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Transilio - A Deceptively Simple Puzzle PlatformerView game page

Simple Systems, Deceptive Solutions
Submitted by DrakesGames (@DrakesGames), vjs22334, BricksParts — 21 hours, 52 minutes before the deadline
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Transilio - A Deceptively Simple Puzzle Platformer's page


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Theme interpretation#203.7423.742

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Here's my hour-long gameplay critique of Transilio! It took a lot longer than expected haha...

Something made perfectly for me - I like platformers, but I'm terrible at parts that require reflexes. This is an amazing approach to combining puzzles and platforming. At the beginning I had to take a bit of time to get used to the game, but once it clicked, it was real fun. And a pretty good puzzle design too!


so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks a bunch for playing


Pretty interesting jump mechanics.


Pretty cool game ! The mechanics are really innovative


Thanks a bunch for playing!


I like the mechanics, but I kept encountering a bug where he would be stuck midair =/

Good level design!


Yes unfortunately this is the main bug which happens if too many buttons are pressed simultaneously. We've actually fixed the bug, but I believe we are unable to update the page until after the jam voting has ended. For now you can get around the issue by restarting the level ([esc] to pause and hit restart or alternatively hold [backspace])


I'm digging it so far!

I think I got stuck on level 3 for a bit. It would have been nice to have a slightly clearer tutorial about adjusting your jump height by bonking your head. It'd also be nice to have an indicator of what level I'm on. I think I was stuck on 3, but honestly I don't remember. Also, if I wanted to ask for help with my current level, I'd have to take a screenshot and share it.

Generally, the gameplay loop is fun! It's high-risk because you have to get the solution right from the start (very Celeste and Katana Zero-style), but restarting a level is easy once you realize you've messed up. The graphics are fun and cutesy, though I'd prefer Mr. Blobby (that's his name now, it's been decided) had a little more spring in his step. Jiggle when he lands, wiggle when he moves, and speeding up the walk cycle animation just slightly would go a long way.

The music is simple, but it fits the art style. It feels right. I've just had it going in the background for ~15 minutes and I think I could listen a bit longer. Not too much longer, but I could probably stand this music for ~20 minutes or so.


Thank you so much for playing (and the feedback!).  Definitely everything you say resonates and will be addressed in future builds if/when we decide to continue development!

Mr Blobby it is!  haha

Also FYI, the music does change when you get to later levels, so don't worry too much about it getting stale!

Developer (2 edits)

Also, let me know if you get stuck again, maybe I can give you tips.

Also also, feel free to join the discord and follow my twitter for updates on the game / general community stuff! ,

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Really interesting mechanic, I got stuck at level 11 but skipped it and finished the game. EDIT: solved level 11 thanks to screenshots :)

As other have said, the UI definitely needs some work (like when you get stuck on a magnet you have to click) but the graphics and gameplay are really nice.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks so much for playing, im glad you figured it out!

Totally agree with your feedback as well!  FYI I have a build that allows UI navigation via the keyboard, just waiting on the Game Jam admins to tell me if it is ok to push the update during voting / if that would be unfair.

Feel free to join the discord community / follow me on twitter as well!


I completed level 5.  I couldn't  complete level 6.


Thanks for playing!  LMK if you want hints!  Our discord community might be able to help...


Love the idea of this game! Puzzles are fun to figure out.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks a bunch!  Follow me on twitter for updates!


Nice work. I enjoyed what I played.


  • The potential energy stuff should be explained more clearly early in the game (either purely through the level design which can demonstrate consequences or more clarity in the hints).  I was quite confused for a fair bit of my play through. 
  • I assume the UI probably wasn't the focus during the jam (which makes sense) but it was a little frustrating that it could not be controlled by the keyboard. Also, regarding the hints it would be better to have them activate on entry to some collider and then deactivate on exit without the player having to manually close them with the mouse. These kind of things would help the game flow better,

I see that you are looking for constructive feedback so I tried to focus on that. Overall my experience was quite good. Well done.


