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You can go to the game's page. There is a downloadable version as well :)

I played it several times. I like the style and the idea. At first, I thought that having neither a dash or an attack was a flaw but the fact that you are a little faster than your enemies makes the game a lot more playable. But the most surprising thing was that you accomplished that in pygame. Thats really impressive.

Some downside things: Moving to a side and top/down at the same time gives a speed boost. You should normalice the movement vector. Also you should try not to spawn enemies directly beside your spawn. It happened that I went through a trapdoor and died within the first second because an enemy spawned 1m beside me.

All in all a nice game! Good polishing for a 72h jam

I can tell you why nobody rates your game. People are lazy and dont want do download stuff. I had the same problem so I uploaded a WebGL version to play it in the browser.
I'll play your game tho :)
And since I got the same problem, feel free to play and rate my game too

As Duck already said: This game is extremely underrated. It's a shame that people see "EWW, Not playable in browser" and just skip the game (this is why nobody plays my game too...). And this game here deserves way more attention. 

Graphics are great and fit together well. Small details like chaning background does the trick. The game is really satisfying and it may be that one game in this jam that I played the longest time. But the best thing for me is probably the pretty good difficulty curve. I never had the feeling to get overwhelmed by the amount of enemies nor was it too easy. The difficulty increased in a smooth way so that you just never have a negative feeling about playing the game. And THAT is what you see in only a veeeeery few games that are submitted in any jam!

This feels like a puzzle-dungeon-crawler. That combination is pretty rare and I like it (eventhough I might not be smart enough for that one)! 

Nice Graphics and sound, only the pixel-art and the non-pixel-art dont fit together that good. And I feel like the second level is already impossible when you don't get the damage upgrade after the first one.

All in all great work!

Thanks buddy! Yeah haha it is pretty similar to overcooked eventhough we did not have that in mind at the beginning. We just developed the idea and suddenly realized "Oh wait, this is overcooked..... Ok let's make overcooked." :D

Thanks for the friendly answer. 

Pretty unique interpretation of a roguelike. Nice music, nice graphics. And the fact that I loved "crazy labyrinth" as a chiled makes it even more awesome for me. Only thing I can criticize is the order in which the cards get traversed. Pretty sure there are some deterministic rules but I just did not get them.

All in all: Really well done 5/5

This game is hilarious! I've always been a big fan of ragdoll physics and dynamic movement for bones.

Nice interpretation of the limitation. And you can even argue that the theme is fit since the character fall into "the empty".

Nice polishing, too. The small details like enemies turning red before attacking or that little scream when someone falls down really make the mood!

Only bad thing i noticed is: Its extremely hard to aim with the gun. That's the funny thing about ragolls, i know. But then the ammo limitation is set too low. (but this might just be a personal preference)

All in all: Really great job

"Submission to TriJam"?

Nice art style and a very nice idea. Fighting with a printer is a theme that everyone can relate. (Yesterday, I fought with my printer too. I lost.)

When developing my own game, I realized that my PC is not able to properly play some WebGL games. Your game had a very low frame rate for me and did not react to some keys sometimes. But I think this may be a problem with my PC

All in all, great game! I will submit a rating when seeing this on a different computer

Roguelike in a nutshell. Nice!

The art looks like you made it all by yourself and that is really impressive. The game looks incredible.

I just must admit that I did not manage to survive more than one minute. The amount of "bad-fluffy-darkness-dudes" was overwhelming and attacking did not feel like having a lot of impact so I just spammed my mouse button to kill the dudes which just lead to emptying the oil :(

In your own comment, you stated that many people will make a dungeon crawler. Well, the limitation for this jam was "roguelike" and not "dungeon crawler" so this game fits very well!

It's well polished (I really like the "YEEEEEE-HAAAW") and unbelievably satisfying. Only things to complain is that the levels seem not to be randomly generated (I am not sure about the different blocks. They might be random) which is a core part of a roguelike

But still: Really well done. Will play it again some time

I already played some games and this was the first one that I'd actually call a "roguelike". And eventhough I did not manage to complete all levels, I think it would be possible for a more decent player than I am.

Only at one point I felt like the obstacles were to close to each other (and I died) but when I tried again, everything was alright.

And I only have some smaller things to complain: The camera's lookahead time seems to be a little high and the controls felt a little bit clunky. And the last thing: D and Q for movement? Must admit, I was confused. But that's just some habit-stuff and who am I to judge?

Well done!

I really like the style! Seeing games made in GB Studio is a rare thing in game jams. Was kind of a new experience for me.

Playing in "the void" is a nice idea. Unfortunately I did not manage to move between rooms because at some point, the room I just left was loaded instantly again. So I was trapped between two rooms. That means that I did not encounter any enemies yet (the dialogue said that there will be enemies, right?).

