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no, thank YOU for playing haha! Glad you enjoyed it

As expected from Noa + team, solid all around.  Presentation (both music and visuals) were in a league of their own

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!  Definitely something to consider if we make another iteration

Thanks for playing! Interesting feedback as well / something ill consider

thanks so much for playing and the feedback! Definitely all good comments. Honestly as development progressed we had a lot of ideas / tweaks i wish we had time to implement! I'll let you know if we decide to make another iteration!

thanks a bunch!

It warms my heart to see such great constructive criticism in the jam AND a person receptive to feedback.  Well done all around!

... what am i doing im tired

I really liked the music!  Interesting concept

Cool idea!  I thought it was glitched at first until I remembered the game jam theme haha... I need to go to bed.  Well done!

Really loved the presentation (art and music was great)!  Kinda reminds me of a cross between mega man x / super meatboy / snake!

thanks so much! Glad you liked it!

thanks for the kind words!

you just blew my mind

thanks so much for the kind words!

I really liked it!  Great job and it looks really cute!

Had a lot of fund with it, cool idea (and I like the character!)

2 seconds in and I already loved it.  Cute character!  Also the gameplay was fun!  Did you have some sort of aim assist on the gun?  Felt like it does a good job of hitting the enemies / dosent feel totally random!

Had fun with it!  Am I out of control of my gun, or AM I the gun!? haha

What a great use of the Out of Control theme!  Really cool idea!  I found the controls a bit tough (especially cycling between keys) but that wasnt a big deal (and im only bringing it up in case you wanted to polish the game more because it is fun!)

Really cool idea / use of the jam topic.  (Are you Stephan Wolfram?)

I really enjoyed it!  Loved the presentation and the controls felt really good

Awesome!  So glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!

Gunnar - Thanks so much for taking the time to write this up.  I will cherish this feedback and read through it each time I make a game going forward!  Haha.  Generally I agree with everything you said.  You have a really good eye!  A lot of the things you call out we wrestled with / went back and forth on so I am not at all surprised!  We especially knew there were big gaps around player instruction / clarity.  We actually did have in person playtests but just didnt have time to implement.  Hopefully we can keep in touch for future projects!  Now im off to play your games!



so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks a bunch for playing

This game was awesome and hilarious.


Thanks a bunch for playing!

This review is amazing. 10/10

First of all, thank you so much for playing and posting!  Second, "breast level" made me laugh so hard

okey doke! Sounds good

Definitely something we are considering!  We still have to take a step back based on the feedback we are getting and determine what kind of scope we want the game to be and what our options will be for development, which will inform a lot about the size of team we will need.

Thanks for playing!  LMK if you want hints!  Our discord community might be able to help...

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Thanks so much for playing, im glad you figured it out!

Totally agree with your feedback as well!  FYI I have a build that allows UI navigation via the keyboard, just waiting on the Game Jam admins to tell me if it is ok to push the update during voting / if that would be unfair.

Feel free to join the discord community / follow me on twitter as well!

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Also, let me know if you get stuck again, maybe I can give you tips.

Also also, feel free to join the discord and follow my twitter for updates on the game / general community stuff! ,

Thank you so much for playing (and the feedback!).  Definitely everything you say resonates and will be addressed in future builds if/when we decide to continue development!

Mr Blobby it is!  haha

Also FYI, the music does change when you get to later levels, so don't worry too much about it getting stale!

Also, good job!  I'm pretty sure your video is a perfect run / very fast!

@Lee sorry to keep asking same variations of the same question.  I am coding up a bug fix (player freezes when mashing multiple buttons at once) and the ability for players to navigate the UI with keyboards (essentially to allow people who dont have a mouse to play).  Is that ok to update the game jam entry?  Or do you think I should just wait / that would be unfair?  It is hard to sit by and do nothing but I understand that deadlines are deadlines haha!

Cool game!  Art was really nice!  Love that Pico8 feel!  Gameplay was fun too though got a little boring after a while.  One piece of constructive feedback:  Could you make it a little more challenging by making the hit box / timing go away from the double jump attack after a while?  

Solid entry overall!  Controls feel just slippery enough for a challenge.  Art style was cool.  Music was great / helped me get in the zone!

Solid game.  Controls feel just slippery enough for a challenge.  Art style was cool.  Music was great / helped me get in the zone!

Thank you for playing!  Also, thanks for the critique, for sure will add that feature in a later build / improve the level selection process!