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Great job, hows dev going?

It does thanks, did a video last night for youtube covering levels 1-3


Awesome game, is there a windowed mode please?

Cheers, I went through the demo and going through the patroen build atm

How is dev going?

How is dev going?

I'm interested in playtesting the latest version, how do I access please?

I was interested in the difference's between patreon and the demo please?

Keep on it :)

I wish you well on your studies, hoping for more chase HQ

Nice start, are you planning any more?

Thanks again, I will pass this along and be in touch

Will get in touch with the dev, any error codes?

How it dev going and the kickstarter?

What are you planning for future versions? An outrun mode perhaps?

Just a continuation of this 

Great project, the team has updated more on the story if you get chance. Nice to revisit those characters with new creative content eh?

Sounds good, let me know when live - Will share to support

4.17.316 record for the 4courses - Did a facebook live video here -

How many courses you planning? And other features please?

Cheers, really hoping to finish these in AGI

I had to post-pone dev waiting on the source code material

Interesting game, how is dev going?

Nice one, planning a poster and FB live video to highlight later

Looking forward to the PC release

Ur welcome, nice game

Just did a facebook live video for the game

Continuing the PC version?

Nice work on this as a fellow Bruce Lee Spectrum fan

Delayed at the moment JB - I've done KQ5 but waiting on KQ6 AGI to make the tweaks.

Any plans for a pc version and how is dev going?

Hows dev proceeding?

Just a few levels to go with the work by 

Reassembler Blog.


  • Chris White - Project creator.
  • Arun Horne - Cross platform work.

I've been asking for a sprite editor to provide new characters with the new levels .

Few are more, others are uploads with permission and a few more are tweaks of older work with a twist.

Cheers will check it today

Thanks for the update, would you be interested in developing further into a full 80s racer?

Keep me updated please

Will do and you too :)

Keep on it :)

Roger will keep trying