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Thanks for playing, we're glad you liked it! In March we're releasing an Early Access version that has Act II with 3 more bosses and around 10 more minutes of gameplay,. Act II kind of shifts things around a bit, goes even more Porky in Wackyland with the boss battles and such.

whoa! thanks! i'm really glad you liked it despite the chaos! went snooping around and your project sounds really interesting, hope to see something soon!

it has chances of playing ANYWHERE in game, but it appears more commonly on the 2048 clone, if we're talking the same song. it's actually a beautiful tune, unintenionally funny; I thought i fit the game's theme. Thanks!

Thanks for playing! I see this project as a bit of a "dumping grounds" for unreleasable things so I might add more later, but I had something like the Caltron 6 in 1 in mind, although I see how Action 52 is the golden standard. Attack Sky uses the mouse, kinda breaking immersion there.

I really like the smear and the entire animation style. It's very interesting when enemies push you around - maybe centering the combat around being able to do the same to enemies (and them having a bit less HP) could make the combat less monotone.

I learned how to fly, you can jump and start spamming the sword to zip around - it's actually pretty fun, if you could make it an actual mechanic it would feel like an old school ninja game - like Ninja Spirit on the PC-Engine.

You can undo with backspace! I'm glad you liked it. If you really want more you should check the many, many variations of Sokoban of which mine's a shameless ripoff. I went a bit too far and even ripped all of the levels right off the original game -- this whole collection was very low effort

I'm planning on adding a bit of a homage to the Morning Music on the Bubble System on some obscure place because I find it cute. There's actually a lot of other easter eggs that reference a lot of the game we like on obscure places like some menus. I like Gradius' aesthetics and oldschool Konami in general I find delightfully mystifying  but, alas, I'm terrible at most space shooters. Really like Life Force and Guardian Legend on the NES and I really enjoy most of Compile shooters, though! I think I've played through a lot of Gun-Nac on a Famiclone... Anyway, great to hear it works on Linux! We've done all our in-house test on a very low-end machine so we know it at least runs, but it's always great to hear reports from other people. Hope you enjoyed the game!

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Yay! :D Thanks!

Hey there! We just released an alpha for RetroShooti, our space shoot'em up full of ridiculous party action, and absolute nonsense! Take a trigger-happy space trip across +15 levels filled with aliens, treasures, heroes and fluffy friends and face against +4 bosses on your journey, or play together with friends in the many co-operative and competitive party modes! Will you help Shooti survive in this crazy scrolling highway of oncoming traffic, space debris and technicolor lunacy?

We wish you the best luck on your voyage thru the stars!

If you want to check it out, go to the game's site to download it or play it directly on your browser!

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[redacted] Here you go :)

Wow, thank you! Really appreciate it. I've been playing Jupe on a Goop on breaks from time to time, it's very well made and I'm still terrible at it, but I enjoy that a lot. Very Cool!

(It's totally different than a normal shmup, tho! It's like a party game, it has local multiplayer, it's not taxing at all on easy mode, lots of powerups and silly boss battles, think of it like what Smash Bros. is to battle games, or what Bomber Man is to... itself? Art direction reminds me a lot of your game! HMU if you're interested)

It didn't bother me that much, though!
Hey, want to test a shmup?

Really dig the look, the arcade gameplay and the soundtrack! Reminds me of a funkier JJPerrey. Other than that there doesn't seem to be a way to go back from gameplay to the main menu it plays fine. Had a great time playing it!