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I'll check when I get back from vacation, build hasn't changed and it was working before

Although we were super happy with how much we managed to get working for our first UE5 game, we have a major post-jam update underway to fix some issues and include missing parts of the game. If you have any suggestions, please comment on the issue list.

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Yeah we had a working hand icon whenever you were looking at something you could interact with and literally the last build we uploaded it randomly broke and stopped working. Post jam version is already vastly improved and should be out shortly after the jam ends.

The presentation is amazing and I had a lot of fun with it. For a short little game it can be a bit challenging but doesn't overstay its welcome!

I have never been more scared in my life, no man should have a 200k triangle fish

That was a really nice little game, you get to see a pretty interesting mechanic that doesn't overstay its welcome and the art is amazing!

Played on the windows version and had a lot of fun. It did get repetitive on the second playthrough, but for a gamejam game it had a lot of variety and was really polished!

This was really well presented and creative, nice amount of variation and quick to get through!

Pretty challenging for a game jam, usually here people try to brute force puzzle solutions since every game is 5min max and they get the short end of the stick for reviews. Still the game was fun at the start and great job getting this mechanic working in 48h

Really solid entry, could have been a bit shorter and got a bit repetitive by the end but it was a lot of fun!

Fun game, could have had the roll outcome icons stay after the roll so you don't have to read them quick but nicely paced and enjoyable!

For a puzzle game this was super well balanced, I had fun and beat the game in under 10 min

Probably the game I enjoyed the most so far!

Super polished game, I wish I could come up with simple ideas like this more easily. Just needed faster pacing or maybe more challenge like randomizing the holes!

This was charming and I had a lot of fun with just the basic gameplay, even if the diceroll outcomes weren't that clear while running and shooting

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Thank you so much! Feedback like this is what is really important from the jam, even if we don't get the rating numbers!

EDIT: Mark Brown is a literal god and our game is now part of the jam!

They are avoidable (in terms of how you play your route in the sequencer text adventure at the beginning).

In the game jam version, there is no way to go off-route after the sequencer closes but it was originally planned (along with a bunch of other nuances).

Thanks for the entertaining playthrough! Btw how did you find the game?

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Not only did we end up making very similar games but pretty much got the same LD49 results as well. 

Huge congrats fellow Mood 2nd place winner! (although this is for compo so its even more impressive)

Long live the moody nuclear incident games!

Well I uploaded the android build for you lol

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40sec ezclap, totally didn't play this for 15min

Thanks for playing The Volunteer on stream! Your game is a lot of fun as well.

Btw looks like we are both getting some promotion on itch as well :D

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Thanks for playing! The game was made in just 72h for a competition so as you can imagine we would have done a lot more if we had the time. We might do just that after the voting has ended!

I just find it funny how close someone got to our idea, turns out we weren't that original after all


I made a port but but your finger hides the spaceship and there is no way to not fire the laser when you move the spaceship around so the game needs some changes for it

Thanks for the positive feedback and suggestion, I'll keep it in mind. The systems I wrote would make it very easy to add more levels and more enemy variations. I'm pretty busy but hopefully I'll have time to turn this into a full game at some point.

Hey chef, you're doing great. Keep it up. Proud of you.

At first, it was pretty PogChamp but by the end, it was widepeepoSad

Thanks for the entertaining playthrough and kind words!

Sadly that sector isn't in this gamjam version of the game. You can get an idea of what's inside if you fail either of the last two puzzles.

The full extent of the facility will be explorable in Claustrum (mentioned in the description).

Thank you for the kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I am actually working on the fully developed version of this game as we speak!

Thank you very much! 

Thanks for the kind words! This is just a slightly improved version of what we made during the 48h gamejam. If we make a longer version we'll probably add checkpoints cutscenes etc. Glad to hear you still enjoyed it!

Thanks, that fixed it!

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I just uploaded my first WebGL game but the window is really small so you can only see a small portion of the center of the actual game view

Game in question:


Like I said, it's my first time trying to use this stuff so I have no idea what I'm doing and didn't find any adequate answers online yet. I just want to make the window as big as possible and make sure it displays the entirety of the game view.

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We'll make a mobile version in the future if we keep developing this game, for now that was just a mistake in the page.

EDIT: Android version now available

Damn that sucks. Odd that it happens when you load up the game but not in the menu. They're both 3D scenes. I can't really fix it either unless you send me logs or sth

A truly superb display of intellect

Awesome game! I really love the movement mechanics. Some of the sections rely too heavily on precision though, I feel that the tight precise spiked sections don't really suit a platformer like this. Highly impressed with the complexity and content this game has!