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A short platformer - 2019 Github GameOff Jam
Submitted by securas (@Securas2010), Wondard — 10 hours, 21 minutes before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#333.5883.588

Ranked from 34 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Awesome game, very well done!


Excellent game, didn't manage to beat the boss before the end of the voting period so I don't know how it ends. Great work!


I want to finish this game! It's reminiscent of Ori and the Blind Forest and Celeste. I love how new mechanics are discovered and utilized as you go. Great level design, great art direction, satisfying gameplay and intriguing story. Very good for a game jam. Good luck on your jam!


I did the same thing as others: for level 3 I tried the block glitch. It seemed like the most intuitive choice. That's why I haven't beat it yet. Haven't found the proper entrance to area 3.


Amazing. Just astonishing!

The graphics are beautiful! I really love the very low resolution of this game, which allows for a very nice pixel art sprites, that seem very detailed, and oddly realistic! The effects add even more to the appeal, things like falling leaves, water reflections, falling snow, splashing magma, and even more, create an image of a living, breathing world! I also like the variety between the regular, mountain, and the underground terrains. Each of them differ from the others, both visually and practically, and feel very unique, which is a great plus!

The music, is really well done! Each of the three terrain types, have their own tracks, fitting for their feel, yet keeping that same leitmotif. They don't get irritating at any point, and they are really nice to listen to, also kudos for actually composing the music for your game! Other sound effect, while not as good as music, still keep a very high level.

The gameplay is pretty simple, it's basically a regular platform game, that I think can be classified as Metroidvania.  You don't only move left and right, you also need to climb up the maps, and go down, to access other parts of the map. The layouts of all of the sections, are well designed, and thought out; at no point have I felt lost, they have been well balanced, and despite map being open ended, I always knew where to head first. The controls, also have been programmed well! They're fluid, and give a feeling of a total control over the character. I had no issues with them, so much so, that whenever I died, I always felt like it was my fault, and not game's!

I am truly amazed, by the quality and polish of this game! As of writing this comment, this has to be the best game on this jam that I've played, I had no issues with it, and I enjoyed it greatly!


Best jam game I have seen in my life!


what a game !

high level of making games !

Submitted (2 edits) (+2)

Here comes some critisism as I want to beat that game on steam next time :P


It's the best mechanic and movement I've seen on this jam. Moves are fluid and responsive, this attack is amazing and it leaves a lot of room to having fun and making cool moments with it. Game itself is challenging, but not ragequiting (you did great job with the checkpoints). However I found it difficult with how game describes itself. I know it might be my fault, but there are thousands of types of people that play games and some will understand some signals and others won't, so when I got first crystal game told me to bring it to altar. I had no idea that I've already been to altar (I thought I will find it later in game) so I just went for second crystal and then I got it (there was no werewolf cutscene). I went then for third crystal, but I couldn't move that fricking stone so I was tinkering around the map again and finally I found altar. Then I had to go back to crystal nr.2 again as it didn't register after first time. And finally I went for that third one. The problem was that STONE which I would only push by smashing jump + attack + right arrow and it was barely moving (dunno if it should be like that). So when I pushed it to lava after like 10mins I fell to lava with that stone and that's how I quited playing. I know that it's probably problem of my misunderstand, but just wanted to let you know why I couldn't beat the game.


Art is amazing. I love detail made with all the particles, shaders and wonderful pixelart. There are just several tips I would give. Imo if you added some leave falling particles to menu like in the first map it would add a lot of life into it. Also the only aspect of your game that hurt my ethetics was the minimap. Maybe it would be better to paint it with the pallet you used for your game, so when there is that first map, this yellowish/orange color might fit it better than green. Same with other parts. That's probably everything I thought about. Great job there ;)


Music and sounds were great and fitted game perfectly. I had just problem with first map music, as it fitted the game to the moment we were bitten by the werewolf. After that it was a bit too calm as for situation we are going to change into not that cute doggy. Maybe you could think about adding 1 more track that would play after that scene.


I really like the idea of the game and plot (I saw the ending on the stream). Mechanics are kind of like in hollow knight which is a great plus and I wish I was a speedrunner as that game is perfect for that.


That's a great response to theme :) 

Amazing game. I wish you make that into a full game one day and also I want to know if there is a way to push that fricking stone faster xD


Thanks for trying the game. And especially, thanks for all the comments. I really appreciate that you took the time to write it down. 

As for the annoyingly slow rock... You landed into a bug. You are never supposed to be able to push that rock at all. The entrance to the cave is elsewhere. The bug is that you are able to push it slowly... That should not happen.


oh ok, thanks for explaining. When it moved I thought that I should push it, so then I did my best to do it :P


my bad for leaving that bug unfixed but jam time was over.


No problem. After I play some more jam games I will come back to yours again and will find that other passage


It feels like a finished and released indie game!

...well almost, but it's still reeally good!



A game with no complaints


A great, short metroidvania. Great polish for one month’s work! 5 Stars!


It's a great game. Good mood and beautiful graphics.

What I liked best was the good level design and the gameplay.

What I didn't like so much was the different fonts and that the graphics partly jumped during movements, especially visible at the background.

But these are only very small negative points, on the whole you made a really good game. The start for something big...


Really tight jumping, although sometimes feels like it's meant to use jump buffer to make to the other side.


NIce platform game! I love the soundtrack!


Very good game, and damn this music stay in my head ^^.

Can't get past the boss  (don't even know how to damage it) but I guess it is normal, a boss should be hard.


Loved the art, very impressive! Not much else to say that hasn't already been said - great game!


There's not much more to say about this. I've been following your progress on r/godot as well. Just an impressive entry all around. Rated.


Well damn! As usual, your pixel art is super well done and refined, and all the animations feel crisp. You've got the platforming mechanics and rhythm down perfect. The mechanics/physics felt just right - clearly carefully calculated in terms of spacing of platforms so as not to make it too easy or hard. I was using a keyboard to play - was a little awkward at first but after a few minutes felt totally natural. The wall hug/drag feature was nicely done, and i totally see how it enables smoother backtracking through levels, although the most absolutely fun thing for me was chaining together several enemy kills with the slow-motion attack to achieve some big jump that i couldn't get to otherwise. That feature felt super smooth and satisfying. Minor criticism: the "continue" feature doesn't seem to be working on the macosx build - if i close the application, it only allows me to start over. haven't gotten through to the 3rd crystal yet, but i'll send more notes then! amazing job!


Nice Game! Very nice gameplay and story <3! Just to repetitive music for me ^^ (just saying ^^)


Very impressive game, really puts the one short level in our game to shame... Though i can't access the lava world. I got the other two crystals but I cant get past the block in front of the lava world. If I spam jump against it I can move it a bit.

Haven't gotten to the boss yet but I'll be very surprised if this doesn't win


Thanks for trying the game! Most appreciated. Maybe the entrance to the caves is elsewhere. Check the map.


Yeah now I got to the end. Turns out I was just blind. I'm super impressed though. How did you have time to make all of this?

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