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You've only begun to discover your power! Join me, and I will complete your training! With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict, and bring order to the galaxy.

Excellent spritework! Animations are a bit rough but the static pixel artwork is top notch, I'd love to see the artists continue! Both the backgrounds and character art is really fantastic!

Really good presentation on the itch page; great use of title and background, good colors, good partial transparent gray central backing, lots of diverse screenshots with a variety of setting and color, has a trailer, good simple description—nice work! Only improvements I could really see being made is to change the default salmon pink-red for the link text color, use something less gaudy that fits better with your color scheme, and to change the background image from repeating with scroll to static in settings. But it's truly a very nice itch page, which is a criminally overlooked and underrated portion of a game, presentation is vital and you've done very well.

Having the game playable as in-browser WebGL is a huge deal, another underrated and overlooked part of a game. It runs great, it's formatted within the iframe perfectly, goes fullscreen perfectly, 5 stars there.

The game itself is interesting, certainly not a pinnacle of game design, but very well-fleshed out for a student game (as I understand this is a UNLV student game but I could be mistaken). The tactics gameplay was certainly unexpected! I didn't watch the trailer or look through the screenshots before starting (due to the ease-of-use of WebGL!), and while platforming around it was a quite a surprise when that screen popped up when I tried to slash an enemy!

Both the platforming and tactics gameplay seem to be rather thought-through—both have their elements of bugginess and unpolish as to be expected of a student game (or an itch game in general), but they are certainly playable and serve as a good proof-of-concept. The tactics element already carries a bit of complexity, which is a testament to its systems. The platforming is a bit too simple and dull, however the inclusion of both a double jump and a satisfying dash helps the feel of moving through the vast levels.

The SFX for the dash and jump are unexpectedly polished and satisfying, and overall the audio is quite good. The music is rather great, and while some SFX ring to me as unoriginal (I swear the tactics menu is the Pokemon SFX, but it could just be a generic fill-in), none of the audio struck me as poor, which is a rarity.

Overall, really nice work from the team. Congratulations of the success of a project of this scale, and I hope we can see many more games from you all in the future!

-Sincerely, Gunnar Clovis

Amazing work! This is incredibly useful. Can't wait to see what you're cooking up now!


Really nice! Good all-around, cute art, solid music, perfectly good. The design choice of the wrapping pac-man bullets coming around to kill you was very good. That design decision alone elevates this above most similar game jam survival shooters like this, adding challenge and necessary player care beyond just spamming the buttons. Keep it up!

Very tough, oof

"decades of experience" was pretty omegalol

Experience doing... what exactly?

Biden has been a career politician for 47 years and his main accomplishment remains the incredibly racist 1994 crime bill that created the system of mass incarceration that overly penalized blacks with severe criminal charges, such as decades long prison sentences for marijuana offences, with no real hope of a normal life after release. Harris contributed to this for decades (hence her extreme unpopularity in the black voter-base), caring more about her perfect prosecutorial record than truth or justice. Harris withheld evidence that exonerated innocent men, sending or keeping those men in-prison, for their cheap labor and to maintain her perfect record (like a real-life Manfred von Karma, it's ridiculous). That's a matter of public record.

Good on you for voicing your opinion, through a creative medium especially 😊, but maybe listen to some different sides on this...

If you want to help your preferred candidate win, you should at least know and address the beliefs and arguments of the opposing side.

People like Trump because his policies and universal tax cuts led to the greatest US economy in modern history, saving millions of lives and improving standard of living, lowest unemployment rate ever, highest employment rate for black Americans ever, highest employment rate for Hispanic Americans ever, highest employment rate for Asian Americans ever, highest employment rate for women in 65 years, highest employment rate for youths in 50 years, highest employment for veterans in 20 years, highest wages ever, highest median household income ever, doubled the NASDAQ, better trade deals, resurrected the US manufacturing industry, increased government revenue, made the US energy independent (where we now export more energy than we import), lowest emissions ever. People like the First Step Act, real prison reform, fixing the racist system of mass incarceration architected by Biden, letting good men walk free and see their families again, giving ex-cons a chance at a life again. None of this happened during Clinton, Bush, or especially Obama. People really like the First Step Act, reasonably so. School choice, people love that, huge deal. People like the healthcare stuff, Right-To-Try, combating the opioid epidemic, reduced high-dose opioid prescriptions, lowering pharmaceutical costs, stopping the crony capitalism of the pharmaceutical industry. First US president ever to come into office supporting gay marriage and gay rights, people like that. Space force and furthering future space exploration and colonization, people like that. Combating the human trafficking industry and drug cartels, people like that. Deleted ISIS, huge deal, people like that, ISIS was literally beheading people, bombing cities worldwide, and systematically doing acts as reprehensible as making child sex slaves that were routinely beaten and mass raped. People like that Trump swiftly defeated ISIS, it's not even a group people talk about anymore. Normalized relations with North Korea, becoming the first sitting president to ever enter North Korea, walking across the DMZ with South Korean president Moon Jae-In, incredibly historic. Moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, ending the Obama-era middle eastern drone strikes and bombings, pulling troops out of the middle east, very important, people like that. The Abraham Accords, first Middle Eastern peace deals in 27 years, causing various nations to recognize Israel for the first-time in history, normalizing relations between Israel and the UAE, peace with Bahrein, ending wars, improving everyone's economic standing, bringing food to those who need it, stabilizing the region, full normalization, all insanely historic. Trump has three Nobel Peace Prize nominations for his work in bringing peace to the Middle East, people really like that. That's just off the top of my head (though I do consume a lot of bipartisan political content); there's so much more that people really love from Trump.