Ronnie, thanks a bunch for playing and the feedback.  Yeah, exactly, ultimately we are trying to learn and improve so the constructive criticism is much appreciated!

Honestly we struggled a bit trying to figure out how to balance the explanation of the jump mechanic / potential energy stuff so that feedback definitely resonates with me.  Let me know if you have any thoughts / details around what was difficult to grasp / teaching you think might have been helpful.  As someone who has been staring at this for a month straight, very difficult for me to be objective about what context a new player needs so that would be great to hear!

Yeah apologies for the UI as well.  It was on my to do list to get the menu buttons working with the keyboard, just didnt get around to it in time.  A must have for any future version of the game for sure.

If you have any other feedback etc... or just want to keep in touch, feel free to join the game's discord:


I really like this, puzzles are really good and got my brain working, if this ends up a full game it would be interesting to see how all the other features fit in so would definitely play that,

My only tiny criticism would be the tilemap you've used, the character looks really nice, but I feel the tiles are maybe a little too square, I feel if you added a few extra tiles to the map which would help round off the sharp edges, in the same way the characters edges are rounded it would make it look a lot nicer.

overall though it's really good, congrats :)


Thanks a bunch!  Also, we really appreciate constructive criticism so feel free!  I totally agree with your feedback RE the tilemap, definitely something we want to revamp if we continue to push the development of this project.

Feel free to join our discord so we can keep in touch on the future development of the project:

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This entry is so good :D the puzzles are well thought out, take some thinking and make this a lot of fun to play, best I've played yet.  It sounds great and looks pretty cute too, I think you should go for it with developing this - not seen this idea done before and it's really cool! I'd defo buy /play it.  Love the idea of using ramps for momentum and thinking about how to reduce momentum to get through certain gaps

- Might be worth adding a little bit of text in the corner indicating what level you're on and making the level selection a bit easier to navigate with maybe something like levels 1-20 on one page 21-40 on the next as boxes or something, but all very minor points - really good job on this!


Thank you very much! Also, I definitely appreciate the feedback around the level selection stuff.  For sure that is a good idea / we would need to improve on that especially as we make more levels.

Feel free to jump into our discord so you can stay in touch (and potentially continue to give feedback) as we develop:


Absolutely not disappointed! You went the most original mechanic of the jam and I think it must have been pretty hard to design those levels. I would like to have seen more gadgets to play with but I totally understand the time constrains.

The gameplay was excelent albeit some of the controls were a little off. I'm just nitpicking here though. There was nothing that a quick restart could not fix.

Graphics were totally adequate. Nothing wrong to point there and the color scheme was on par and absolutely clear, just like a good puzzle game should be.

Audio was excellent. Cudos to your music guy. Well done!

I really have not much to say other than you should totally move forward with this concept.


Thank you for the kind words!  Glad you enjoyed!

If you are interested in where we take the concept, feel free to join the discord that we set up to gather feedback / build a community during development!

Would be great to have people's feedback throughout the process!


Finally something with original mechanic.


Thanks! <3


Found this to be a very charming entry! I never quite understood how the potential energy stuff worked but I like the concept of floating up and then falling down ^_^ Also maybe it would be nice if you could slide to the right/left as you fall


though wasn't the most eye caching this game might be the best one i played so far in this jam, tile based platforming with your potential energy mechanic makes this game one of a kind (im tempted to make my own idea based on this idea). i never seen this idea explored but it's kinda incredible. 5 Stars from me. and i hope this game develops further and ill be more than intrested in helping you with such a project as well i like it that much.


Thank you so much for the kind words!  Haha yeah be sure to join up in the discord group so we can keep in touch (and so you can let us know if you know of any artists that could help us hahaha)

hehe im technicaly an "artist" (aka i do art). what Discord group are you talking about and whats your user name on Discord, mines Lady Leia#4332 . hope to hear from you soon. <3


We are going to use that server as our page to collect feedback and keep in touch with ppl who are interested!

My discord is: dautery91 #4800