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Thank You for playing our game! We're glad you liked the visuals and sound effects! An after jam release is a great idea, especially with all the feedback we got about the gameplay balancing! We've also been playing a lot of other people's games as well too which gives us a better understanding of how things should be balanced.

Thank You for the feedback! We tried making the theme of the game tied to the story, where you leap into the nightmare of a kid and you have to kill them, also you can't escape the bounds of the dream. But we can see it didn't quite come across that way! Difficulty is definitely something we're going to have to balance, and we're glad we got a lot of feedback about it in this game jam! As for innovation, the way I see it is that everyone in this jam was able to innovate and create something new for the world to see. We all created our own game with ideas and concepts that we pulled from the world around us; our own perspective that we can show everyone!

Thank You for playing the game and offering us feedback! Looting weapons would be a great addition to the game when we start balancing things since it would allow for the player to get stronger over time!

Awesome visual style! I also really liked how when you were looking down it would speed up and when you looked up it would slow down, combined with the boost it makes for a really fun fast paced game!

Thank you for playing my game! I'll make it more balanced next time, promise!

This is pretty good for your first game! I liked how the game progressed when you would continue from year to year, adding more enemies! The only thing I would change is making the jumping puzzles easier, it was really difficult to get pass the long purple jump platforms!

Simple game but works quite nice! I remember watching some youtube videos about the Tower of Hanoi but I never bothered actually trying it out, but now I got to use some of the moves I learned in that video here! Good work!

A fun and simple game. You've already got fluid controls down so all I think all it needs now is a fresh set of paint such as backgrounds and maybe a character moving instead of a box! Nicely done!

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LOL Sorry about that! The skeletons were the trickiest enemies in the game, I should have made them throw the scythes from farther away so that it's easier to dodge, or even made the dash go farther but I'm glad You played the game! Thank You!

And what freaky said could be a great idea for an enemy! One that throws a boomerang so that after a while it comes back to the enemy making it trickier to dodge! But I'm getting ahead of myself, first I need to balance the game! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Hello! Thank You for playing! The game balance is definitely something that needs to be addressed like You said. I feel like I spent too much time on the visual side of the game and not enough time on the actual balance and gameplay, but all the feedback has helped recontextualize things! I'll take a look at Nuclear Throne to see how they balanced things out, Thanks for the recommendation and feedback!

Hey, Thank You for playing my game! I came by to try Your game as well and it's really fun! I especially like the upgrades the player can get, they really make You feel powerful and include some pretty creative mechanics with it! Good work! ๐Ÿ‘

I see what You mean, we were trying to make the game more difficult by decreasing the speed of the player and increasing the speed of the enemies but we've gotten quite a lot of feedback now saying that wasn't the best decision. I thought the dash would mitigate that issue but like You said it's probably too small. Thank You for the feedback and I'm glad You liked the art! ๐Ÿ˜„

Now that was a really challenging game. I'm not sure if You've played "Baba is You" but this game has some similar vibes which I love! Especially the 6th level where you basically have a for loop running with the cows and you have to set up the correct sequence. Really clever stuff!

Hey man! Thank You for checking out my game! I really liked your game as well! It's crazy that you made all of this by yourself too, at least going based off the credits screen at the end. It's got a really fresh and original idea as well, puzzle games might not be my forte but I had a fun playing it!

Hahaha, Thank You! It's a small team of just me and my dad, He does the art and animation while I handle the rest of the stuff like programming, sounds, and setting up Unity. We're glad You enjoyed the game and we will most likely end up expanding upon it so stay tuned! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh thank you, we worked quite a bit on the art! If You also want some of the Sound FX and music we got them at the Music and Sound FX humble bundle, there's still 5 days left and you can have your proceeds go to charity as well! That's good feedback though because we could think of some ways to make having no ammo more obvious like changing the crosshair or something else so thank you!

