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Flying through a city that is infinite in all directions. Playable in browser.
Submitted by Baturinsky — 29 days, 20 hours before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#633.0753.075

Ranked from 40 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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A very interesting game!

I must admit, that the audiovisual side of this game, is by far the most unique of all the entries I've tried so far! It is really hard to describe it for me, but the combination of the neon lights, the black and white color palette, the surreal city layout and buildings designs, and the synthwave music playing in the background, creates a weird and otherworldly atmosphere, which was very immersive for me!

The gameplay is alright. Finally, someone has made a game based off flying around in a spectator mode while trying not to touch the walls! I'm just joking, but still, these two are very similar. Aside from needing to avoid the buildings, cars, and other obstacles, you also need to collect red clusters and to touch the green checkpoints, in order to receive more time and coins. The flying mechanics are also a bit more complex, with the velocity decreasing when going up, and increasing when diving down. However, due to the graphical design of the city, it is a bit hard to navigate through it, especially if you're moving too fast.

All in all, this game has very unique and good looking graphics, an amazing atmosphere, and an alright gameplay. Very solid entry!


Yeah, gameplay is pretty basic. That said, it's still more complex than, say Superflight:)


Good Job :)

I love synthwave atmosphere ) Woww....

A cool idea is to walk through the randomly generated city.

Thank you !


cool procedural generated city, nice.


WOW dat visual and music is top tier. 

just a little drop rate, but that is an awesome entry. Good job ! 


A really fun game. Though definitely one this kind that could benefit from having an executable (those tend to run better). Many people have given you good praises and rightfully so. You already heard the UI does need some work. I'd say once you get the optimisation better, I'd consider adding some nice colours, not necessarily in form of gradients.

Great submission overall.

Developer (1 edit)

Nearly all work is done on GPU. So, it's probably my shallow experience in shader optimisation more to blame than browser's shortcomings.

And yeah, I 'll consider some more colorful (though probably still very stylized) visual style.


Awesome visual style! I also really liked how when you were looking down it would speed up and when you looked up it would slow down, combined with the boost it makes for a really fun fast paced game!


That was supposed to emulate gliding physics, though at a very basic level:)


I think this is my favourite game so far. I really like the gameplay and the general feel of the game.

Do you plan on continuing this? It has potential in my opinion :)

Side note: my high score is 53 coins in 88 seconds


Love the visual style! Very sin city! Unfortunately I had a very lag experience, don't know wether it's my GTX980Ti graphic card problem or internet speed problem


Nice! You really have the sensation of flying in a chaotic city. The initial tutorial I think can be improved by use a less transparent background because I see that is difficult to be read. I also suggest to separate the "market" from the main commands in two different screens because initially I see a lot of information all in one time to be read and comprehend. Congrats for the procedural generation part because is really amazing and very fluid.


Very impressive! Initially, the graphics and wall of text can be a bit intimiditing/overwhelming. Maybe just remove the city in the background when you're at the menu?

Once I started the game, everything was quite clear and well balanced: challenging, but doable.

(It did take a few tries to realize the red things gave you coins, but that's probably because my head associates "coins = yellow thingies" and there was a disconnect in my brain :p)

Just to comment on the other comments: I only had slight performance issues on my machine, and I have an old HP laptop, running Windows 10 and Firefox. Maybe that feedback helps with performance optimization?

I think this could become a really immersive game with some polishing! (By which I mean: clearer menus/explanation, varity in visuals and variety in game mechanics.)


Yeah, you are right, pickups visual may be misleading. I should have at least make them yellow, as everything related to coins is yellow in text.

And some kind of tutorial with big short commands before showing the wall of text.


Loved it. Amazing what you can do in a browser these days.


All the heavy lifting is done by shaders, actually.

But yeah, browsers are very powerful platform now. Ton of very cool free libraries and even "vanilla" it has ton of capabilities, especially for UI. I still shudder remembering making UI in Unity, for example.


I was originally skeptical when I started the game because of all of the text that appears immediately. Maybe you can have a simple start screen and if the player presses 'esc', then show the upgrade options. Also, my system struggled a bit so the game was running quite slow.

Having said all that, I was pleasantly surprised. I actually think this game has potential to be something pretty good. I liked the visual style but at the same time I found it difficult to look at (a little disorienting). The music choice was great and really help set the atmosphere.

Overall this was a pretty cool experience and a nice take on the theme 'leaps and bounds'. I'd be interested to see more of this game in the future.


Nice game. I really like the design and the black and white render. I would have liked to be able to invert up/down mouse control (to have an airplane like control)


Ok, I will add that

Deleted 1 year ago

You can get back to "wall of text" by pressing Space, Esc, reloading page or losing focus of game screen in any way possible (such as switching to other browser tab and back". 

Listed "submitted" day is very misleading: it's when the first version of the game was submitted. I actually worked until the end and last update was few hours before deadline. 


Said that, UX indeed could be better and thanks for drawing my attention to it.


Cool graphics!


Really nice work! This procedural generated city is so cool and smooth. My recommendation is that you could add more gameplay elements in the world, such as some more challenging goals and more diversity of the city layout. 


Yeah, that's the plan.


Wow. Nice procedural gen. This is crazy. Only thing I can recommend is a little optimization (I had some lag) and a prettier UI, otherwise nice job. Really trippy too.


Working on it.


Really unique atmosphere and visual style with calm music and chill gameplay.




Funny game ! Well done


Funny as in fun or funny as in hilarious? :)


as in fun :) 


I hope you can pay for my loss of sight. The game has a good concept behind it, but it's executed poorly. There should be a settings menu, also it's not clear where to go and i think that the game starts off way to hard. The music is cool but i don't think it fits the game, but that's just my opinion. All and all this is a below average entry for me due to lack of gameplay and playability. But good job anyways!


You probably have old/weak GPU, game indeed runs very jittery in that case.

I wish I could make it run faster, but it was the best I could reach until deadline.

Submitted (1 edit)

It was a joke but i've got good specs and my laptop is new.


Anyway, issue with low/unstable FPS is real and I'll continue to work on solving it.

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