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The Masked ManView game page

Short game for Githubs Game off 2019
Submitted by quiji (@QuijiPixel) — 30 minutes, 42 seconds before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#453.3643.364

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nice looking game with interesting mechanics.


I’m terrible at these games but I slogged through a few crystals. Well done, the parallax outside look nice! Good juice to the movement, everything feels pretty good!


We had fun, it's a nice platformer. The running and leaping mechanics are very interesting, and the game also has a good atmosphere.  :D


There was a real problem with janky movement. Ex: the noticeable vertical displacement every time you walk off of an edge, sliding off of platforms when near the edge, wall-jumping immediately after touching a wall when holding in jump, running on air when you do your dash off an edge, etc. I think the controls also could use some revising. There were also some very broken hitboxes in combat, especially with the final boss.

But still, when there were those moments where I was doing wall jumps all over the place dodging spikes, or closing the distance to an archer in a moment, and it felt really good. The basic ideas behind the movement are solid, and I think with more polishing it could feel good all the time, instead of just at those moments.

This is probably my favourite entry so far, even with the movement issues, since everything else was just such high quality.


Nice game! I really like the movement/attack mecchanics, my keyboard a little less ;)


Awesome game! I really love the movement mechanics. Some of the sections rely too heavily on precision though, I feel that the tight precise spiked sections don't really suit a platformer like this. Highly impressed with the complexity and content this game has!


Fantastically presented game. The move set of the character seems interesting and the controls are very responsive. The platforming challenges reminded me of VVVVVV and Super Meat Boy, although I found respawning at the fountains, and having to track back to my original point to retry when I died, a little tiresome. The level design was on the whole good, although there was one switch which I pulled (at the bottom of a pit with enemies on each side) which I was unsure what it did. Some indication to the player about what it was doing would be useful. I wasn't able to finish the game, but with a better checkpointing system it would be a good, challenging platformer.


Thanks for playing!!The checkpoints are there to make sense for the life bar mechanic, which was thought of for a more metroidvania kind of thing. I overscoped (obviously) and the game is tiny and maybe it makes no sense. Still, part of the levels are there to make the character stronger by collecting the life pieces scattered around, so not having checkpoints as they are now sill defeat the purpose. The switch that you pressed opens the big gate that is at the ceiling of the main hall, which is the big room with the first fountain. Once open you can escape the prison by climbing the pit and end the game. Thank you for your feedback! It's very much appreciated and helps me a lot!


Ah, thanks. To clarify, I think respawning the player at the start of whatever "challenge room" they died in, rather than the fountains would make the game more enjoyable, while still giving the player a challenge. But regardless, great game!


Good Plateformer! Thank you for breaking my keyboard! ;-)


Thanks!!! I'm sorry for your keyboard.


Very nice game. Totally reminiscent of Prince of Persia! Well done!!!


Thanks man!! I took inspiration there :)