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lower third

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Sadly that sector isn't in this gamjam version of the game. You can get an idea of what's inside if you fail either of the last two puzzles.

The full extent of the facility will be explorable in Claustrum (mentioned in the description).

Thank you for the kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I am actually working on the fully developed version of this game as we speak!

Thank you very much! 

Thanks for the kind words! This is just a slightly improved version of what we made during the 48h gamejam. If we make a longer version we'll probably add checkpoints cutscenes etc. Glad to hear you still enjoyed it!

Thanks, that fixed it!

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I just uploaded my first WebGL game but the window is really small so you can only see a small portion of the center of the actual game view

Game in question:


Like I said, it's my first time trying to use this stuff so I have no idea what I'm doing and didn't find any adequate answers online yet. I just want to make the window as big as possible and make sure it displays the entirety of the game view.

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We'll make a mobile version in the future if we keep developing this game, for now that was just a mistake in the page.

EDIT: Android version now available

Damn that sucks. Odd that it happens when you load up the game but not in the menu. They're both 3D scenes. I can't really fix it either unless you send me logs or sth

A truly superb display of intellect

Awesome game! I really love the movement mechanics. Some of the sections rely too heavily on precision though, I feel that the tight precise spiked sections don't really suit a platformer like this. Highly impressed with the complexity and content this game has!

Yeah the camera controls were a bit odd. I wish the game had footsteps or some kind of ambiance. Also the horizontal movement was a bit too slow for my taste.

Cool little mechanic and a really solid platformer. Good job!

Very nicely done, love the whole premise and the execution is very polished

Really wasn't getting a horror or creepy vibe. More of just a standard puzzle platformer. But well made and had some neat ideas. It had the classic puzzle hook of getting stuck for a while and figuring out how to use what's in the level in a new way. Good job!

*Btw having an installer for a gamejam game is a bit odd and it triggers Windows Protection just to let you know*

Yeah now I got to the end. Turns out I was just blind. I'm super impressed though. How did you have time to make all of this?

Cool little game, the writing really helped to add some character to it. Could have really used more levels but my game is ridiculously short as well so I understand.

I'll give your game a whirl

Thank you so much. Your game was awesome as well! 

Yeah I think some additional explanation would have helped. It's hard to guess exactly how the reactions are supposed to happen. I like the look, other than some weird shiny objects.

Also some bugs and stuff:

When you hold some objects they collide with you and push you backwards at quite the speed. The main menu canvas isn't set to stretch to fill so its boxed in by black borders (I reccommend you guys look into Doozy UI, standard Unity UI sucks). The animation for changing direction is a nice addition but it stops you dead, which doesn't feel great.

I think this idea could work but its super clunky right now, but its a gamejam so I understand.

Weird, I have music volume maxed but don't hear any music

I implemented a bunch of optimizations and made the low quality graphics option disable all of the point lights. Let me know if it's any better for you now.

So in the horde defence stage I shot the first few birds and then nothing else spawned and I couldn't exit the scene. Another one was when I tried quickly clicking through the dialogue in the hub area. That ended up opening like 6 or more dialogues and I couldn't close them all and could no longer click on the doors. In general you could fix a lot of stuff with more input checking. I was able to spam click on the deer for example, making him sing like 500 times and freezing his anim. Oh and I didn't really get how to use the conch so I didn't finish the game.  Was there an explanation that I missed or sth?

Can you be more specific? The GPU is the important part here.

What are your specs? I'm getting 150fps at high, 1080p

Very impressive game, really puts the one short level in our game to shame... Though i can't access the lava world. I got the other two crystals but I cant get past the block in front of the lava world. If I spam jump against it I can move it a bit.

Haven't gotten to the boss yet but I'll be very surprised if this doesn't win

There was music in the main menu and sfx in the levels, I just meant that there was no music in the levels.

Some music would have helped

Yeah also interested about this. Our level designer got sick right as we were supposed to start making levels so out game is ridiculously short. That's that for the gamejam but what if I decided to add to it?

Sounds like a plan. Mind letting me know how well the game runs?

Really love the music and writing, awesome job.

Awesome entry. Love the witty writing and simple mechanics. I got stuck after I got the conch though, didn't really get what to do next. Also there were some bugs and I ended up getting softlocked at some points but thats to be expected I guess.

Our team is going to make a 3D game in Unity. Our main artist lives in Quebec, and just got hit with massive power outages, so we could use someone to help out (especially if you do characters/anim). We could also use someone who's comfortable designing 3D levels or environments in Unity. We have a solid team with members from Estonia, UK and Canada.

Our team    Previous work