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pixellated pong game
Submitted by buch — 2 hours, 23 minutes before the deadline

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Theme interpretation#313.7143.714

Ranked from 21 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Theme interpretation
You proceed by hybridating yourself with the monsters you defeat. Moreover, the game features some minimal RPG elements hybridated with the arcade breakout mechanic

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LOVED this game. Right off the bat the music was awesome - the mix of chiptune and piano was killer. I saw and played the re-balanced version of the game that you posted below and the feedback I had (that the paddle controls were a bit wild) was addressed in that version.

I found some maps extremely challenging due to the placement of the unbreakable bricks, but this didn't happen super often.

Kudos to a great game, and if you get a chance please check my game out too - it also incorporates Pong.

Really entertaining and polished! Loved the music choices.

If you want you can check our entry for the jam:

All feedback possible is really appreciated


A couple of run of this, and I was hooked! Lots of fun and the monster characters are great!

Stealing parts for your own monster is a nice twist, and the fact it all affects game play  is excellent! Good planning, and well executed! 


This is hard, but I love Arkanoid, so I kept trying. 

Great gfx, they add up to the atmosphere. I kind of wish the pad was moving more smoothly, it feels like it has some sort of inertia at the moment and that's quite hard to control. But, maybe that was the idea. 😎


Never thought a combination of pong, breakout and dark souls (because, damn it's hard ! ) would be so great .

(prepares for a shameless plug)

Btw, can you check out my game ?


Following some of the feedback, a post-jam slightly reblanced version is available at 


I liked the style and concept. Was also pretty fun to play although I found myself dying and having to restart pretty quickly a bunch of times. My biggest gripe is the paddle controls... it feels like it slides way too much which makes it really hard to be precise or change direction.

Submitted (2 edits)

A really funny game! Love the artwork, reminded me of an arcade game! I could play this for hours on my phone

Some things that could be improved :

  •  Less inertia on the pad
  • Sometimes the music would stop 
  • Hitting the eyes with the side of your paddle would not register and they would just go trough

Really fun game!  I feel as if the controls for the paddle are a little too sensitive.  I don't have as much precision over it as I'd like.  The artwork is beautiful though!


Great artwork!


Very great implementation of the theme!! really loved playing it !!

Do check our game too if u havent yet!! Thanks for making the game!!


The idea and graphics are very good, but the paddle's inertia is very annoying :-)


Hehehe we couldn't find external testers for the game before the deadline. We did after, and their feedback was that the game is a tad too difficult, so we made some tweaks to try and make it easier and uploaded it at , do have a look!


Love the old school retro art style. Game plays smoothly and is very polished game for a jam entry.

Nice game play, audio,  i love it. Great work.