue.

I tried easing people in before it got fast but that ease time might have been little long :\

Thanks for playing.

I do try to make my games as educational as possible.

This is some 4d thinking.

This is a really cool mechanic but I don't think the levels help show it.

Everything is spread out and it's slow to move around just to get into another similar fight.

The boss was a fun change of pace though.

This was super relaxing to play but when I realized it was timed, it felt a bit slow.

Also when you lose, the menu stops working.

Giving my right hand a workout with those controls :\

Simple game with good execution.

This is such a good game.

The one thing is that the screen is only in the top right corner so I have to zoom in.

(1 edit)

This was adorable.

The banana feels really light but that just fits the theme more :\

Love this.

Those are some light chairs :\

Dodging was fun.

I think it would be a lot better if it were wider. There wasn't much time to react when the missiles came on screen.

Challenging and fun.

Great idea. There are so many things you could do with this concept.

Insanely hard to control but satisfying.


Hard to control but this was a fun game. 

Oh rip. Yeah you're supposed to be able to shoot faster than that. shouldbefixednow:\

Glad you liked it.


This is such a nice looking game.

It's a little slow at the beginning but cool concept.

This was great.

Ayy I remember yours too.

Thanks for the comment and congrats on 12th.

That was a fun experience. That girl is terrifying

The art is so nice.

Explosions are awesome.

This was a really fun one to play. I got a minute and 2 seconds.