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I really like the smear and the entire animation style. It's very interesting when enemies push you around - maybe centering the combat around being able to do the same to enemies (and them having a bit less HP) could make the combat less monotone.

I learned how to fly, you can jump and start spamming the sword to zip around - it's actually pretty fun, if you could make it an actual mechanic it would feel like an old school ninja game - like Ninja Spirit on the PC-Engine.

I want to get better at the smear I think they look a bit dirty but I guess I could call it my "style" lmao, yes "flying" shouldn't be a feature unless I do it well and properly like aerial combos with an air dash or something, the whole movement system is super buggy, I will lower the HP on the enemies around 30%, I had the issue at playing my game too much and making it harder when it didn't need to, thanks for the feedback