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A Monk's TaleView game page

Is a short, free to play puzzle game. Try to escape while exploring the beatiful halls of an old, mystical temple.
Submitted by Atalyx Games
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
2D Art#44.3134.313
Level Design#63.6883.688
Techincal Accomplishment#63.5633.563
Art Direction#74.0634.063
Original Audio#73.4383.438
Game Design#83.6883.688
Use of Audio#113.4383.438
Use of Theme#133.6883.688
Commercial Viability#133.3753.375
Itch Page#163.0003.000
User Interface#322.6882.688
3D Art#331.5001.500

Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Number in team

Does your game include art/sound packs or pre-prepared code?


If yes, please provide the source of the packs used
Buttonpromptpack from Mentalcheckpoint

Please provide a link to a 30 seconds gameplay video of your game

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Lovely game. Would be cool if there was a way to do a quick return to your body from ghost mode. Overall a really nicely designed game with loads of great lighting and cool artwork as well. Good creepy vibes. 

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

There is actually a way to do it, We just felt like it could be confusing at times. The button is currently "r", but it will be a different one in the bugfixed build.

Great to hear you liked our game!


Amazing game guys!!

I loved the art and the music felt really fitting for a puzzle game. Keep it up!!


Thank you so much for our feedback! :D


Awesome game and another Windows build downloadable file hahahahaha. Going back  to the game itself, I love the concept of leaving and possessing another soul to solve different puzzles. The audio also fits well. The best thing I liked here is the 2d art - superb! I love the art as well as the background (I'm really keen to learn these 2d stuff backgrounds ahahaha). One thing that I notice however is that if I am in a possession of a npc and try to walk to the exit, it still allows me to proceed but can't see anything anymore. It would be great if there is a condition that nothing can pass through the next area except the main player avatar. I tried to restart the game but it is just plain white and I have to force restart the game to continue. Overall, this game is so nice and I love it :D Good job!


Thanks for your feedback!


Nice mechanic and representation of the ghost, I liked it! The final puzzle was a nice add, too, but it was a little buggy and I had to hack a bit to get back the pieces in the correct order. Good job!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for your feedback! Great you liked our game!


Really good! And very neat and polished, I loved the main mechanic of being able to inhabit other monks to help finish a puzzle and the scrolling background was a lovely touch.

A few little bugs here and there like doors getting stuck open and I think it may have benefited from having each puzzle as a separate room rather than one long corridor. But otherwise a fantastic game!!


Great to hear that you had a good experience with our game! We are still working on a couple of bug fixes so expect that soon to come!


It's a really great game. I had a lot of fun playing it. The art was simple but effective. If I had to offer a suggestion it would be that the ghost transfer after the novelty wore of was a bit tedious after a while. If it was a little more generous in terms of distance from the character to snap back in it would have sped things up a bit. I found myself getting close but not close enough to posses on quite a few occations. I might be a bit lazy in this regard but it was the only thing that broke me out of the trance of enjoying this game. It's a minor thing but would have kept me in the zone. Kudos on a great entry.


Thank you for your feedback! Well... The feature that you are talking about is actually in the game... just press R and you will switch characters automatically. 


Now you tell me. It's a good idea still though innit! lol


This is an amazing start to a game. I love the idea of using the out-of-body experience as a puzzle mechanic. The lighting system with the art style in the game blew me away.

In terms of gameplay, puzzles are interesting but maybe a bit too easy.  I love the idea of using the out-of-body experience as a puzzle mechanic, especially with the last puzzle.

With the other characters, it would have been nice if you could have continued the game without the main monk. Maybe for polish, you could prevent the character from going onwards as I tried this and got stuck due to lack of lighting. Also, sometimes the ghost would overlap the character you are playing as.

Otherwise, it has become one of my favourite games from the jam, well done.


It is awsome to hear that you had such a great experience with our game! 


This is such a beautiful game, I really loved the idea of leaving your body and using your sprite to control others. I think my only issue was at the end when you pick up the blocks it wouldn't let me and one of them disappeared off my screen. But otherwise this is my second favourite of the game jam well done :) 


Thank you so much for your amazing feedback!


Neat puzzle game! I especially liked the art direction and the oriental vibe


Thanks! It is nice to hear that you liked the atmosphere! 


Great puzzle game with the last level being really smart with (spoilers!) the ghost revealing the letters. A few glitches such as if you spammed Q enough the ghost and the man are both controlled simultaneously. You can also sometimes bring characters from other levels into the next (which could be a feature). Great music (but a bit loud) and also amazing art! Overall a great game and has been very fun!


Thanks for your  Feedback!
It's great to hear that you had a fun time with our game! We are planing to fix the bugs that you mentioned and others i