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This is pretty awesome.

Hey your comments were really encouraging.. thanks again for playing my game! Check out the project for an updated version (just released). I included an expanded source code file as well. 

Check out the recent update for improved gameplay. I took your suggestion to limit the shooting.

noticed the same thing.

Thanks for bringing this issue to my attention. I've released a new version of the game with slightly different controls (hold 'm' to shoot). Let me know how you like the new configuration.

Enjoyed this. Probably my favorite game of yours.

Do it. Don't feel bad about reusing any of the code. I don't.

I'm continuing to work on it (although the jam is fin), stayed up till 1 last night doing so... Anyways I can say for certain there will be further updates released

make a game.

you guys are jackass promoters gtfo

I found out there is also an issue with some computers playing this game... Laptops where the setting is such that you click with the mouse controller... But nice1dude is correct, you must point the mouse below your ship or it will not fire

Super awesome. Great work.

I dig it.

Nice work.


Not bad.

would you mind releasing a regular zip file for this?

You should be ashamed.

Nice. What environment did you put this together in?

Doing a bit of bug checking - I'm not having the issue with time reseting anymore (did i just imagine it?)... the problem that I have been able to reproduce is the black screen. After the time runs out, after I press the 'r' key, the screen goes black and the time is frozen at 30 seconds. If I press escape twice (pause, unpause), the game restarts normally from there.

I'm on windows, I'll try again again in a day or so.

I'd be willing to help you port this into Unity, if you want.


Dude, this is straight awesome. The game freezes occasionally but my instinct is to blame the engine. I want my next game to be this cool.

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I saw this movie. It's good.

Heyya, awesome concept and game. I want to give you a small piece of constructive criticism if you are open to that. When I restart the level (because I screw up), the time doesn't reset. This is an issue in particular when I run out of time, because the screen just goes black with the music playing in the background. If you fix this, I'll definitely come and play your game again!

Good job on the game.

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I'm having the same issue as Jiblie. What you need to do is put the whole thing in a zip file. For me on windows 10 I right click and then send to-> zip file on the folder that contains the build.

I haven't even played it and it's already my all-time favorite game.

Nice work on this game. You should make a browser playable version.

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I enjoy playing this.

A fine game.

I like it.

points += 10

Tell me what you think of the latest version when you get a chance. Full screen issues should be fixed.

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You can expect an update tonight after the voting is over.