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Have a blast through a medieval pixel platforming world!
Submitted by Talluff
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Art Direction#14.5004.500
2D Art#14.8334.833
Use of Theme#24.3334.333
Use of Audio#23.9173.917
Commercial Viability#24.1674.167
Game Design#34.0004.000
Techincal Accomplishment#33.6673.667
User Interface#43.6673.667
Level Design#73.6673.667
Itch Page#163.0003.000
Original Audio#182.7502.750
3D Art#291.5831.583

Ranked from 12 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Number in team

Does your game include art/sound packs or pre-prepared code?


If yes, please provide the source of the packs used
All sounds and music were taken from Ultimate SFX Bundle by Sidearm Studios

Please provide a link to a 30 seconds gameplay video of your game

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In a word: "excellent".


In two words "thank you" :D


One tiny bug (or an amusing feature)... I got to the top of the tower and lit the final fire, got the extra dash skill - which I don't fully understand, but that's okay - and then I went exploring off of the right edge. My dude fell into the darkness and presumably right off the map.

By the way, was super impressed by this submission before even realizing it was a one-person build.


Yay, that's amazing to hear you got to the end! I also didn't really expect anyone to find the final campfire but I'm really happy that you made it! Yeah, there are basically a few 'to be continued' sections of the game which were intended to be filled with different themes and challenges but unfortunately didn't get around to adding them in. Probably should've wrapped it all in some spikes though to put you back at the checkpoint so sorry about not thinking of that

Thanks for submitting the bug as well and letting me know you made it to the end! It's an extra little kick to actually try to finish it :D


Hands down my favorite submission in this jam.

Amazing open world, genuinely fun mechanincs that are difficult at first but get more fun as you learn to use (and abuse) them as you keep playing. The main mechanic with the head was a bit tricky at first and it took a while to adjust to it, but once you get the right rhythm this game plays incredibly well.

 The platforming challanges were difficult and very well designed, and new abilities made going around the world after getting to the end really fun. The graphics are amazing as well, the pixel art style is great and works really well. I could definitely see this become a bigger fully released game and would definitely like to play it in the final form. I really shoud've gotten to it sooner, the thumbnail didn't catch my eye and i first saw it during the yesterday stream. 

I sort of menaged to cheat the final section by jumping out of the window and climbing the wall up from the outside. Getting that last bonfire over the bell was the true final boss, i tried climbing, dashing and many weird explosion combos, but menaged to light it. My favorite section has to be the cave. Falling through the bridge and beeing greeted with the dramatic music, combined with the toughest platforming challange so far, just made this section really memorable. I'm a sucker for metroidvanias and platformers and this one hit my taste just right. 

More as a small note, it would be nice to add an option to disable some fancy lighting, the first section was a bit laggy, but strangely enough performance improved the further i got into the game.

Overall, absolutely amazing. 


For me the thumbnail pic could already sell it! beautiful pixelart! Combined with quite polished gameplay, i think this one has an amazing potential! well done!


It's awesome to hear that about the pixel art! Yeah, that house came at a time when some other features had to be cut because of time restraints so trying to make sure it was worth it at least. Hope you enjoyed playing and thanks for the feedback!


Beautiful game! Amazing artwork. Well worth playing. Will be coming back to this one for sure.  The mechanics are smooth and the level design is awesome. Really cool vibe and story too. Great work. 

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Very good game! I think this has the potential to be commercially viable.  Can be played with one hand too. I actually hate the vines more and more as I progress to the game. The audio and artwork plus the day and night cycle blend in together very well. It's also very aligned with the theme. Great job overall!Superb effort for a 7 day game with all original artwork and engaging story.


Thank you for playing and for all of the positive feedback! Yeah, it would be really fun to turn this into a bigger project, there was a lot that ended up getting cut for time reasons so should feel more complete and fun once that is in. Also thanks for noticing the lighting cycles, and lol the vines will continue being a nuisance to Bomb Knight for a while :D 


Loving the art style!! But the little bomb knight does get a lost a bit so might be worth adding a little outline to help.

Overall I love the concept and think it could go a really long way, sadly I'm really not good with platforms so couldn't get over the scaffolding and the vines.


Thanks! Yeah trying to make the background interesting but not overwhelming was really hard to do, luckily you don't have to see the development version which was even messier :D. I'm trying to get away from the outline pixel style slightly and focus on colours so maybe making them contrast and pop a bit more might help?

The difficulty progression had to be pretty fast unfortunately as well since the game is so short but ideally would be more gradual to give time for different players to get comfortable with it. Thanks for playing and giving it a go even though platformers aren't your usual preference and hope you enjoyed it!


I loved the concept of the head being a bomb I think that is super unique and makes for an excellent puzzle game. The art style is super pretty and sounds are so nice


Really glad you enjoyed it, yeah it took a few days to reach that idea but after sticking with it it seemed to work well. Also, it's awesome to hear you liked the art style as that's where the majority of my time ended up being devoted! Thanks for playing and for the feedback!


I am loving the game loop and it works really slickly. The light is really nice and I particularly likes all the little attention to detail in this entry. Really good fun and I hope you continue with it. It has legs as they say.


Hey Soul thanks for playing! It's awesome you noticed the extra details as well which hopefully add to it in a way, and I'm happy with the lighting but was definitely the main headache in development time. Hopefully will continue to add to it and thanks again for playing!


A nice idea and a great looking game. I don't know if was just my PC, but this game lags really badly on my end. (It could be my PC as I've had these issues before xD). I really liked the main mechanic of the bomb head and using it as a tool be leaving it behind. It certainly made for some interesting gameplay which can go a long way. The presentation side of things could use a little work. Having some screenshots and a setup itch page would help more person see this game xD Still great work for a solo entry, well done!


Thanks for trying it out anyway! The lag issues were due to a light I left attached to the player by accident but ended up resolved pretty quickly, so don't worry no issues with your PC. Good point about presentation as well, I tend to have a bit of a break after the jam ends to recharge before updating the page assuming nobody would play a no image entry but lol I guess I need to stop assuming that xD

If you're up for having another go the lag issues were all fixed in the polish week hopefully so should run alright now :)