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Try 2

No worries. Also I did another youtube video with my previous account removed - New Records

What engine did u use to create, are you planning to release open-source for this version?

Will follow on twitter and share to support

Dear Arabong - Any progress on the ideas and dev?


Whats your email contact pls?

Any chance to download and any dev for a sequel?

Most welcome and nice work :) 

Most welcome, here is a poster by a pal to support - By Crvnjava67

Nice work! Any plans to continue

So much fun to play randomised levels - If only the enemies and sprites were rotated between 80s games/films like DonkeyME (Just an idea) 

 First time playing this game. As a tribute game nice work!

Nice work the soundfx and graphics are a nice combo - 

Welcome. I like my Rhythm it was a nice retro style.

Glad to hear. Do you have a timeline in mind?

The sounds fx and speech are highly entertaining.

I've included a crazy Taxi commissioned artwork which you may enjoy

Any progress?

I wanted to ask when the final version is due? I noticed early access on 31/march

Such a fresh and funky game. As a crazy taxi fan did a video as tribute. Are you planning to expand further with extra levels, characters, bonuses etc? Or release the source?

Quality game


Any thoughts on fixes for this?

Can I download the JAM Version?

Cheers :) OS Win7, graphics is NVS3100M 

Still the same error with 32bit version i'm afraid.

Dear Dante, Appreciate it! I like to do video/reviews to highlight indie games especially cyberpunk style.

My drivers at updated but its an older chipset hence latest at 2017 version

Dear Dante, Due to my graphics drivers on win 7 looks like i'm stuck with DDI v10.1

Trying to run on win7 pro - Error 'DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine'. I've got dx11 installed. Any ideas pls?

Cheers let me know how it goes and if you do any tracks of your own I can highlight in my outrunning videos for youtube?

It's Open Project JH or JH2.bin. I was attempting to complete a new set of coast to coast levels for routes A-E and ideally new sprites when the editor is available. Plus having little response to the work so far the project is on hold for now.

I encourage using the level editor urself aswell.

Great job on this classic!

Is there only one level?

How goes dev?

Cheers, just a few level edits

I certainly did. Let me know asap to play a new version. The unique and random adventures with the wackyness is much appreciated

Love the idea, when are you planning the final version?

Awesome game as a tron, WOH fan. I did a video to highlight. Any plans for a full version?

Great job! Any chance to download please?

Appreciate it thank you

Excellent, will check it out

Excellent, will have a bash