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Thx for playing, glad you like it! yea the movement on PC is a little janky, if you have an xbox controller it makes the movement a lot easier to deal with xD
~ J

Thx for playing! that was the kind of style we were going for xD glad you liked the idea xD. 

~ J

Glad you liked it xD

~ J

I like this one! love that your the commander of a force and you have to plan you moves to that your forces can defeat the enemies in the level. Loved the execution, a few things I suggest, the menu intro was cool, but a skip to end the animation straight to the end would help, as it's not quick xD. That and the tutorial could be a little more interactive to better explain the game. But given you worked alone on this, you did an amazing job to make what you have. Well Done!

Certainly a different experience, Not a huge amount ot it though. Would be nice if there was something that the user had to interact with to keep calm. Maybe with more things going off you'd have to press certain keys to remain calm and not have your day ruined. 

also the phone going off constantly was a good one, certainly stress me out, I really wanted to answer the call......xD

Thx for playing! glad you liked the idea xD. 

~ J

Nice to see an RTS game, man that brings me back (RTS games such as RA2, Emperor BFD were some of my childhood favourites xD). Nice work on this, it was a little unclear how the energy worked at first but I got the hand of it, though a thing to improve is the fact that I could just build outside the AI base, a build radius would stop that xD, that and the air force disappeared on attacking and tanks navigation got stuck now and then. Other than that its great, good work!

A little struggling to see how this fits the theme tbh. Yea you could say the time of day/the fact it is wheel chair racing and that disabled people should not be held back by their disabilities, but I don't see that being true. Likely due to this being a submission to another jam before this one with the theme "Unexpected". Would you mind listing what you changed for this jam if anything? cause to me it looks like a premade game honestly.... which feels a little unfair on other entries. Don't get me wrong, its a solid game and I like its look and how it plays...... But.......Obviously I could be totally wrong, but that is my two cents on your game. 

I like the idea with this one, loved the destructable enviroment xD Felt it could use a little more explaining on what the players object was bersides defeating each wave, as the UI left me a little lost on what was what. I got the health bar eventually, but lose it on the money? does it do anything? those were the kinds of questions I was thinking while playing. Still a solid game and a good entry. Well Done!

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(I haven't got to play yours yet, just a hint, you may want to set the Windows build to be for the windows platform on the itch page settings, currently it displays as only being a linux game to those who are just browsing the submissions rating summary) Will edit comment when I play yours xD

I liked where this was going, but it is obvious it needed a little more work. The first thing that caught me out was the controls, it took me a moment to realise that they would orientate to the movement direction, in a game like this, it'd make a little more sense to have it just be up/down/left/right globally and the mouse is just for aiming. Next was the weapons, I didn't know I could reload a grenade??? there are a few bugs with the UI/controls and switchign weapons apparently. Personally I'd have it so the user couldn't change weapon to a gun they didn't have.... It alos took me quite a while to die? so I didn't feel much danger when running at enemies.... Apart form the that and some UI not quite being scaled correctly for a web build it is a good attempt. Just needs a bit more testing & polishing to make it even better. Still, well done on completing it, it is all a learning experience none the less...

Personally I just go from least rated up and go through them all as I go xD, also gives people a fair change to get rated, as its 2 weeks of rating I'll probs get through all of them xD. Thoguh I'll play yours after this comment so you can have some feedback xD.

If anyone wants to follow suit, here's a like showing the least rated at the top:

A soild entry! Loved the art style and look of the game. It did lag a little every now and then (likely VSync issues). Would be nice if the game wasn't such a large download given the game itself is pretty straight foward, but I couldn't find any bugs xD. I did feel that the music was a bit too loud compared to the sfx, could've used a little mixing or adjustment sliders. Other than that, well done!

Well, I didn't expect to see a fish out of water being a game xD, certainly nailed the uniuqe idea xD. I personally found it a bit hard to control to fish, especially when tyring to navigate the jump sections, I often found the jumping would kill my motion at slower speeds. Otherwise a solid experience. Well Done!

I liked where this was going, but man I couldn't get the controls to behave for me. I ended up nudging the iron with the hand. IDK if it was just my computer but the QWER keys did nothing???May just be me not fully getting the controls lol xD. Loved the look and the idea, this would be my definition of "Extreme Ironing Simulator". Good Work!

I liked where this was going, Obviously it could use a little mroe work, for instance I could click to naviagte on a building (you'd need to do a raycast check for a specific layer to fix that xD). The soundtrack was a bit generic as well. But I could easily see this become a good mobile game with different cities needing help and longer tasks.

For 1 person, this is a nice little experience. I did laugh that I failed on the first option, I ignored the guy the first time araound xD. Could use a litle sound to spice things up, bu given it is all in 1 HTML file this is pretty good. Well Done!

Love it! certainly didn't expect to see a game like this in a jam, but it was a laugh to play. Could use a bit more interactibilty for the player though as a lot of it was just clicking to the next slide, but the use of audio was great and certainly kept me engaged. Well Done!

Thx for playing! glad you liked it and felt nostalgic about it xD

Thx for playing xD, Glad you liked it!

Thx for playing, I didn't let the player dodge missiles as is wouldn't be that realistic.... missiles are pretty accurate and hard to fool on reality so I kept the players focus on defence as I felt there was enough going on as is. 

A lovely little gem of a game, suprised this hasn't been played more tbh! The game look great and is consitent with its artstyle, the theme is clear and the movement is fluid and easy to pickup with no instruction. my only comments really is that there could be some more sounds in the game and that the camera would be better in the contorl of the player in my opition, even if it were say left click to rotate left 90 degree and right click for rotate right 90 degrees. Other than that a excellent entry! Well done!

