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Rate and comment my game, and I'll do the same for yours!

A topic by Harper Rhett created Dec 03, 2019 Views: 209 Replies: 6
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Just leave a comment and make sure you rated, and I will rate and comment on anyone who has commented on my game. Thanks! I wish you all good luck for the rest of the jam!

Edit: I will get around to everyone's games when I get the chance, I'm rather busy.


I'll give your game a whirl


I'm glad there are threads for sharing each other games, I hope more people post in this one as well!

If you like Topdown shooters give my game a try! (Supports both Keyboard/Mouse and Controllers)

Be warned, ti can be a difficult game! Feel free to post your feedback and high-scores in the comments as well! The highest I could get to was 4,000! 馃榿

This is mine:

Just rated all games on this post, merry christmas!


Hey, I know you gave our game a shot. Did you ever get it to load? (It takes a couple of minutes)


Not sure if you're still going to have time to check everyone, but perhaps try to give my entry a chance as well:

I've tried yours and it was really good fun (for the short time it provided. Definitely you're better than me at handling Game Maker x) )