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Thanks for sharing this. Its things like this that help me remember what kind of impact games can have on us.

Update: I'm not making a metroidvania. I am, however, preparing for a game-jam in July hosted by Game Maker's Toolkit.

Thank you! I appreciate the positive feedback!

I did the same thing as others: for level 3 I tried the block glitch. It seemed like the most intuitive choice. That's why I haven't beat it yet. Haven't found the proper entrance to area 3.

I want to finish this game! It's reminiscent of Ori and the Blind Forest and Celeste. I love how new mechanics are discovered and utilized as you go. Great level design, great art direction, satisfying gameplay and intriguing story. Very good for a game jam. Good luck on your jam!

His is better fam XD

Thanks! I'm planning on doing something like that in the future.

Haha, thanks!

I think I'm still going to enhance mine and release it to the app store. It won't have the fancy tilt controls that yours has though ☺

Ok, I admit. Yours is better!

Thanks! What is your mobile game?

OMG you won!!!

Thanks! Looking forward to playing it!

Thanks for the rate and review!

I played with the mechanics a lot, and actually opted to leave that "flaw" in to prevent people from cheezing their way through the maze.

Glad you enjoyed it! Planning on using this mechanic more in the future.

Well, since I've followed you I'll be looking for a notification :)

Good luck my guy!

thx for the hint! I've been trying to get my mouse in position but barely have the time. Will try again later.

oh, good! Sorry you couldn't solve it. I'll work on giving stronger hints next time.

Pretty solid entry! I like the concept. It's really entertaining. I played a number of rounds trying to get as many balls as I could before the time limit or click limit expired. Perhaps a bit of music and sound would go a long way to spice up the game.

Well done!

Good work on the theming and the graphics! Didn't seem to associate with the Game Off theme very well. Still, a fun game! Unfortunately it keeps crashing for me. I have a difficult time getting a positive score, too. Maybe the game balancing could be better? I think a lot of the other comments have been accurate in that regard; faster bullets? easier targets? I like the missiles bouncing off the ceiling. nice effect!

Y'all deserve more attention this jam. Too bad there's not a browser-playable version available.

Great game! Only played to level 4 of blue, but wow! great use of assets and great game design! Well done!

I downloaded it on Google Play store. It required me to give access to my Play account, and had optional video ads to give in-game bonuses. I played for probably a minute before deciding that I didn't enjoy dropping from platforms and collecting arbitrary power ups. Didn't feel like it gave the player a real goal. Not a bad game, but not a great one.

At any rate, good luck this jam!

Dangit man, I want to play your game, but I don't have a controller (or 2).

I like that you gave your game story, but it looks like you fell short of completion. Would have liked to give this a better rating than I did. Hopefully you can finish it in the future?
After like 6 slimes they stop spawning.

How do I play your game?

Thanks! Yes, I plan on improving upon this idea epically; but when I do it'll be its own thing.

It's a shame you haven't had more comments on this one yet. Lots of ratings, but no comments.
I think the background is super rad, and I think the alien's cute footwork animation is fun XD
That said, the game is pretty redundant. Would have been cool if you could figure out a speedup mechanic, but I understand you only had 3 hours to develop it.

I highly recommend favoring gameplay over art and animation. My entry to Game Off 2019 has practically no graphical assets and has still been getting some good feedback.

Good luck this jam!

I'm sure he appreciates it too! He made an entire track for a game we never finished, and I asked him permission to use songs from it for my work.

Not the game you think it was

P.S. Since you enjoyed the audio, be sure to check out my buddy RuneStomper on SoundCloud!

Sure! Choose the top door if you went up in the maze, and the bottom door if you went down or to the right. I guess I didn't actually have a "left" in the wisp maze. Sorry to make it misleading!

P.S. Since you enjoyed the audio, be sure to check out my buddy RuneStomper on SoundCloud!

Thanks! Yeah, sorry the puzzle is so hard. I recommend using a pen and paper for this one. The wife had the same problem. Tried to make some last minute changes to help with this, but I guess it didn't work as well as I would have liked XD

Yeah, but game balancing is hard to do with only 3 hours of dev time :)
And I think the biggest thing for me with your entry is user on-boarding; helping the user to understand how the game is supposed to be played.

Good solid entry my guy! It's a smooth, complete-feeling experience. I found it harder to focus my eyes as it progressed, but I've had the same problem with my speedup games (lava ice run). It has something to do with frame-rate and smoothing. It's harder to make that work in browser, and dude... 3 hours, man! You did a good job with the time given you. I think quality of life things like that are totally excusable. Well done!

And yet his game was more enjoyable O_o

Oh, interesting! I didn't notice that; although it did seem like there were more cards each round, so thanks.

I gave you a follow, my guy! Also literally a 5 star rating in all categories! This game literally took my breath away! The music, the lighting effects, the pacing of the game! Super solid for a 3 hour jam!

My third try, and I only made it 2/3 of a minute! Wow this was fun! I feel silly praising it as much as I am! As a game by itself it's pretty solid, but given the time constraints, you nailed it!

Great game! Gave you a pretty solid score, my guy! Fits the theme really well, good use of visual and audio assets. The game balancing is well implemented. I love the slow-mo mechanic. Could be smoother maybe? but still pretty solid!