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Crushing! community · Created a new topic Feedback Thread

Feel free to post any feedback about the game here....

I agree that voting should be limited to people in the jam, it makes it fell more like a community effort. I've seen a lot about the ratings causing people with low amounts of ratings to do well while those with higher ratings do worse. While I can see this been a bad thing, I wouldn't try to remove it entirely as otherwise it just falls to who has the most attractive looking game with the best art that has gotten the most attention because of it. While having nice art is always a plus, this jam inparticular as focused on design and at the end of the day. So realistically its just tweaking the formula to work better. I'd also add maybe community engagement (on should go into account. maybe number of comments over 100 words. over have a category for best sport based on that factor, just encorages people to review and rate games. 

That's my 2 cents on the matter as of writing...

I liked the idea that you could only go left once. with no promot in game, it took me a momnet to actually relise this. But otherwise I felt this was a solid entry :)

Totally not intentional, but hey, if it adds to fun. who's to say it wasen't :) Thanks for playing my game, glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :)

While not my first game jam, it was the first one i've taken part in remotely. Not having a free weekend didn't help either but I managed to keep my scope low enough so that I coudl atlest make a complete experience.  I focused more on what could be done with the idea more than amount of content & art quality. There are still bound to be several bugs I didn't catch when play testing & I certainly wished I made it so you body would fall apart when appearing in a wall but when its just you working on the game stuff like that is a bit hard to implement without a lot of prep. 

But all that aside, it was definetly a lot of fun and I'm planing on speding time tomorrow going through the entries and giving some of them a go

My entry if you're interested: