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Keep on it :) 

Nice work! Hows dev going

Ur welcome

Nice to know the flyes were an issue for me on the video :)

How's dev going?

Most welcome

Nice work on this game

Are you planning further development?

I got to level 6 last night on a quick video run of v1.50

Interesting game and concept, are you planning further development?

Has the new level been included in the v1.50 final version?

I'm enjoying this game but on windowed mode it keeps crashing after a death, any ideas?

Nice work!

Nice one, cheers :)

Any progress with the platforms?

Nice approach, I prefer that way myself

Cheers glad to assist

Before I forget I was doing a video last night of space invaders to upload to my youtube to highlight, I got to round 2 and defeated all but one ship which shifted to the right and disappeared from the screen but was still in play so I couldn't proceed.

Either, I was considering a combo effort or offering advice as a Gorf fan 

I joined up last night and hope to play later this week, thank you

Most welcome, would you consider more space shooters? I'm a gorf fan myself

Any development on this?

Interesting concept

Any joy on the platforms possibilities?

How goes development? Can I assist?

Nice work especially on hand drawn sprites. Would you consider a GORF game?

You're welcome

I've been using payhip and streetlib where they generally charge 10-20% commission based on the networking partner, I wanted to suggest as they deal with the ebook market directly. I know what you mean with cloning apps - Can't stand them myself sticking to PC platform


Nice work on this 

Are you continuing the project?

How is development going? ETA on full version?

Nice work on this ebook, how has support been since releasing in 2015?

The Unknown community · Created a new topic Development

How is dev going?

Looking forward to it being an outrun and chase HQ fan. Hardcore difficulty please, also would be nice to see more retro gaming cars in there and the woman driving for a change? Art by personasama

Nice work, when are you planning the sound, tracks?

Any plans for development?

Nice work, I had alot of fun with this, have you considered expanding it into a racer?

I plan to share and support after a playthrough, have you done any promo posters/trailers?

Hows the latest dev going?