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use the blue button in the bottom right corner to play in full screen and the problem will be solved , thanks for playing 

when are discroom team  going to reveal their top 10 entries?

I played the game in  browser and it lagged  ,so  I made the video faster 5 times , sorry for that 

can I play your game in my youtube channel ?

to be honest with you your game is amazing , I play it everyday , and played it on newgrounds also , good move that you are going to put the controls close

very good game

very very very fun game , I played it for long time , its well designed

fun game and very hard

cool game , liked how discs have faces

good game , ducks are cool

one of the best enteries form me amazing gameplay and art , just there is one thing that make me confused some time while playing : the two buttons that controls the cannon are Z znd C and between them X wich control the player 

very simple and good game the art is charming

I found the problem it was that the name of the path doesnt suported ( like there is dots and letters that are not english)

hope that can still put the game

the computer dosent allow me to send three folders including the build one to compremized zip

what can i do 

Is it ok for discroom team to make 2 players game ?

and will participants take part in voting ? (because if yes , that will lower my ratings if I make 2 players game )


complete the game and you will see what happens when the king gets blind as a result of his disease

just a little bit of patpatience (level 7)

I think your game is good with a good idea 

advise: animations are good but its more good to make a better animations instead of rotating and scaling  

scary game 

advices : add more graphics ,just that

good luck

amazing , just make alittle bit easier, and smoothe movement

very good game well done

advices: the thing that you have to replay the level a lot of times is a little bit annoying, so you can make the circle move with the mouse , but its very very good game , hard to find things to improve in it, good luck

good and scary game

advise : make moving smoother ,make it hold instead of clicking mouse to shoot ,it will be more comfortable for player to shoot

and good luck 

the game is good but in the second level i killed all of them but didnt win, maybe there are additional enemies and they are invisible , you have to make that clear because everybody dont know the theme will thing that this is a bug

advices: make screen shake when shooting , make animations

good luck

good idea 

advices : make an image that you put in it te image of what weapon the player has chosen,

and make the buttons work , its very important, but its a good  game , andyou can improve it


(1 edit)

thanks ,I will fix bullet problem, at level 7 king loses his eyes and cretures become invisible

thanks for the feedback, I didnt have time to make alot of defferent levels but Im going to edit and add the things you said and alot of other things  that gives the game more life , better design , and additional mechanics


I Fixed the problem with my game you can play the game now


my game doesnt open wha should i do ?

can submit the game I make to this jam and to another one?

Thanks for playing 

Thats not a bug aliens just spawn up 

And in my future games i will work on how to make everything clear and not annoying


good game

what a game !

high level of making games !

good game

hard but good game 

fun game

Maybe next time😀