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Another awesome entry! I had lots of fun playing and again the main highlights are the really responsive/ smooth and the attention to detail making everything feel complete. Also loved the bonus ending it was beautiful :' )

Firstly wow huge props on managing such a big team and actually making something really impressive from all of it. Immediately the game has a clear menu and absolutely awesome 2D character art which was a highlight for me. The dialogue scenes work well and are also well written enough to pay attention and look forward to starting gameplay. I think when immediately hit with the start of the game it's funny as a lot of the elements work in their own rights but there's something that between the character/environment/animation it doesn't entirely fit together. But continuing the gameplay is pretty cool and I like the unexpected take on the theme, everything seemed to generally work as intended as well which is a huge achievement for something on this scale. I think at times I had wished it to be a bit faster paced and fun moment to moment but that's part of the nature of tower defences so I may be a bit biased in that. Anyway I had fun playing and very cool entry! 

Hey finally getting around to giving this a review but finally here and I'll try to make it as unbiased as possible. Firstly all the camera effects, attention to detail in the clean UI, custom cursor and nice voxel art are all an immediate great first impression. It's nice to immediately be able to tell that a lot has gone into this game and it sets itself up for success. Going into the gameplay side it's completely understandable why it works this way but it's much nicer to be introduced to new concepts slowly and all of the reading required can be a lot to get through. Depending on whether the player has payed proper attention to all the reading really decides how interesting/fun a lot of the gameplay is. I think properly understanding everything then a lot of fun gameplay is allowed to ensue but I can understand not being able to reach that straight away. Because of the random nature it can be very exciting with many random twists which is awesome and definitely for me would be more fun playing with a friend. Anyway overall of course really cool entry and was pretty fulfilling on the premise of rock paper scissors with a skillful and narrative twist! :D

Cool entry overall! It was a funny mix of strengths and weaknesses, so really good in some aspects but not having the audio and necessary bug fixes unfortunately hurt the experience a bit. I liked the concepts and designs a lot as well and thought they worked really well in the tutorial which was very nicely laid out! I wish that consistency had carried into the game though as a lot of the resolutions seemed to vary and the styles seemed to change as well. Really liked the amount of systems working together, the amount of upgradeability was awesome and the shop/quests to go along with that was an extra amazing touch.

With an added clear goal and way of winning I think this is a fun concept and way of going about the roguelike formula. I'd be interested to play again if you guys decide to add the polish and audio!

Really sweet concept and cool use of pulling in API's to unity which I haven't tried before (will have to give that a go). I wasn't sure if the snippets were from other sentient luggage or the passengers above but made the journey much nicer. Also, I must have been reading for a good 5 -10 minutes and didn't notice any duplicates which was a nice bonus! Not sure if it was a coincidence but I got 'Don't blink', then immediately followed by a strobe light :D. Thanks for including the Konami code as well as that would've definitely been a long wait

It's a bit hard to know how to rate but I enjoyed it and it has a lot of charm!

Yay, that's amazing to hear you got to the end! I also didn't really expect anyone to find the final campfire but I'm really happy that you made it! Yeah, there are basically a few 'to be continued' sections of the game which were intended to be filled with different themes and challenges but unfortunately didn't get around to adding them in. Probably should've wrapped it all in some spikes though to put you back at the checkpoint so sorry about not thinking of that

Thanks for submitting the bug as well and letting me know you made it to the end! It's an extra little kick to actually try to finish it :D

Just getting in a rating for this game before the window closes as it looked interesting and I had been meaning to this whole time. I really like all the graphics in the menu and the itch page looks incredible! I managed to make it through the game as well and it's definitely awesome you guys managed to include a boss fight at the end and I think the way you did the credits is really cool. I've seen a few complaints or wishes about the controls being tricky but I found them to function alright honestly. I just wish the way your sword would interact with the environment was shown much clearer in the sprites and hitboxes because quite often I wasn't sure why I was gaining souls or what I was hitting/bouncing off which felt a bit frustrating or luck-based at times. Still, there were lots of good things in the variance of well-sprited enemies/ cool sound and voice acting design/ and enjoyable gameplay loop so I'm glad I got a chance to play before ratings ended!

Really glad you enjoyed it, yeah it took a few days to reach that idea but after sticking with it it seemed to work well. Also, it's awesome to hear you liked the art style as that's where the majority of my time ended up being devoted! Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Thanks! Yeah trying to make the background interesting but not overwhelming was really hard to do, luckily you don't have to see the development version which was even messier :D. I'm trying to get away from the outline pixel style slightly and focus on colours so maybe making them contrast and pop a bit more might help?