I think with some bugfixing and some content, this could become a really nice game. Well done!

Or is it required to create each graphic during the jam?

You took a classic game and made it complex. I like that!

Only thing to complain would be that I dont know about the colors I was supposed to use. I can imagine that frogs need to be green but there are also red frogs. Maybe you could show the desired resulting image before starting a level

This game is unbelievable impressive. You got a pretty unique interpretation of the theme. The artwork is awesome and the controls feel great. But the thing I love the most are the f***ng pigeons?!! The game itself already felt polished (at least for a 48h jam) but adding pigeons randomly which do literally nothing for the gameplay gives the game such a calming atmosphere... Really good job!

So... The thing I always complain about when playing jam-games is that in most cases you have either a good Idea or a polished game. Which makes sense since you have more time for polishing when the idea is not that original.

But this game got both! The idea is good AND you somehow managed to create all these (very nice) graphics. You have my deepest respect for that.

Only thing to complain is that it got difficult really fast and nearly impossible to manage (or maybe I was doing something wrong). After building the cannon ship suddenly 10-15 other cannon ships approached me and destroyed my cute little ship. 

I laughed when i read that because we talked about our concern that people may restart the level by accident. We will concider changing the key. Thank you for your feedback!! 

Really good! I played some minutes and it did not get boring eventhough the there were no new elements in later waves.

Also: Respect for creating the art by yourself in that limited amount of time!

Hey, thank you for your feedback! You pretty much summed up what we felt about our game too, haha.

We had so many ideas about level design but after struggling with the physics for at least 24h we just did not have enough time :(

I really like it. And actually this is one of the very few games I played which were playable. Also, I did not find any bug! I think with a little bit more polishing and more levels, this could be a really awesome game! I thought about moving bonkers (or what aver the purple bois are called). Maybe even random levels.

This is so weird haha. Really original idea. Didn't understand the movement though

Extremely impressive work for only 48h! Maybe one of the most polished games I played in this jam yet


Sorry to hear that. We got some more comments about that a few minutes after submissions were closed. We think this was just due to the overloading itch-servers because at the moment, loading seems to work quite well

Very good gameplay. I really like the mix between 2D and 3D.

Pretty creative game. Took me a while to understand that you can jump left when the horizontal bar is <50%. Maybe one indicator for that would be good

Really nice game and I love the artstyle! Just felt like the enemies were to heavy or the player too light. When I move to a dragon, all weight were on one side and the bar gets flipped over

Thanks for playing my game! There should be some knives flying around but yes. They are not very interesting :D

I am thinking about some obstacles or other shapes of the map for further versions. Implementing some "intelligent" enemies is another good point. Thanks!

Thanks for playing and thanks for you comment!

So about the leaderboard. I have a small raspberrypi at home running an apache2 server and mysql. The database contains just one table with name, score, date and id of course. The game thends a http requests to a php-file on my pi (something like /cmd=select&amount=20 for the best 20 players) which handles the mysql query and encodes the result as json. Looks like that: {"id":22,"name":"Munsi","score":9890,"date":"2020-04-06 20:37:10"}. And this is something which unity can understand :D.

Did not manage to create a safe encryption or authentication system but there are is sensitive or important data on my pi. If you are further interested, we can talk about more on discord?

That guy just made a racing game with customization in 3 days, respect.

I felt so cool when I took the shorter pash using the brown border. But only until I reached the next checkpoint and I read the message "you missed 1 checkpoint". Unlucky.

Nice, original idea. I thought it was easy until they startet shooting lol.

It's insane that you just animated everything, even the menu. This gives the game a very polished and completed impression. Good job

Its a game about a guy in tank top on a hoverboard delivering pizza. How could anyone not love this game?

Controls felt a little chunky sometimes and reaching "Z" was gymnastics for my thumb but all in all nice game

The graphics are so simple and sooooo good! In the beginning, i thought, that it would be easy just to catch that stuff. But then, suddenly, the table swooooshed above that boys head when I moved... Quite hard game. Like that

Really nice one. This game is making me anxious because that damn bar just does not stop tilting! All in all: nothing to complain about

The description mate! I already saw more shitty stuff on itch, i actually liked your game. Theme fits and it is funny and when I lose, I become tilted (got that? Because... balance?). What do I need more?

I saw that on twitter! I thought, that would not have anything in common with balance but now that I played your game, i noticed the little dude on top of the truck and EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE NOW!

Really, really nice idea and well done!

Oh boy, the sounds :D I really like the changing background after a time. Never gets really boring by that. Looks very polished to me