If you're actually informed about all these policies and issues and accomplishments, and you disagree with them, don't like the Abraham Accords or something, then fine, but if you want to change minds then you need to at least bare minimum acknowledge them. Make an argument against them, state your case. You give Clintonmon the "Logic" attack---then use it! Use some actual logic, give your evidence, make a fair argument.

I'm sorry, because you're clearly passionate if you're driven enough to make something like this, but this superficial orange man bad stuff isn't really going to do anything. It'll cater to some TDS people maybe, echo chamber let them hear what they want, but it's not going to change anything, not going to change any minds, except maybe against your cause due to its one-sided portrayal (if you're familiar with the #Walkaway movement then you should know what I'm talking about).

But, I'm almost certainly going overboard by the common standard, as per usual... 😅

I apologize; I care very deeply about both video games and politics and have a natural propensity to fly off the handle on a tangential rant at minimal provocation haha... Everyone tells me that I write overly long walls of text, but for my autistic mind it's pretty normal and default 😛 I'm sure you weren't looking for anything like this, but tis the norm when you enter the realm of politics haha!

Anyways, congrats on making a game! Even if it went overtime for Trijam, any published product is an accomplishment worth celebrating 👍 I'll try to check out your other games too!

Make sure to submit your game in the Trijam Discord and I'll give you some server XP~

Thank you for your honesty in the development time 👍

Classic NoelOskar!

A little buggy with the physics, but very nice! The broom is a great concept


Thank you 😊 

Thanks haha 😊

That's awesome to hear!

the century jam community · Created a new topic I love it

I'm very into this


I enjoy this. I like the format and the music quite a lot. Rather easy puzzles and very short, but a great atmosphere and a lovely little concept. Excellent work for a few hours and one of your first Trijams!

Ok, I won

It wasn't made within 3 hours haha

It was originally supposed to be for Trijam, but my artist disappeared and the core gameplay needed more time to program and bug-fix. The art for the three rocks and the pickaxe was done by Haiyoooo for the jam, the rest of the art was public domain assets just thrown together quickly, not a polished aesthetic.

The three star point goals are my high scores (rounded down to the nearest multiple of 500) after playing each level 2 to 3 times in testing (which consists of a starting two grids with the aesthetics and row order randomized).

It's meant to be rather difficult, with high strategic depth. The dynamite can be managed by grouping it up early and destroying it when your score it still low to non-existent, and/or by high-level board management, shifting the dynamite around so that it can't form. By moving not the element you want to match, but an adjacent element you want to relocate orthogonally, you have a lot of control of the grid. But it's definitely rather difficult / strategic, which I like. I've never really been a fan of typical Bejeweled-style match-3 games where you simply slide an element to an adjacent space to match, but here with the orthogonal movement you can do quite a lot more.

The intent was for that to be the more difficult part of the game (and otherwise the game came out feeling too easy to me), but yeah it's not super fun. I haven't done very much work in 3D and just wanted to re-acquaint myself with both 3D and Unity in a quick 3 hour spurt.

Yeah, it was my first Trijam / three hour game jam, so I didn't use my time very well. Lots of stuff could have been done better haha...


I had the same problem.

Nice work, though it's very easy and once you get maxed at out everything (except Mobility because Flight costs 140 then and you can only hold 100) there isn't really any threat, thought, or progress left. I clicked through a couple weeks to see if anything new would happen, but it was just the same disasters that don't bother me and the same-old same-old, could never unlock Flight.

Flight: Am I a joke to you?

Go to the itch page settings and disable "Fullscreen button". That adds the little transparent button onto the iframe of the game, but since this is a Unity WebGL game with the default WebGL export framing, it already gets that nice little opaque blue button, which gets hidden underneath the transparent iframe fullscreen button. The Unity WebGL one is better, properly fullscreening and maximizing the game, whereas the itch-provided iframe button just removes the rest of the HTML page and centers the WebGL iframe. You shouldn't ever really have both, and they overlap, making it really annoying when you're trying to click the better Unity-provided blue fullscreen button hidden underneath.

Great color palette

He shoots bullets you need to dodge. Just touch the corner of his sprite and keep moving past. Once you dodge the first bullet the rest are pretty easy to avoid as you move faster than them. After confronting Black Yoshi, you need to find your allies to get help and then defeat him.


You gotta dodge his attacks and then find your backup

You move faster than his bullets so once you dodge the first one they're pretty easy to avoid as long as you keep moving, especially in a circular pattern around Black Yoshi

You can progress to level two by doing the right thing and saving all the animals, saving amy, fighting Black Yoshi with the help of your friends, and then checking in with Sonic again.

A man of culture I see

Ah! Yeah that's much better lol...

I was "playtesting" mainly with View page source haha

Rather ironic you'd say that given your profile picture


nice job

You were smart enough to manage to leave a comment, though, and I genuinely applaud you for that!

I have to disable the CSS for myself (which honestly is annoying enough by itself because all the Edit theme + Custom CSS controls also spin...) to leave a comment! 😅

Honestly I'm really impressed you managed to leave a comment!😂

Why Do I Feel So Dizzy? Treatment For Balance Disorders And ...

DEJI 189 IQ - YouTube

It's an epic song

To save the animals, you must get  close to them and do the RIGHT thing. Maybe that will click for you.

After dodging Black Yoshi's attacks, you must re-explore the map (a common theme) and in the bottom-right corner you'll find some help that will let you fight Black Yoshi off.

Once you fight off Black Yoshi using your newfound aid, talk to Sonic again.