The difficulty progression had to be pretty fast unfortunately as well since the game is so short but ideally would be more gradual to give time for different players to get comfortable with it. Thanks for playing and giving it a go even though platformers aren't your usual preference and hope you enjoyed it!

It's awesome to hear that about the pixel art! Yeah, that house came at a time when some other features had to be cut because of time restraints so trying to make sure it was worth it at least. Hope you enjoyed playing and thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for trying it out anyway! The lag issues were due to a light I left attached to the player by accident but ended up resolved pretty quickly, so don't worry no issues with your PC. Good point about presentation as well, I tend to have a bit of a break after the jam ends to recharge before updating the page assuming nobody would play a no image entry but lol I guess I need to stop assuming that xD

If you're up for having another go the lag issues were all fixed in the polish week hopefully so should run alright now :)

In two words "thank you" :D

Hi just beat the game and overall really enjoyed it! I thought the office design and assets worked well with the story setup and also had some fun puzzles to work through. I appreciated how the first 2 puzzle themes built up in difficulty and left me wanting more. Out of the themes though unfortunately the dark maze felt pretty punishing to do as I had to just guess several times rather than being able to see. Also not sure if this was a bug but throughout the maze the breathing was really loud in my ears and didn't go away so would be nice to have less breathing noises if possible, or include a way to disable. Still I liked the goal of working through different puzzles with this main underlying ghost mechanic and would be interested to see what you guys would be able to do with more time and polish!

Thanks for being there from the start! I'm super proud of you too, I love you bub!

Ok so please excuse the late review, just as my game was under your radar this was unfortunately under mine as well.  Now woah, this game is incredible!

It starts off with basic platforming but this is done brilliantly with tight controls and everything feeling buttery smooth. What really got me hooked though as I was playing was discovering "these people get it". It's like you know what makes metroidvanias tick and I love it (much more than just open-world platformers). Creating the memories and experiences across the map got me invested and really added to that feeling of wanting to explore and discover more secrets. You've also managed to somehow get the feeling of a grandiose scale within a week??

More good things to say... The trophies system is brilliant, as you can hopefully tell below I really enjoyed finding these quirks and hidden places. I am so thankful that I got lucky and discovered the lamp by accident because lmao you guys are evil with that one. Also, accumulating into a final one life test was a brilliant finale even if after doing 100 coins it felt like a breeze. I enjoyed collecting the coins as well but unfortunately aside from the trophy they don't serve a purpose so might be nice to have a high score per life or some other way of integrating them? Also, the camera management was consistently good, and aside from the small issue getting from room 2->3 it functioned exactly how I wished it would (I have to take notes). You also somehow manipulated the camera really smoothly for the telescopes which was an amazing surprise when I first encountered it! The jump does not get stopped by bonking your head on the ceiling which works well given these platforming sections + variable jump height. Game saves my progress after closing and reopening! 

It's very hard to give much criticism because the amount you've done in a week is already ridiculous, but I'll try to give proper feedback. I think the art direction could have room to improve, whether it is introducing new colours outside of the game's comfort zone or adding a bit more visual variance between zones which already feel distinct in terms of gameplay. It may also be an intentional secret but the high-up boulder was a bit hard to visually pick out from the background, so if this should be clear to find then maybe layer some grass behind? Very small typo on the main menu spelling Throphies instead of Trophies. Also, the spikes that shoot up can kill through a dead body

Hopefully it comes across that I really like this game and thoroughly enjoyed playing it! Also, this is basically a full game so would love to see this either continued or released somewhere!

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Holy crap guys seriously, I have so many good things to say about this entry! I'll start off with Chaos' art as that's the first impression. The portraits are all really well done, and the sheer volume of tile assets is ridiculous. Considering that as well it's hard to say many critiques with the time restraints so just really well done and I liked all the cast and environments! I also checked out Jake's Soundcloud before playing and am definitely a new fan, all the tracks seem to hit that balance of being completely listenable but also nice on a loop so brilliant job! Carc0sa and Whyms I'm not sure how the rest was split between you two but functionally and narratively the game was great! In terms of puzzles, I thought the challenge + amount of hints felt pretty nice, I've not played RPG horrors in a while but the difficulty was similar to what I remember.  I almost finished without saving anyone but luckily I saw multiple endings on SoundCloud and felt an urge to save all these cool characters. I tried to get a screenshot of the cool happy grass scene but it timed out, probably best to not spoil it for other potential players anyway since it was a sweet surprise. Whether you guys choose to add to this or do something else I hope you continue working together, you seem to have skill on all bases so will be looking forward to seeing what's next! :)

Cool entry and definitely hits the theme, glad to see more pixel art as well! I was able to just spam 'all attack' and win so would be interesting to have more wizard/beast types and decision making but I appreciate it's a game jam and that's a lot to ask in a week. I like how you used all the attack and environment effects as well since they came out really smooth. Thanks, it was a fun play!

