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WORLD OF HORROR community · Created a new topic Development

How is the game developing please?

As a fan, I wanted to ask how you're development is progressing please?

This one is a remake of a game I did in college 20 years ago in qbasic - Trilogy Chrono RPG. I'm hoping the same with Unity or the dues ex engine GMDX V9.0 atm.

Ideas are the material of games, I'm working on a VR trilogy atm if you were interested in taking a look.

I'm not on discord atm, worth joining?

Are all your projects listed online to see? One of the most interesting arcade style-racer I've seen recently was Nitronic Rush which I wanted modding with new vehicles and levels if you were interested. Or potentially a VR Outrun 2020?

I'm glad you enjoyed. Outrun was an arcade favorite and finding this engine rebuilt from scratch in C++ for windows with the upscaled effects a pleasure. Did you enjoy the two custom levels? I was planning more and a sprite hack to feature sega characters as driver/passenger

Any plans for a sequel or update of the original 2d TIGL?

You want to run the princess.exe file, that should launch the princess of persia mod with all enhancements enabled. Let us know how it goes.

Very nice work, how is dev proceeding?

Loved this concept and design, how is the dev going?

Best to download the rar file and play it from there.

How is development going?

There is no installation involved, you download a RAR file and select mdash.exe to run or medit.exe to create your own levels. - You're not selecting the itch.downloader by mistake perhapes?

Which version and any security/antivirus running?

Nicely done indeed

Awesome work on this game!

I enjoyed GITS1, when using this on win7pro I just get a blank screen - v1.2

What OS are you using, just tested fine on mine with win7pro

Anyway of downloading this please?

Remarkable, atmospheric homace to the adventure 8bit nes. I wanted to ask if there is a window display option to do a video of this adventure?

Really enjoyed this game, well done and nice endings

I just tried - fine my end with win7 and chrome/firefox. What Browser you using and are other games downloading ok?

Thanks for the upload Aloan, I was thinking the same with the pitfall 2 blitz tweak I did. To feature a 2nd play option with new characters and secrets but be faithful to the 2600 for the 40th anniversary

Indeed, I was tweaking a open source pitfall 2 on blitzbasic and was interested in cliffall as a continuation. 

Most welcome

I was actually thinking a pacman style hack or Manic miner style graphics.

Is it possible to create extra levels?

Looking forward to it

Great idea, I wanted to adapt this into a manic miner multiplayer style platformer if thats ok?

Great platformer, are you planning any further levels. I also had an idea to change the character

Awesome tribute, looking forward to the new version

Interesting concept, are you developing this further?

As an atarifan I thoroughly enjoyed this horror game. 

Are you still developing this after reading your blog post? Berzerkatron

Thanks for commenting, I wanted a slight reference there. I wanted to do hence work on Berzerk Requiem then Hackrazer as a set

Nice work on this, are you developing it further?

 Nice work on the ZX Spectrum Adventure Game Template and this game. Being a speccy and dizzy fan I was glad to see both.

 I wanted to ask if you take commission work on gamemaker these days?

Awesome work, being a lunar lander, thrust, r3 and gravity force fan this was a lovely game to play

Tropia community · Created a new topic 8bit RPG tribute

Nice work on the game, I enjoyed it. Are you working on any more like this?

Welcome :)

Being a fan of bomb jack, bubble bobble this appealed. Very nice work!

Nicely done