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John Retroreloader @ Return learn games

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I was thinking about using this open source for a berzerk in 2d which zap's you into Hazard, just an idea


I'm working on a berzerk retro remake - An open source that was stopped, to add new features. But wanted to combine with Hazard as a sequel.. Just an idea. 

Love the diver aspect - Always a fan of open-world and free choice especially impacting others and the environment/nature. Fantastic features and depth in this game , have you played endless ocean on the WII?

Are you open to commissions or requests?

Great work on Cliff-fall, I wanted to download the atari pitfall 3 from your site after seeing the atariage forum post.

http://atariage.com/forums/topic/222739-cliffall-a-pitfall-ii-homage/?hl=%2Bclif... - Multimedia fusion 2 right?
http://aloan.site90.net - Is down

Nice work on Akeni - Alot of hard work on that one.

Are you taking commissions for games development?

Great work!

Same here, there's a few extra goodies for goonies fans in the package and more nes favorites on the channel.

Just a quick tweak from myside

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Great concept and combo of Tron and Berzerk, nice edgy soundtrack. Are you developing this further?

I would really like to see these extra elements, a great start

Awesome game! Reminds me of choplifter and chopper commando! Please keep developing, especially with ranks, promotions, added difficulty. Nice intro and title

Replied to Vaz in Infection comments

I'm also hoping for episode 2

Posted in Love the game.

I will pass this onto the developer and your welcome comment and feedback - I'm pushing him for a sequel. For controls, I use joy2key to use the joystick as you can remap buttons etc. Thanks again 

Great work on this! Are you still developing it?

Thank you, by all means email to jhorsfield30@alliancecomp.co.uk. Would be great to be kept in the loop and any events would be great.

Please do :)

Excellent  - I proposed a weekend exhibition for local employers at my university. Just a thought. The website is returnlearn.com if you want to check before I do a section?

Great project for the course and a nice way to collaborate.

Please let me know how it goes and can feature on my channels and website returnlearn.com if you like, does the university have a games development exhibition where you show your projects to employers?

Can you post the Non-vr version please?

Interesting concept, are you working on this any more?

Thank you, corrected now.

Glad you like, really wanted an intense 8bit demake for system shock

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I really want to edit the driving and sprites to make them more 8bit and add extra features to the game, but the original team is having difficulty taking the source code down which is a shame. If you get chance check out the spare a thought for the ghostbusters I've just uploaded aswell. Thanks again for the feedback

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Nice feedback, I'm dealing with the original team with a hope of going just that, I was hoping to add extra difficulty, add a retro mode to feature the sms style art and changing the driving and ghost sequences to feature more interaction,.



See what you think :)

Did you finish this game?

I w anted to produce a tribute poster to this great game if thats ok?

Cheers, looking forward to it :)

As a fan of the original thats a great new feature

Nice work!