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thanks for sharing! if you ever make a landing page for the download, let me know since I'd rather not link some Google Drive file that might become a dead link in the future.

also, this is just a recommendation, but I think it'd be less confusing to people if the two mods had different names — wouldn't want people to believe "Save the Babes 2.0" is an update of "Save the Babes 1.0" when it's rather a fork instead. but that's just a suggestion, do what you wish!

The license literally is an Unlicense so do whatever you wish! Also, thank you for doing this! Maybe if you want reply with your version so I can link it on the page itself, if you'd like!

Sorry bud. I have no experience using Rednukem, and I don't see myself having the time to install it just so I can port a mod with less than 200 downloads. I'm sure there must be some modders out there with more experience with that source port, that might be more willing and able to do such a thing. The code and assets from this mod are already in the public domain so they can reuse them as they wish!

I've just uploaded a version that does exactly that — it's the file I haven't tested it though so let me know if it works!

Glad to help :D

Since the application is barely a thing, there's very little that could be wrong with it. However, if your system is not compatible with 64bit applications, that could explain the error. That's my only theory.

I'm working on Aseprite v1.3-beta6-x64 and it works just fine—I actually use it constantly while making pixel art so I would have found a bug by now, I'm sure. I'll need more information about this if there's anything actually wrong with it. Please let me know if you can.

Hello! The Early Access Club version is already out on (DRM-free) and on Steam so it can be purchased now,  and you can play the Act I and II of the game. Act III is coming later on this year, and Act IV (that is, the "final" or "complete" version of the game) will be released a time after that, when it's done. Naturally, purchasing a copy of the game right now on either store will grant you access to all future versions of the game for no additional cost. Let us know if you have any more questions!

well, just glad other people can still find use for it, i personally rarely use it anymore :P in any case, thank you for your comment!

Whoa, thanks! :D

Hey! Lead designer for the game here! I'd call Retroshooti the "anti-Gradius" in that we were purposedly trying to break the rules of that kind of shmup gameplay design; we did get some ideas from Parodius though, and our favorite shmups like Terra Cresta, Star Soldier, Xevious, Recca, etc. Even then, it was always the idea to subvert shmups rather than imitate them!