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Outstanding idea

A topic by John Retroreloader @ Return learn games created Jan 21, 2021 Views: 198 Replies: 4
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Love the idea, when are you planning the final version?


Thanks for playing, we're glad you liked it! In March we're releasing an Early Access version that has Act II with 3 more bosses and around 10 more minutes of gameplay,. Act II kind of shifts things around a bit, goes even more Porky in Wackyland with the boss battles and such.

I certainly did. Let me know asap to play a new version. The unique and random adventures with the wackyness is much appreciated

I wanted to ask when the final version is due? I noticed early access on 31/march


Hello! The Early Access Club version is already out on itch.io (DRM-free) and on Steam so it can be purchased now,  and you can play the Act I and II of the game. Act III is coming later on this year, and Act IV (that is, the "final" or "complete" version of the game) will be released a time after that, when it's done. Naturally, purchasing a copy of the game right now on either store will grant you access to all future versions of the game for no additional cost. Let us know if you have any more questions!