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Boxed Meat Revolution

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This is really, really good. Probably the best entry I've played yet. Too bad there aren't more ratings of it.

I really like how the mechanics of the game avoid the problem of making an incorrect move on turn one that makes the puzzle unsolvable. Most of your puzzles have one solution, but you can make the moves in many different orders, just because of how the jumping mechanic works.

I think some small variations on this idea could make it pretty fun. There's some good concepts hiding in there:

  • The way that you need to fortify your border to protect yourself from being taken over, but this is less efficient economically than fortifying your interior.
  • Since defense is so much stronger than offense, when you attack a territory you need to have enough resources to take it completely--otherwise, your opponent can quickly fortify it back up again after.

Maybe this would be better if it were turn based, and if the computer played a little bit better. As it is, the computer is too dumb so the optimal strategy against it is very boring.

This is great! Just wish when you dash that you could control the direction more easily. Also, I thnk you should get bonus points for getting both scoops in one go. Even if the game is really simple, I think you did a great job executing. This is among the better entries in this jam IMO.

Was there supposed to be only one asteroid?

I love to see people try making proper puzzle games. I've tried it a few times before but I've always found it difficult to make fair puzzles under a time constraint. A couple quick comments (from having played world 1 only):

  • I think there is way too much stuff here. It probably would have been better to trim down to the puzzles that you thought were the most exemplar (although I'll still try to get around to playing through everything!)
  • The mechanics encourage too much indirection: one cow controls another cow controls another. The puzzles feel mostly like an exercise in running through mechanics in my head. I never feel stuck, just flustered when I lose track of the pieces in my head, and so there's never that moment of insight either.
  • The tutorial is too much text. It is humorous, so I can forgive it a little bit, but it is not useful for teaching the player. I'd rather the game teach by letting the player experiment with the mechanics.

Hopefully this doesn't seem to critical. This is actually one of my favourite entries, and I'll definitely come back to try some more puzzles later.

I finished in 1:29.08. As for my first bug time, I don't know what was and wasn't intended, so I couldn't tell you.

The wall jumping felt very random, so I just mashed buttons as fast as I could and I got up eventually. It felt like maybe you had an idea that you were working towards, but there isn't really enough there yet to see what it was, sorry :(.

I enjoyed playing your game, but that second boss is super OP! Maybe I just didn't notice a weakness, but it seemed that his shield never drops for more than a fraction of a second at a time. I think a game like this would also be improved if you lowered the number of enemies, but got rid of most healing and gave the player a finite number of hits (say four or five) so that it doesn't devolve into seeing if you can just heal through all of the enemy damage.

Were you inspired at all by Ziggurat? It reminds me quite a bit of a top-down version of that.

This is a very cool idea, both in theme and mechanically! I think it needs quite a bit of polishing up though. Right now, I think it's too difficult to position your character where they need to be to deal with the viruses--it feels really awkward to move around. I think you should be able to control the angle that the character launches at (so instead of always going straight across, you could choose a launch angle within some arc).

I think this is one of the best concepts of any of the games I've played so far, but the execution is not quite there yet. Just needs a little more thought about how to make your mechanic more fun to use.

I don't know what to think about the introduction.... but riding the bicycle was really fun. One of my favourites so far.

I think the idea of building your ship in 30 seconds out of random junk is genius. I wish it was a little more fleshed out though. As it is, combat didn't really work at all, and there wasn't a lot of strategy in how you built your ship (all ships kind of feel the same). Still, I think there's definitely a solid idea in there that I would like to see more of.

I love the idea of a relativity-based package delivery game, and I think there's a lot of potential in a more sophisticated version of this (e.g. choosing a route past neutron stars/black holes to try to minimize your ship time while still arriving at the target on time).

Just one little physics complaint: as a real spacecraft accelerates with a constant proper acceleration, its velocity would not increase linearly near the speed of light. Basically, it would become harder and harder to reach the next fraction closer to the speed of light. So, the correct upgrade for the ship isn't an unlocked max speed, but instead new ship engines capable of providing larger acceleration.

I like the concept, but the game itself is definitely a little bare-bones right now. It was suspenseful for the first floor, but once I understood what was going on, there wasn't much else to it. I think a fleshed out version that plays up the horror aspects a little more would be pretty fun. The 3-d pixel effect thing you did was very nice.

Pretty good overall, but a couple small things would improve it a lot:

- The hurtbox on the main character was really bad. I think it's shifted behind the character by a substantial amount.

- Enemies need some kind of animation right before they will jump. Right now it's unpredictable, so you just make sure you double jump past every enemy no matter what (you can't really try to dodge them because the enemy jumps are so random)

- The double jump attack needs to be a little weaker, or maybe more interesting somehow. Right now, it doesn't feel that great double-jumping past all of the enemies. It would be better if there was a trade-off to attacking the enemy vs trying to dodge the enemy, because right now its optimal to just attack past every one.

There was a real problem with janky movement. Ex: the noticeable vertical displacement every time you walk off of an edge, sliding off of platforms when near the edge, wall-jumping immediately after touching a wall when holding in jump, running on air when you do your dash off an edge, etc. I think the controls also could use some revising. There were also some very broken hitboxes in combat, especially with the final boss.

But still, when there were those moments where I was doing wall jumps all over the place dodging spikes, or closing the distance to an archer in a moment, and it felt really good. The basic ideas behind the movement are solid, and I think with more polishing it could feel good all the time, instead of just at those moments.

This is probably my favourite entry so far, even with the movement issues, since everything else was just such high quality.

It seemed I couldn't protect my crystal from being damaged, no matter how I played. Is there some strategy that I'm missing here?

I didn't even see a third plant! I looked around for quite a while, but I kept getting moss on the rocks confused with the plants.

I like how the greyscale looks, especially with the really nice rock texture, but it does get in the way of actually playing the game.

I managed to cross the initial chasm using Verden's leap and Intervention, but after that I was completely stuck. It's impossible to tell where to go, since the terrain all looks the same, and I can't even distinguish the plants from the ground by sight. I think to progress I needed to pick out which grey rock I could jump on from the many grey rocks I could not jump on.

I think this could be pretty good, if I could get a little further. The giant list of spells is definitely enticing. I'm not rating for now since I got stuck, but I might revisit later.

This was incredible! Of course it's a creative idea, but you also executed on your idea very well--it felt really good to move your character around, and the mechanics led to some fun puzzles. I had a few rendering issues when I moved the window quickly, although that's to be expected since I don't think windows are meant to be used like this.

This was super fun, but also super hard (although I did manage to beat it eventually). I found the controls a little bit difficult--it would have been easier to aim if the player stayed more centered on the screen. Music was also fantastic!