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Yeah if i remember correctly i made this game about 2-3 years ago so that might explain any bugs or glitches. I just uploaded the game here a few months ago xD


lol. I thought i fixed that but i guess not xD

Hmm I will see if I can fix that at some point. In the mean time, just refresh the page.

Yo I added the mode! I hope it's what you wanted. I also added the ability to go straight back to the menu with M, but that part might be a bit buggy.

A good idea, I will try to add that when I have free time. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

Really cool, but the enemy AI is lacking!

Drink milk and stay hydrated gamers!

Okay, thank you so much!

I use Scratch to code my games. Is this allowed?

You're welcome!

I'm not sure what you mean by feedback

It kinda reminds me of a cross between Crush the Castle and Protect the orange

I know!

I tried to fix the problem of the health, but i playtested the game a bunch and couldn't find the problem! Though I did add some of your suggestions!

Your welcome!

Though i only played like 3 games, which might explain the low score!

Thank you! And I think i know the problem with the health! It checks if it's equal to 0, but the boss does 2 damage and it can skip to -1, so the game won't end!

I'm not sure, it said i didn't have correct graphics API. I've had this problem a few times

Yeah it was fun!

Unfortunately, I wan't able to play the game on Chrome, but i read the comments and decided to give it a rating!

Really cool! 8/10!

Though i liked the game, and it fits well with the theme, I found it really hard! 8/10 for me!

This game feels like an old flash game that i would play 4 years ago, and that is great!

8.5/10 for me!

This game perfectly represents the theme! It is fun, addictive, and overall an 9/10 for me!

The game was pretty fun, but i found that the rockets were incredibly difficult to avoid! The gameplay was good, but the it wasn't really applying the theme too much. I get that you have to balance the ship, but it wasn't really represented too much in the theme of the game! 7/10 for me!

This game was Really fun! Though I found the aiming really difficult! Maybe, for future, if you increased the fire rate, it would increase from a 7.5/10 for me to a 8.5/10! It represented the theme really well!

This game is pretty fun, but in the later stages, the game seems almost impossible! In future updates, try making the game a little slower! Also, i thought it was a little confusing to tell how much each food weighed! This game perfectly, and I mean PERFECTLY represented the theme! Also, the High score system was very cool!

This game is quite fun! However, I'm not sure where the balance theme is! The graphics are good and the music and sound effects go with the game!

This game is quite fun! However, I'm not sure where the balance theme is! The graphics are good and the music and sound effects go with the game!

This game does fit with the theme pretty well, though it would be a lot more intense if the platform didn't go back to normal when you pres nothing, and you would have to BALANCE the platform!

Ok! good to know! I just wanted to know if i was eligible.

The thing is, mine is an html game, and i used a converter so i do not know how to code html or anything like that, and i also do not know how to use local storage with I wanted to know if i could make it so that the highscore would only show the current player's highest score from the games he has played without leaving the page. My predicament was that the player cannot "Compete for the highest score" of other players, but only himself, and i'm not sure if that's allowed.

Can the highscore be only the player's highscore from one sitting? I can't figure out how to make it have other players' highscores, and i haven't found any tutorials that fit my specific situation!

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Sorry! It is currently partially unfinished, but i plan to have it done before the game jam ends! I also plan to give the glitches warnings and make them more polished!

My submission was made in scratch!