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Thanks for playing, glad you liked the vibe we were going for xD

Thank you for playing! The game is completable from start to finish, so the lamp and switch issues shouldn't be an issue in theory. We did submit a patched build that fixed a few issues like these. I agree a tutorial would help, we just didn't get time to make one xD

Thanks for playing xD, I was very tempted to have the gnomes react to you or something, but I didn't get the time to add it in xD

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it xD We certainly had some idea's that didn't get into the final cut xD. 

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it xD, the gnomes are a team joke, referencing our entry from the first jam. Though I'd imagine they'd fit perfectly in the game as is xD Story was one thing we wanted to add a little of, but ran out of time xD

I really liked this one. I love stragergy games so this was something I found fun to play. Like Lunatic I struggled with what the end goal of the game was, I reached the castle and though that was it, so a little more on the level's goal on the intro popup would help xD. Still the art is aewsome and the game is very well polished. Well done, I'd certainly play this if it were a full title xD

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it xD

A hidden gem!

This is a really solid game, with a great execution of the theme. I loved how I had to choose carefully what upgrades I took and what I lost. The player and enemies are AWESOME!!!!, I loved them!!!! Such a cool design and they all play great and the animations were really good too!!!

A bit of a game break bug I found is that you can spam the gun like there is no tomorrow, which is easy with a double-click button on a mouse (I have a double click button on my mouse). Adding a cooldown after each shot will help fix that xD

Otherwise a really solid solid entry, Well done, I would love to see this go on to a full release, I'd play it xD

Thank you for playing, yea initially there was more of a mix between the two forms. We ended up simplifying it in order to have it all finished in time xD

I realy liked where this was going. The use of the theme is great, my reaction was legit "oh wow, I like that, thats a cool idea". 

Only a few things let this game down for me. The jumping was a little hard to get used to. I'm more used to game where you jump when you press the button, I got it was a hold and release eventually but I did die alot in the early game because of it. The art stlye was a little all over the place, I guess due to the assets used. It did "fit" but I could tell something was off. Though the character choice was super cool, I really liked the character avatar. Other than that the only other killer issue was that I could just endlessly spawn bots and litter my path. I felt like it should be restricted to make it more of a challenge. 

Still a really good entry that I had a lot of fun with, well done xD

I actually really enjoyed this one, the magnet mechanic was very well executed. It did take me a while to get the hang of it as it took me a bit to get that the walls were also deadly xD. I did feel the amount of particles were a little much as it made it hard to see the player when they may have the chance to escape their death but can't as they just can;t see anything xD. 

Still a very well polished solo entry, Well done xD

Loved the atmosphere here felt like I was right in the action. The visuals are great too. Did have some fun with the gameplay such as spinning around while walking xD The controls were a little clanky with you needing to stop to shoot/reload etc. Still a solid entry, good work xD

An interesting game xD I certainly liked where you were going with this game. I can tell you ended up a little short on time, with the level being mostly dev textures and the fact you can just walk around the side of the castle and see the floating shapes, as well as from a hole in the wall when you walk through the game on your left. I did spend like 5 mins trying to jump into that gap as it looked like I could reach it, only to find I couldn't. There was some great 2D & UI art in this, though the options menu kinda took me out of it with the visuble button over the art that I could clearly see. The art style is cool though I liked where it was going. Gameplay wise it is nice and simple to follow, though having to repeat huge sections at the speed the player moves did make we want to quit, so you may want to work on some checkpoints to avoid such a frustration. 

All that being said this is a solid entry for a solo participant. well done!

Thanks for playing, glad you liked our game xD

A nice idea and a great looking game. I don't know if was just my PC, but this game lags really badly on my end. (It could be my PC as I've had these issues before xD). I really liked the main mechanic of the bomb head and using it as a tool be leaving it behind. It certainly made for some interesting gameplay which can go a long way. The presentation side of things could use a little work. Having some screenshots and a setup itch page would help more person see this game xD Still great work for a solo entry, well done!

For a solo entry this is a very good game. I liked the switching between characters and the whloe atmosphere of the game. On my playthrough I kept going right, which had me repeating the same room over and over which did break the imersion of a dungeon, as the variety wasen't there. The gameplay for melee was a little hard to hit consistently without getting hit yourself. While as the mage you can just circle the room. 

The game certainly has potentional thought and the UI is great with some great transitions and effects. It is a well polished game and a solid entry. Well done!


