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Em primeiro lugar, muito obrigado por jogar o nosso jogo! :)

Estou neste momento aproveitando que a Jam já acabou e adicionando alguns updates de QOL como o skip de cutscene e revisei a AI para ser um pouco mais simples. Talvez não tenha ficado claro, porém os inimigos seguem uma rota e caso te vejam irão te seguir. Você pode também utilizar mesas que não estejam ocupadas com cadeiras para se esconder do inimigo (Só tome cuidado para que ele não te veja fazendo isso, haha). Gravamos uma gameplay walkthrough do jogo para você e qualquer outra pessoa que tenha dificuldade ao jogar para poder experienciar a jornada, afinal o mais importante para nós com essa Game Jam é que os temas sejam bem interpretados pois são muito importantes. Por enquanto, assista ao vídeo pelo link à seguir e depois se quiser tentar novamente, espere a próxima versão. ;)

Gameplay no Youtube.

I want mine with a pinch of bugs, please!

That's definitely an oversight that we'll fix on the next update! Thanks for playing! :)

Pretty fun, I just with it had some sound effects to make it more fun when typing (like in Typing of the Dead).

Really nice concept!

This would work really well as a full restaurant sim. But to make the gameplay less stressful I'd suggest you assign each ingredient to a keyboard key and then just make the player click on the airfryers with the selected ingredient. :)

It's a nice idea for a critique on how we deal with dating nowadays. It'd be great to see you expand on that idea in future updates making some of the dates reply and stuff like that :)

Great job!

The artstyle is really well done, and the graphics are cute. Nice transitions between levels and the music fits the cutesy artstyle. I just think the physics made catching the fruits really frustrating.

Well Done! :)

I really liked this game!

I think you did a great job at making an awkward situation out of one of those drawing chatrooms. I didn't personally feel too startled with the game, but the sound effects and changes in tone on the narrative were amazing to sell the creepiness!

Great job! :)

Great job for 48 hours!

It's nice seeing how the different types of bugs behave. I think if you had more time it'd be awesome to add some more interactions between the bugs :)

Pretty nice game!

If I were to say something that could make the game better, it'd be work a bit on the UI. The art is really good but I felt the UI was too cluttered sometimes.

Sammich go BRRRRRRRR

OMG, it really means a lot to us to read a "it's high quality"!

About the tutorials, yeah. We overlooked the UX on the tutorial for the project but we'll correct it as soon as possible! :)

Thanks for the kind comment!

Hey, thanks a lot for the review! We'll work on some QoL improvements for sure! :)

Thank you so much! It really means a lot that people are enjoying the game!

Thanks a lot for playing! I've just added a few guides on how to play the game based on the feedback so far. You need 5 sandwiches to be able to go to the playground! :)

Oh, the appliances give you ingredients to build your sandwich. Just open the sandwich panel (Clicking the oven) and you'll be able to make your sandwich :)

I really enjoyed the concept! It's a great prototype and could easily become a full game!

Well Done!

I'm happy that you enjoyed! :)

I really liked the story! The dialogues could be improved, but the story is pretty nice for a small game.

Well Done!

Thanks for trying! :)

Nice, I didn't even notice that. Done it just now! :)

Thanks for the feedback!

That was actually my original intention, but I had some problems with importing the model from Blender so I stuck with the 2D screen because of the time.

It's a fun concept and I thought the beggining text was really funny.

Well Done!

The game was really fun! I just got a bit lost on the controls, but I guess that's intended.

Well Done!

I liked it a lot! It really messes with our heads but it's fun nonetheless!

It's a nice concept, I just think the inputs could change a little bit more often to spice things up a bit.

Well done :)

Well done dude!

It's a great game, I really liked the Idea and it made for a really fun experience!

This made me laugh, I love the sound when you hit the enemy. :P

Well done! :)

I see, I think that's a byproduct of "not having control" over the date. The orbs actually will keep spawning of different types, the more of each type you have raises the chance of your character to say something of that same type. For instance: if you have more of the green orbs (Humor) it makes it more likely for your character to say something funny. The outcome of that is still out of your control just like in a real date. Thanks a lot for commenting :)

I really liked your game, it has a nice twist on the theme and I actually didn't get it the first time so it blew my mind! Keep up the good work!

I really liked the mechanics to shoot and leap, they are kind of hard to get the hang of it but once you do it's really innovative!

DUDE! I'm really happy that on my second game here on there was another streamer that played my content!

I overlooked the lack of synergy in the music and the shooting mechanics, I should've gone for a faster shooting and added life to the slimes! :P

Thanks for playing my game dude, I really appreciate it!

PS.: The fact you said you liked the character art really made me happy!

HEY! Thanks for the compliment on the art!

The idea of the arms and body being separate are actually something I'm going to use on a big project of mine, so it's awesome to know someone likes it!

I'll probably try to position the camera better next time,  I'm still getting used to 3D developing, so I'm not used to it. Also, I slanted the camera a little intentionally because I thought it was kind of ugly with a straight top view, I'll try to find the sweet spot for topdown cameras on my next 3D project so it doesn't become like that! (Will try to figure out FOV better as well!)

The slimes's movements were supposed to be sporadic and random, but I made the decision of making them faster the more points you got,  which sounds good in theory but I should've balanced it better so it could be more dynamic.

Anyways, thanks a lot for taking your time and commenting my friend, I really appreciate it! <3

Not gonna lie, you surprised me featuring my game in your video. I'm flattered!

All the critiques you made during your video are accurate and I sure could've done a better job here, so thanks for pointing it out! I just didn't have enought time to work on it but I'll do better on Jam 90! Also the music was really bad, I just got some old music I made on FL Studio 2 years ago and threw it into the game so it wouldn't be a game without audio... :P

Thanks a lot for taking your time man, appreciate it.

PS.: Thanks for the nod about the Camera Angle, the game was supposed to be just a straight corridor where you had to run for your life, but it would take me too much time to polish the controls so I just went for a platformer.

Thanks a lot man, I'll make an even better attempt this week, so keep tuned in! Thanks a lot for the support :3

I liked the music and the artstyle, but everyone talked about that already so I'll say that I also enjoyed the fact that you have to save the cats (the most important part of leaving a fire). Overall a pretty nice game! Looking forward to your entry on Week 90!


Thanks a lot for the support ,it means a lot to me! I feel the controls are laggy too, but I didn't have enough time to fix them so I kept as it was... I'm currently working on a bigger project and I'll make sure to keep what you said in mind to improve upon my mistakes!

Hey man!

Thanks a lot, I got into the jam too late and since I work as a teacher didn't have much time to work on it. I have an idea on why the controls feel laggy, probably was because of the thread I used for movement... Anyways, thanks a lot! :)