Thank you very much, It means a lot! You have a keen eye my friend! We actually took some inspiration from the Zombies Ate My Neighbors animations, specifically when the zombie dies and their head falls down lol! I think we can take even more inspiration from them and add a co-op mode in the future! You're right about the pistol though, more time needed to go into balancing it and enemies because the pistol feels very under powered especially when fighting the ghost and skeleton.

Haha thanks! I'm glad to hear that you got Don't Stave vibes from it since that's what we wanted the trees and atmosphere to feel like! Don't Starve is one of my favorite games even though I suck at it ๐Ÿ˜‚

I'm glad that You're doing this and I wish You the best of luck! 
Also I think Your game should win the Best low-rated game! I might have not gotten around to playing a lot of the low rated games but Yours at the time had 2 ratings and I had a blast playing Yours! Hopefully more people catch wind of your game and can play and rate it as well! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
And if anyone wants to check out my game as well please do! (It's a Topdown shooter with Keyboard/Mouse and Controller support)

Dang this is a really awesome game, I'm surprised more people haven't played and reviewed this yet! The player feels nice to move around and shoot enemies, collecting the coins are a lot of fun and well separated, the comic book style and lighting in the game makes it look amazing! I only ran into a couple of bugs in the game and I'm not sure if some of them we're intentional or not. (When you shoot collectibles, they fall and when you die and go to the menu and start a new game, it goes back to the score count screen) Great work though and I hope you expand upon this game!

I'm glad there are threads for sharing each other games, I hope more people post in this one as well!

If you like Topdown shooters give my game a try! (Supports both Keyboard/Mouse and Controllers)

Be warned, ti can be a difficult game! Feel free to post your feedback and high-scores in the comments as well! The highest I could get to was 4,000! ๐Ÿ˜

Personally I didn't mind the tank controls,  I feel like it adds to the difficulty of the game, especially once you enter the monster zone and have a bunch of enemies shooting at you which is pretty fun! Especially once you start getting a bunch more weapons!

Really cool looking game, I like the shader effects you used in the game and the narrator that talks to the player! Can't wait to see where you take the rest of this game!

Hello Everyone! Glad to see so many games posted here to try out! If You like twin stick shooters please give my game a go! (It also supports both Keyboard/Mouse and Controllers)

Be warned though it is a difficult game! Feel free to post your feedback and high-scores in the comments as well! The highest I could get to was 4,000! ๐Ÿ˜„

Hey! I just wanted to say thank You for playing my game! I figured I'd stop by get to enjoy a classic commodore 64 retro game! I was surprised to find out that you even programmed it with a C64 emulator, which I think is pretty cool! Good luck with the rest of the voting period!

I'm glad You liked the atmosphere and camera of the game, those were the ones I spent the most time trying to tweak! You're right though currently the game is really difficult, especially since there are no health drops as well. Originally I planned on having a round system like the zombies mode in call of duty games, where the first round is easy and it gradually ramps up. But I didn't have enough time to implement it ๐Ÿ˜… the good thing is that with this game jam I'll still be able to get some great feedback from everyone including You! ๐Ÿ™‡โ€โ™‚๏ธ

Yeah I agree with you about the AI, I feel like I spent too much time on the aesthetics of the game and not enough time on the gameplay side! I really liked what you did with your Lily Lander game, It reminds me of a modern version of classic NES games I played! Thanks for the feedback!

Simple controls and mechanics but is a real blast once you get some friends to play along with. Especially with the physics driven balls that bounce around making everything more hectic!

Oh sweet dude! Thanks for playing our game, especially with commentary! (Although I couldn't hear some parts of it) Sorry for a very abrupt ending LOL. We wanted to put more time into the levels but we prioritized it poorly and didn't have enough time because of the game jam. But just you wait, we're prepping an update to the game that'll make it much better!

Thank you! That means a lot and gives us more motivation! My dad and I are working on adding more elements to the game since the Game Jam got us to a good start. By the end of the month we should have an even better version out for people to play!

Thanks for playing our little game! We're currently working on an updated version of the game with a boss included and better levels! It should be released by the end of this month and I hope you play through it again once it's out!