Video game based on cats!!! Say no more!!!! xD

Loved the look of this game, though unreal helps with that a little. The build has light baking warnings which did break imersion a little. Found a few funny issues, like spamming the love button lots makes a rather hilarious sound effect stack. I did feel the game could've used a little more work, esspecially on the game loop at the end as I was sitting there saying to myself "now what" once I got the the vet with a load of cats. 

Still a great entry with a lot of potential xD

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I had a nice little play of this this morning before I started work and foudn myself wanting to get back into it afterwards to see where it went xD. This is a lovely narrative game, and is still very playable gameplay wise which is good going since I knew you didn't have a programmer on the team xD.  Only downside I felt was that some dialogue bits went on a bit longer than I would've wanted, esspecially in the early game, but thats probs just me xD Would totally get a good rating from me if I could rate the game in the jam xD

The controls are all arrow keys/WASD with enter to confirm. 

I've uploaded a new build with the normal graphics settings, let me know if that works for you xD

Ah, probs cause I made the builds with Vulkan rather than the normal export graphics API. I'll see about getting a fix up soon xD

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A really solid and well designed little game xD Took a little while to figure out how to play it, a little in game tutorial would've helped there. Still great fun, might try and beat my record later on xD
~ Jonathan

For me it was Eggstavaganza xD, such a hard word to type quickyl xD

haha, I ran out of egg puns, but could've added an entire dictinoary if I wanted xD

Haha, there was a plan to have it so the player could kill everyone with the incinerator in the initial concept by doing that exact move! Glad you liked the game xD

Yea, there was a plan to have the basement be the tutorial level with no real challenges, but due to the time contraint the office levels were reduce to just 1, we were going have multiple floors xD

Glad you liked it xD, the gnome was an nod to our the first GJL jam that we added for a bit of fun xD

Glad you liked it, Yea like the previous commet, a cutscene skip would've been a good thing, we just ran out of time to add it. Thx for playing xD

Glad you liked it, Yea a cutscene skip would've been a good thing, we just ran out of time to add it. Thx for playing xD

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Thx for playing, glad you like it! yea the movement on PC is a little janky, if you have an xbox controller it makes the movement a lot easier to deal with xD
~ J

Thx for playing! that was the kind of style we were going for xD glad you liked the idea xD. 

~ J

Glad you liked it xD

~ J

I like this one! love that your the commander of a force and you have to plan you moves to that your forces can defeat the enemies in the level. Loved the execution, a few things I suggest, the menu intro was cool, but a skip to end the animation straight to the end would help, as it's not quick xD. That and the tutorial could be a little more interactive to better explain the game. But given you worked alone on this, you did an amazing job to make what you have. Well Done!

Certainly a different experience, Not a huge amount ot it though. Would be nice if there was something that the user had to interact with to keep calm. Maybe with more things going off you'd have to press certain keys to remain calm and not have your day ruined. 

also the phone going off constantly was a good one, certainly stress me out, I really wanted to answer the call......xD

Thx for playing! glad you liked the idea xD. 

~ J

Nice to see an RTS game, man that brings me back (RTS games such as RA2, Emperor BFD were some of my childhood favourites xD). Nice work on this, it was a little unclear how the energy worked at first but I got the hand of it, though a thing to improve is the fact that I could just build outside the AI base, a build radius would stop that xD, that and the air force disappeared on attacking and tanks navigation got stuck now and then. Other than that its great, good work!

A little struggling to see how this fits the theme tbh. Yea you could say the time of day/the fact it is wheel chair racing and that disabled people should not be held back by their disabilities, but I don't see that being true. Likely due to this being a submission to another jam before this one with the theme "Unexpected". Would you mind listing what you changed for this jam if anything? cause to me it looks like a premade game honestly.... which feels a little unfair on other entries. Don't get me wrong, its a solid game and I like its look and how it plays...... But.......Obviously I could be totally wrong, but that is my two cents on your game. 

I like the idea with this one, loved the destructable enviroment xD Felt it could use a little more explaining on what the players object was bersides defeating each wave, as the UI left me a little lost on what was what. I got the health bar eventually, but lose it on the money? does it do anything? those were the kinds of questions I was thinking while playing. Still a solid game and a good entry. Well Done!

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(I haven't got to play yours yet, just a hint, you may want to set the Windows build to be for the windows platform on the itch page settings, currently it displays as only being a linux game to those who are just browsing the submissions rating summary) Will edit comment when I play yours xD