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Some good work here, most of what I have to say about this game has already been said

  • minimap is what I focused on when playing
  • jump button was a bit off putting

I also felt the jump was a bit slow, the height was good but the falling was a bit too slow for my liking. Still a great game, well done!

xD yea, solo developing is tough in these jams, I worked solo on mine too, it certainly takes a bit of practice to get the hand of. You'll do even better next jam for sure! I look foward to seeing more from ya xD

A good, bug free game. The gameplay was simple and easy to pickup and play, I personally found that I could stand at the obttom of the screen and only move to the sides when I needed, which did feel a bit cheap. The art is reasponable consistent, though the building looked a bit out of place to me. As for sound, a climbing sound would'v ebeen nice, also I think the menu and game music played over eachother which as off putting. That coupled with the music not quite been loopable. Still a great effort, well done! 

A really good take on the theme, totally different to the rest of the entries! a few thoughts; I felt the camera lagged behind the ball too much, I'd shoot up a fair way and lose ground waiing for the camera to catch up and show me where I ended up. Also some sound would've made the game considerably more engaging to play. 

Loved where this was going, the tetris like shapes combined with the resource management made for a really soild idea.  I could tell that it needed a little bit of work still but it was still a valiant attempt. Trouble with the leaderobards?? xD. I had troubles on score space #8 with that, figured it out this time around xD. Not 100% the score on the leaderboard top scores were legit or not xD The wall climbing was really easy to pick up and play, though I struggled to see the danger in the game, I got that the fire would hurt you, but gravity didn't...... I felt there was a missed oppotunity there for a gag or something... Overall, the game works and runs with no bugs that I could spot on my few attempts, a great entry overall!

A nice concept! I personally found it hard to tell what was ground and what was walkable..... I ended up in a long loop trying to figure out where I was going. Given more time I'm sure this would've gotten even better, but as it is I feel it needs a little work.

Not really seeing how this fits with the theme as others have mentioned. Also not seeing any score which was a requirement for this jam! That aside the game is a good start but is rather basic to be honest. The movement is a bit slow, I found myself not being able to react quick enough to the rock coming at me. There also was not much else going on, so I feel there needed to be more work done on this really, still you made something xD 

Thx for playing! and some brilliant feedback xD here's my notes on what you've brought up:

I worked a lot on making the game simple while also challenging. The music/sfx were all assets I found online, I looked specifically for drums and just came across that soundtrack and felt it fettered perfectly for the menu. 

The shooting was focused on short and steady bursts with good reactions, you'd get time to plan with the radar showing what was coming. I find that using the chafts as often as possible is great, and only shooting the cwis when they are about to hit. using your own missiles to hit a few out before they reach you when lot of missiles are on to you also helps xD I will admit, it did change the health from supply crates last minute, before it was way too easy xD you'd get health every other crate and a good player could easily stay alive forever, I made the change to make it harder, which has clearly worked! 

I was planning on adding additional misisle types, but as I was working by myself and had some IRL commitments that weekend, I kept the scope of the game down so it was managable. I planned to have a misisle that needed two hits to take out as well as a nuke style warhead that could only be shot with missiles, as if shot with cwis it would still hurt the ship. I was also considering the sightline on the guns, once again, got cut due to the time I had left xD. 

A nice idea, but needs some work. The bow was a bit weird to aim at first, it took me a bit to figure out how to shoot and wherer or not I had actually hit the target. Then the sword was a bit weird as I used it once and got dashed off the side. Now I saw a demo video/gif during the jam with enemies, I assume that is what that was for? Ingnoring all of that, this is a great idea for a dungeon crawler style game with the floor as lava, I look foward to seeing some work on this post jam to complete it xD

Another hidden gem of a game! Being honest, this would make for an exellent game, it could use a soundtrack of sorts to keep the players attention more, as well as a few more options for movement and things to dodge, but other than that this is an exellent game! Well Done xD

Nice to see a 3D game in the jam xD, I liked where this game was going, but I felt it needed a bit more work to make it easily playable for new players:

  • I can walk off the mountain and fall out of the world, a collision box could stop this
  • I personally couldn't get very high, I got up like 2 rocks and then fell down again, am I doing something wrong? Could've used an explination on the controls...
  • The UI, what is what? is the 500 my height, as that never went up or down?
  • Shadows, I could see I was a capsule xD, just turning off  the cast shadows oin the mesh renderer will fix that xD

Overall a nice attempt and has potential!!!

A nice twist from other games in this jam xD, personally I felt the movement could've used a little more work jsut to make it a bit easier to manage, I would find myself going up a platform only to roll back down before I could move further. also the ball movement felt a tad slow to me.  Otherwise it is a great entry, Well Done!

WOW!!! this is a really underrated game! This is some amazing work, I didn't expect to see cutscenes and dialogue in a 72 hour jam game xD. I loved the gameplay, though you fail to monetion the crouch button on your jam page. My only other real crisitsm is the fact that I can't skip the dialogue faster if I wanted. Other than that great work!

Glad you liked it xD, yea I didn't have the name save as when playing on web it was simpler to just have the name be inputted. Yea the game takes a bit of practice, and me knowing exactly how to play it helps xD, got a 7K score on a second run just now xD. 

Glad you liked it, it is meant to be diffucult xD, as its a shooter and a resource manager in one! Thx for playing xD

A nice take on the theme that doesn't feel to similar to the rest xD. Loved the concept, as others have notes the UI is a bit small, might be worth settings up the scaling to expand with the screen size on the canvas. None the less, great work!

I liked where this was going, I loved the twist with the temparute mechanic, certainly the only game I've seen so far to incorporate that xD. I did have a few issues, most with the world generation. A couple of times I would load a level only to find I couldn't leave the first platform! every platform was too far to jump to, so a little work needed there. Otherwise great work xD