Hi initially had a look at this due to the knight's pixel art which I like and had fun weaving between the arrows! Unfortunately, I had the idea of just standing to one side, and as long as I put equal points into health and stamina I seemed to win every time without moving. Saying that though it seems you've already gone through new ideas and additions in other comments so will be interesting to see where it goes from here!

Hey finally got to play it and get a rating in and honestly wow! You have managed to get so many cool things that seem ridiculous to even attempt in a game jam. There are small touches in the bars depleting on the character, multiple bomb types, decent AI pathing, local co-op (unfortunately could not test), a character creator, and what was an even extra touch that it remembers my character from last play session when I reopen the game! So yeah awesome entry and super impressed!

This was my character :D

Hey Soul thanks for playing! It's awesome you noticed the extra details as well which hopefully add to it in a way, and I'm happy with the lighting but was definitely the main headache in development time. Hopefully will continue to add to it and thanks again for playing!

Thank you for playing and for all of the positive feedback! Yeah, it would be really fun to turn this into a bigger project, there was a lot that ended up getting cut for time reasons so should feel more complete and fun once that is in. Also thanks for noticing the lighting cycles, and lol the vines will continue being a nuisance to Bomb Knight for a while :D 

Really great experience you made, you managed to have both a plot I wanted to learn more about and a fun mechanic alongside it. Thanks for being a game dev inspiration!

Is there anything you recommend for getting our game out there a bit more? Not many but thanks for being one of them! :D

Yeah main menu is definitely on the to-do list for post jam but time restrictions stopped it unfortunately. Brilliant to hear you liked the atmosphere as well and thanks for playing!

Yess it's brilliant to have a review like this so really thank you for taking the time to play and write it! Glad you enjoyed the pixel art and level as well, they definitely took a long time to make and it's great it felt immersive! Really awesome that you discovered the mechanic of possessing right before death as well, it wasn't intentional at first but felt really fun in game; happy accidents. Unfortunately the aim was limited to 8 directions due to not wanting to draw loads of different pixel art animations for every angle. Would you prefer still 8 directional aim but with the mouse or just have full aiming in spite of pixel art limitations? Also there were unfortunately some bugs with respawning and not deleting the old music but then adding a new layer so it turned into a laggy/chaotic mess, frustrating that it's only a couple lines of code to fix and it was past the deadline but I guess should've seen it earlier. We were also thinking of having different modes for having/disabling checkpoints so its really useful to hear thanks as we were a bit split on it. Thanks again for playing and for the feedback!

That's brilliant you enjoyed the gameplay, it's still a bit buggy and was took a while to implement so really good to hear you had fun! Thanks :D

Thanks for taking the time to play and leave a review, also really glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately time restrictions got us so the menu and all the controls had to be left on the itch page instead but as you said it would be really helpful in game. Hopefully can add some changes after the rating period ends :D

Hi thanks for letting me know, I've finally had a chance to play it. Firstly the updated lighting looks great, huge difference from before and feels much more polished! All of this extra lighting does make the players clothes a bit shiny though, I'm not sure if this is the material properties or that it's dithering the shadows as well. When jumping I'm not sure if it's quiter or a new clip but sounds great. The first time I launch the game it doesn't allow me to use the lever even after waiting for a while and going to all the doors but after a restart from main menu it works fine. Nice update on the player moving with the platform now, feels like its working well! The invisible platforms are cool as well and the way they appear feels slick, also having the music change when you enter the room is a great touch. I think I finished the game but not too sure, after taking the pyramid thing I try going back to the start then run around pressing e and testing all the doors but there isn't anything more after that first air room. Still really cool to see this game after you guys were able to polish it up more and I could finish the chamber, are you going to continue adding more? Would be cool to see the extra rooms!

Also as a side note, is there more that you needed to list on the pre prepared art packs since if not then this is a hugely impressive amount of 3D models and textures but I feel like it seems like a lot for 1 week.

Phew glad it made a good impression live and not too chaotic, really thank you for playing and your support with it!

Thanks so much for the feedback, I'm sure as you know I really enjoyed your game too so it means a lot! :D

Thank you for playing! 8) Honestly you and me both about the menu, actually had drawn it out before the time ended but didn't have the chance to add it in and I think it would've been classed as more than polish. Definitely agree though and will get that sorted post jam. Thank you for the encouragement and feedback!

