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Clever! We really like these kinds of automaton control type games. We didn’t get very deep into it, but it was very well-polished! Really nice graphics, and the puzzles were put together well.

Great job!

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We played this and it was very hectic! It feels really cramped and there are a lot of orbs spawning right from the start.

Kind of hard to do anything tactical when the orbs hit such high speeds! GREAT visuals though!

Also, we didn’t understand what “going first” was.

Essentially a one-floor puzzle game with multiple solutions. Some of the results were unexpected, in that some of them I expected to win and didn’t and the reciprocal where the addition of a slap in the face would tip the scales. Neat!

It would have been nice to play this at a larger size, but I couldn’t resize the window. It was odd that there were mandatory mouse controls but also you could use a joystick.

Otherwise, a good jam entry of a basic shmup. I really liked the enemy patterns, I found the variety to be fun, but it would have been nice to know which bullets were short range and which were long. Also, does the ship have life? Sometimes it would seem like I would get hit but not die.

The background could have been scrolled a bit slower I think. I liked your theme interpretation with the screen wrap!

We are terrible at precision platformers here, so we had to, erm, speedrun the game before the first jump.

We loved the dark humour of it all, and the dialogue made such a speedrun still last 5 minutes due to reading time.

We enjoyed it a lot!

Hey, I know you gave our game a shot. Did you ever get it to load? (It takes a couple of minutes)

You absolutely can! In fact, you can play it in either NTSC for a faster game or PAL for a more relaxed pace. Both modes work on The C64.

Nice implementation and twist on a shmup! Boss HP would be nice to see, as well as some juice :)

Sometimes the emulator doesn’t type “RUN”. Try typing RUN followed by enter.

Thanks for playing and your kind words! This was my first time programming in assembly, so I’m pretty happy with the result, that I could get everything working.

We have no plans to port this to anything :) We’re going to stick to making software for the C64 for now, but anyone who wants to play our games on their phone can run an emulator (hopefully, I don’t know iOS).

Works as described! With a little bit more work, this could be pretty fun. Controls were a little tough with WASD to move and only left shift to fire.

If you can’t get in running in the browser (after waiting some time for the LOADING… to complete), you can download the disk image from the game page and run it on your computer in VICE or another Commodore C64 emulator.

For VICE, just drag and drop the .d64 image onto the running VICE window.

Our artist is delighted at all the good feedback about the song. She worked very hard on making it tolerable to listen to repeatedly.

And your instinct was right: I simply couldn’t fit any more background detail into the game! 64k is not a lot! I rolled my own RLE compression just to get what we had there to fit!

Neat idea, but there wasn’t much reward for getting big. I felt like I should do more damage to enemies when bigger.

Other than that, great job! Everything plays and looks really well.

Fun platformer with lots to collect! The slipperiness and speed of the movement kind of reminded me of Jazz Jackrabbit.

The saws could be easier to see.

Styling is great!

Hmmmm…. there seems to be no possibility for strategy here besides “store up a bunch of money and take a tile”.

I really wanted to like this, but in the end it was too easy, and took too long.

Also experienced the windows build problems described below. :(

Great application of the theme though!

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It takes a long, long time to load in the browser. Once it’s loaded to the title screen, click on the window and press space bar. Maybe double click in some browsers.

You can download VICE to emulate a C64 on your PC and download the D64 image from the game page and get a much better experience.

Plus then you can play so many great C64 games. 😁

Thanks for the review!

I actually don’t own ANY Commodore hardware, so it was written and tested in VICE. The browser emulator is a big buggy, but I can’t do anything about that ;)

It has been played by others on actual hardware, though:

As to the background limitation, it was a technical one. I could only decompress and double-buffer the top 13 rows (of 25) before I couldn’t keep up with the buffer copy. Also, I used all but ~4k of the C64 ram, excluding only the I/O space ($D000). Using that memory would require me to refactor the game to only page that ram out when accessing I/O registers and I ran out of time. :)

Neat game! A bit tricky to learn, and some of the level design could use some work as I was able to clear jump over areas with a spider silk tether.

Looks good although the pixel density causes some distracting aliasing.

Interesting concept!

The level design could use some work, I found myself flinging out of bounds from time to time.

The text was hard to read, as it was so small and flying by ;)

Kinda like braid, but very challenging right from level 2. Frustrating that I couldn’t make it past there.

Everything looks nice, and it plays well.

It takes like 3 minutes to load, because it’s a C64 game without a fastloader. 🙃

I like the mechanics, but I kept encountering a bug where he would be stuck midair =/

Good level design!

I’m terrible at these games but I slogged through a few crystals. Well done, the parallax outside look nice! Good juice to the movement, everything feels pretty good!

Scored 133.7 on what seemed like the perfect timing. Intentional?

Cool game, but it doesn’t feel like there’s much you can do beside just time your first jump well and hold the spacebar.

All that game in so little batch file! Bravo!

I didn’t even know that such things were possible it batch.

Hey! I updated the game so you can play in the browser! Check it out again!

I made a little game, too! :)

A great, short metroidvania. Great polish for one month’s work! 5 Stars!

The only time I was jumpscared was when the dog model bumped into me :)

Very nice graphics for a jam!

For some reason the combined scrolling rates of the bg and the boxes made my eyes hurt XD

Other than that, I find it a bit difficult to get the jumps correctly, and flipping worlds is really jarring. It’s somehow also too slow. It could be good with a little more work :)

Oh man they tricked me when they said I’d be working “alongside” the infinite star worm.

Cool game, although difficult. I like the aesthetic and the theme!

I did all the things! 3 of them. 3 things!

Good engine, would be nice to tilt and move the camera a bit better.

Wow, nice game! It had the potential to be very challenging until I realized that you can air dash infinitely. Then I went out of bounds, so extra theme points.

To be fair there are two of us. I only had to write the assembly ;)

(Also, I played Human Resource Machine and TIS-100 before I actually had to write assembly (also I’ve been coding C since my teenage years))

So cute! Great puzzle mechanics, with lots of challenging levels! Well done.

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It jumps around the screen and doesn’t let me move when I click on the title bar. Broken on Windows 10, or at least my system =/

Edit: I found the problem. You are assuming that the display scaling is 100%. My system runs 150% :(

When I did get it working, it’s a cool idea, but really tough! Level 2 is frustrating!

It occasionally grinds to a halt, and I just can’t seem to figure out how to launch them consistently. Most of the time they disintegrate. Why have the power go that high at all? Do they get stronger later?

I got 71! I really like the diversity of the up/downgrades. It feels balanced!