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Thank you for your feedback, the robot number is something I will be fixing for the polished version but that idea with shooting being based on the camera was something I didn't think about, I might try it.

Thank you for your feedback, you are actually supposed to come back with full ammo I think that might be another bug I should fix for the polish mode. But there are vending machines you can buy ammo from as well I should of shown that more.

The art style was really well done, the models looked great. I love cats so I was pretty much sold the moment I saw it had cats. I think the game could use a little more, maybe in the vet you have to buy the fish to make it a little more challenging but this was really well done. Great Job.

This is a super interesting concept and I think there is so much potential behind the game but I couldn't finish it, I just could get things done fast enough even with building up material which sucks but it was pretty cool.  

I like how you have made it so the things we are leaving behind are the negative I think this sends a really positive message. Well done and thank you for this game :)

I loved the concept of the head being a bomb I think that is super unique and makes for an excellent puzzle game. The art style is super pretty and sounds are so nice

The sound in this game is really pretty and I love the concept. I got stuck on the wizard people and had to reload the page cause nothing was happening and this happened a few times. But otherwise it was really good. 

I really loved this, the little robot is so cute. This is amazing cant wait to see more :)

This is such a beautiful game, I really loved the idea of leaving your body and using your sprite to control others. I think my only issue was at the end when you pick up the blocks it wouldn't let me and one of them disappeared off my screen. But otherwise this is my second favourite of the game jam well done :) 

The style is really pretty and I love the sounds in the game. I spent a lot of time button mashing my poor poor mouse. But I really loved this it was really well made great job.

I had some issues with the controls not matching up with the keys but other then that I thought it was pretty good. Great Job.

Great concept it really fits with the theme I feel. The art style was nice and consistent which is always great. I feel there is a lot of potential in this if you were to take it further, like weight the helicopter down with more and more people or the water could hurt them if they touch. But I like what you have so far it is really cool and works well. Amazing job.

I loved the characters in this one they were so freaking cute. I feel the world could use some more in it but otherwise it was amazing, the gameplay wasn't too hard and it was fun. Amazing job

I felt this one could of used a little more in it to up the challenge, like maybe obstacles in front that you could duck or jump over. But otherwise the game was quite good and the art was really nice. Amazing job.

I think this was pretty challenging but had a decent amount of balance. The art style was super cute and fun. Thank you for an amazing game :)

The fox is really adorable and I love the concept of watching were you leave tracks. Amazing job well done. 

This was an interesting game, I like the choice you can make at each town/village. I wasn't entirely sure what the end goal was, I got to the castle which I thought was the ending but nothing happened so I just started going back through and going to every area. I like the style of the game though great job.

This is really cute and the controls are really interesting, I love how the eye? turn green depending on if your turning or not. Though the sounds grossed me out so much, they fit for a snail but I was really grossed out. But this is super fun to play great job.

I love the models in this game, I am actually at uni studying game development and 3d modelling is main main area so I spent a lot of time getting in close and really looking at the models. That set of draws near the fireplace is really amazing the other models were really well done too but that piece was just eye catching for me. The game overall was interesting though I found the mouse buttons didn't always work but that is my only issue with it. otherwise it was really enjoyable. Amazing stuff well done. 

I loved the dropping feathers idea I thought that was amazing. The game really gave you a sense of dread as you see how small you are in comparison to everything else. Excellent job it was really fun. 

I loved the idea on this one, I think the particle effects are really pretty and for four hours of work this is really good. I wasn't sure if it was just me but I had no sound, maybe there was none or maybe it's my speakers they have been playing up so anything quite doesn't come through well. But this was really amazing great job.  

I think this is a pretty interesting concept, I would love to see like a HUD with the items you collected so far as I kept forgetting what I grabbed but overall it was really enjoyable and with a bit more work I reckon this can be really fun. 

Amazing idea I loved this game and I felt it fit the theme really well. You did such a great job.

Cute game and the idea of the breadcrumbs was really cool. I guess if you wanted to make it a little more challenging you could give the player less crumbs but I thought it was really well done and had an ending which was nice. Well done. 

I managed to clean up the blood but I wasn't sure how to do anything else. I tried to figure it out I am sorry I couldn't. Maybe more instruction on what to do might help. pressing space seemed to do nothing so I wasn't sure if I missed something. 

This was really well made and fantastic idea. I loved the game a lot and it had so much going for it, the sound and art were amazing and the gameplay felt really fun. It was hard to control, but I think that is the point. I did have one issue, the sword would sometimes not touch anything and grow heaps, I think it was connecting with something either out of frame or as it happened mostly after it shrank, maybe it didn't realise it was smaller, but it only happened a few times so honestly it wasn't an issue. I really loved this one amazing job. 

This was a really cool experience, I am actually not good with horror and I don't know if you know what weeping angels are but they scare the hell out of me and seeing the statues and seeing them move just made me want to nope right out of the game. But I did my best to push through that fear. I love the music and sounds too. I think the music is something I could listen to on a loop it was really pretty. Your art style was also very nice, thank you for such a great game :)

I menu music was really good but there was no sound when you hit play which I thought was a little odd. 1 , 2 , 3 also did nothing, I don't know if I just did something wrong there. But the art style was really pretty and there was an interesting concept behind the game. I did draw a smiley face too, I love that I can drop the oil on the ground as I spend time drawing pictures :)

This was super fun and easy to understand. I definitely think there is heaps of potential in this one. I would love to see more in the environment like maybe some grass or rocks just to break up the landscape a bit. But it was super fun and I really hope you work more on it, adding some more levels and challenges cause it really is good. :)   

This is such a beautiful game, when I saw the image on the submission page I kept thinking that it looked really beautiful and couldn't wait to play it. The sounds and music are excellent and the game itself is really fun. amazing job. 

I really loved the concept of growing and shrinking yourself to make it though the world. I am a huge fan of puzzle games so this was really interesting and I would certainly love to see more of this done. great job.

I really loved the idea in this game and the art work is very pretty, I think my only issue is the player is slides a bit much and that makes it hard when you need to jump, but otherwise it is perfect. You did an amazing job well done. 

I loved the gameplay for this one and the story at the beginning I think that was really cool.  I had an issue where when I picked up bullets I would get the clicking sound and it would say you have no bullets but otherwise really well done.

Thank you so much, I did optimise some of the assets but I didn't know how to get rid of all of ue4 base stuff so that doesn't help. A few friends said the something to me about the wave issues so I am hoping I can fix that in the polishing phase.

Really cute style game and I love the way you can look around by zooming out.  

This has been my favourite game from this jam, I love the gameplay the concept and the art style of this game. Keep up the good work this is amazing. 

Not going to lie I thought I was going to end up sacrificing those little babies to save myself. But I love puzzle games so this was super fun, great job cannot wait to see more. 

I feel the player speed is a little fast and the trees have no collision but otherwise I love the style and what you have done. 

This will likely be something really good when there is more added to it. The music was very unsettling and the concept was interesting. This is really cool I can't wait to see more great job. 

This looks really promising, sadly I couldn't do much as it was only me to test it. Can't wait to see more of this.