Really thank you for playing and for all of the kind comments! I tried to do webgl but unfortunately I think my lighting stops it from working so will have to be just download only. I'll hopefully add more and spruce it up a bit after the jam though so I'll let you know if you're still up for playing :D

Hi it's definitely cool thematically, going for tomb raider-ish vibes it seems. Unfortunately it feels like you guys had a big scope and I can definitely relate that it gets a bit mad when trying to do it in a week. Maybe I just need to git gud but when I went up the room with all the circle platforms I kept falling and having to restart the whole thing since I didn't know how to get out of the pit. Is that the second room that I saw mentioned because I wasn't sure if it meant that or like the chamber because I could see the multiple chamber doors setup. If you guys are able to get a bit of polish on then it seems like it will be fun to explore and figure out this sentient temple mystery. Also the addition of volume sliders is definitely helpful as the jump "ouhgg" noise is really loud in comparison to everything else. Music was awesome and a highlight, would love to do some fun platforming and puzzle solving with that bop in the background! You said in another comment that you were planning to add more so I'm looking forward to seeing what direction you take it, and have a go at the stuff that had to be cut :D

Wow this game is slick!! Honestly just the movement and platforming I was already loving it, unfortunately I'm not familiar with unreal engine so I don't properly understand what you had to do to make it happen but seems impressive. Also the tutorials are great and led me to understand clearly how to control my character. This might just be me but with how cool the platforming was I wish it ended up being a bit more core and allowed the combat to support it rather than the other way around, less flat battles and more jumping but appreciate time restraints and maybe that comes after level 2. Also I'm not sure about this but with the way the swords work it ended up feeling a bit like 2 time use instead. The individual attacks are one time use though so still on theme for sure but could maybe be stronger.

Any nitpicks are minor and that smooth parkour was brilliant. If you end up releasing more I'd definitely be up to play cause that was a really fun time thanks!

Love the idea even if that will make it scarier xD Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

Firstly thank you so much for the feedback and for going into depth with it! Yeah the art is original and I'm really glad you like it, top-down movement is a new one for me but between using reusable tilemaps and the enemies just being recolours of the player model it luckily made the workload doable. I agree that I wish the rooms were able to be much more interesting as well. Unfortunately, time restrictions meant I had several hours remaining when starting on them so they're mostly copy/pasted with only a couple of variations but a big point to improve.

Really useful to hear about difficulty as well and I agree I think I enjoy the rest of the game more than the last level due to the almost singular slower way of doing it. Personally, do you think you would enjoy an actiony and more open version but with more toned down enemies, or staying quite tightknit and puzzlelike? Definitely agree some invincibility on the dash is a good idea so I'll try to amend that quickly before the polish week ends.

Thank you again for playing through it and analysing so much, the point of view is really helpful so I'll try to make some of those suggested changes!

Firstly gotta say the art is great so as a fellow lover of pixels, really cool aesthetic and great job putting it together! Personally I like it when the pixel size is consistent so it would be nice if they matched up, I appreciate personal preference though. Also as other people have mentioned the level can be a bit tricky to navigate when its hard to know where to go but maybe some clearer directions or wider camera view could help that. The different power ups were fun and a few cool moments like switching the grav of the enemy to eliminate each other made it an enjoyable time :D

At first I wasn't sure if it would end up being a simpler version of bloxors or something but definitely came into it's own as I played through the levels. The idea of having to use all these different types of cubes is cool and it's presented very well both graphically and musically. As others said the menus were a bit slow but ultimately not too much of an issue and that you even have a fully working menu and level builder system is pretty exceptional! It would be nice if the controls could maybe be switched a bit as having to change hand positions felt a little clunky, I think movement on WASD and rotation on QE might work well but I imagine its tough when we probably position our hands differently by default. Not sure if this is intended as well but a minor thing, when I used a green to boost the grey cube on level 8 I boosted in the new direction when it reached platform 2 but since the boost takes an extra step to stop it was not boosted to platform 3, just resulted in a quick restart though.

Thoroughly impressive game, I saw you wanted to continue development on it so really looking forward to seeing where you take it!

Holy crap that minotaur scared the life out of me! Luckily I completed it without running him into again so my heart is still ok. Really cool idea and well excuted, if the audio directions had been janky or inconsistent then it definitely would've been fuel for frustration but you nailed it and I didn't find myself stuck walking into any walls like I was worried I would. I'm not sure whether its a pro or con because it definitely adds to panic and fun but when I hear the minotaur and want to go left or right I definitely wish the girl would speed up. I had fun playing thanks!

Definitely a case where polish really shines, the consistent artwork and detail in the map both made it feel like more of a realized experience. It's a shame there weren't bear traps for the boss since that was the main tie-in to the theme but still fun and I enjoyed my time!