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I'm digging it so far!

I think I got stuck on level 3 for a bit. It would have been nice to have a slightly clearer tutorial about adjusting your jump height by bonking your head. It'd also be nice to have an indicator of what level I'm on. I think I was stuck on 3, but honestly I don't remember. Also, if I wanted to ask for help with my current level, I'd have to take a screenshot and share it.

Generally, the gameplay loop is fun! It's high-risk because you have to get the solution right from the start (very Celeste and Katana Zero-style), but restarting a level is easy once you realize you've messed up. The graphics are fun and cutesy, though I'd prefer Mr. Blobby (that's his name now, it's been decided) had a little more spring in his step. Jiggle when he lands, wiggle when he moves, and speeding up the walk cycle animation just slightly would go a long way.

The music is simple, but it fits the art style. It feels right. I've just had it going in the background for ~15 minutes and I think I could listen a bit longer. Not too much longer, but I could probably stand this music for ~20 minutes or so.

Thank you so much for playing (and the feedback!).  Definitely everything you say resonates and will be addressed in future builds if/when we decide to continue development!

Mr Blobby it is!  haha

Also FYI, the music does change when you get to later levels, so don't worry too much about it getting stale!

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Also, let me know if you get stuck again, maybe I can give you tips.

Also also, feel free to join the discord and follow my twitter for updates on the game / general community stuff! ,