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Roguelike dungeon crawler, dive into the deeps of Mork's lair
Submitted by selewi (@selewidev), Zac Whelan Sound (@zwhelly), PolyB (@DatPolyB), Romain Rope (@RomainRope), Jerry (@JezzahKP) — 2 hours, 47 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Audio - Does the game have nice sfx and music?#24.2224.222
Graphics - Is the game aesthetically pleasing?#34.5004.500
Gameplay - How fun is it to play?#34.0004.000
Technical - Is there a technical achievement​ behind the making of this game?#73.5003.500
Originality - Does the game innovate or try something new?#422.6672.667

Ranked from 18 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This was my favorite game in the entire jam so far! I am super happy I played it! 

You nailed the atmosphere. It has a creepy feeling. I understood what you were going for, and everything fits together very well. 

The pixelated look and graininess of the entire game combined with the ambiguous sound ambiance creates a feeling of dread that I love. The game isn't really scary, (except for the boss) but it fits so well together that I can't complain.  Maybe the character portraits are a little to cartoony but that did not distract from the overall experience. 5 stars.

I originally wanted to say that the game could use more tension, but you surprise me with the boss that came out of nowhere, and I found myself panicking trying to figure out where he is and managing my inventory at the same time. It was hectic in a good way! I was beginning to think I was the only one who put a boss in my game that took some effort to take down.

The game was not cryptic at all, I understood how everything worked perfectly. The only problem where things might have been an issue is that based from my experience, I did not see anything that explained how to upgrade your stats, nor that the menu's were hot-keyed to C and V, but I had no problem figuring it out. I would say I figured out the controls and  upgrade process reasonably early without too much hassle, if any at all. :)

Now for the cons. This game is not the most original idea. Don't get me wrong, you do get points for having a certain atmosphere most dungeon crawlers don't have, and the fact that you have a great functioning RPG system in your game with actual upgradable stats and inventory system is technically impressive. However the actual gameplay isn't original, nor is it the most in depth. Considering what you are going for, maybe there is something extra you could add to the gameplay that makes it stand out?  Maybe a monster that stalks you that you can't kill?  Maybe after a certain amount of time has passed? I don't think that has been done in a dungeon crawler before. I dunno know, you decide.

Despite that, great game! I love it to death. I wasn't frustrated with it, and I was cautious the entire time. You nailed everything else, the atmosphere, the controls, the graphics... if this were a full game, I would pay money for it.


I really enjoyed this game. It felt very polished and appreciated all the UI details. Graphics and atmosphere was really a joy. From before I even played the game I was really taken with that human portrait. I had some difficulty with the combat, and would have preferred it be turn based. Nothing about the combat seemed like it needed to be real time. Especially with the "sit back and play with a drink" language in the "How to play" :P. A more minor thing, but I found it awkward to pick things up since the "pile" was not always visible. A button prompt would be a nice addition when you are on a tile, I think.


I loved the visual style of this one, from the character portraits to the jittering environmental lighting. The game is really well polished and it doesn't feel like any area in particular is letting it down. The sound is great, the gameplay is smooth and to the point, the HUD is really excellent in terms of legibility and style. Really solid overall. I also loved the variety of characters to choose from and the ability to enter a name. It may seem small, but it's the kind of thing that gets people to care about the character and invest themselves in the reality of the world. My Orc warrior Orcus Borcus didn't fare too well in his adventures, but he got some cool loot before biting the dust :)

Very nice work :)


This was the 7th game of the jam for me and I'm happy to say I enjoyed myself. My general take away was that it's a very traditional/classic dungeon crawler but by no means in a bad way.

I was particularly impressed to see the race options and a big thumbs up for the "How to play" page, although it would have been good if it was also accessible while playing and not just from the main menu.

Another big thumbs up on toggles for the mini-map and mouse based movements controls. I would never hide the map or use those controls myself, but I really appreciated seeing some of those smaller additions being able to make it in. 

It would have been good to have a volume slider but considering the 7 day limitation, I can't put too much weight that being an issue.

A few other thoughts:

- I think the inventory size could be increased significantly. This could just be because I'm a hoarder but I think unless it impacts the game, a bigger inventory is always better.

- The amount of health potions around could use a bump.

- I think it would be good if you could return to lower floors. Not really for a specific reason but more just because why not?

- I don't know if I missed something but there didn't seem to be a way to exit the game and then continue.

- The mini map is good but I would have liked to be able to open the map to more easily navigate areas that I have already explored/cleared.

I hope to see this developed further but either way I will definitely playing more post jam. 😁


Indeed very complex and polished. However I found some things lacking. 
What I enjoyed:

  • The presentation; everything is consistent and looks like a classic dungeon crawler. 
  • The atmosphere; the dungeon is moody, the sounds are great, although I had to lower the volume from the volume mixer.

What I didn't enjoy as much:

  • The affordance; the crates and a wall tile felt like they were destructible, but were not.
  • The movement; initially felt nice, after a while it induced a mild motion sickness.
  • The combat; feels unfair, might be missing the cooldown on the attacks and/or the HP left of enemies.

Very polished on all accounts. Defintely shows there was a whole team working on this, rather than a one man show. Will definitely come back to finish this game after the jam is concluded when I get more time.


i play a halfling. named "yermom".

that's right. i player yermom.


Oh my, Roguelike Dungeoncrawler! Looks awesome, plays interesting, nice atmosphere. I like faces of characters :)

 One more thing. I'd like to see Stairs Down on minimap. Sometimes i've forgot where they are :) Ah, of course... Implement Save Game function!


Mork's Trial; Why even the title is inspiring. The cover art is enticing, the main menu is satisfyingly satisfying to navigate. Brilliant. But, none of us are perfect; where's the volume bar?!!?

The presentation is just like a classic rpg, I love it. The character designs are very unique, love them too.

I don't like the low frame-rate movement and turning. I assume it's an intentional style choice, but I think it distracts from everything else.

The variant textures on some of the walls really add to the ambience, as does the flickering lights, music and the limited colour palette. Very nice!

The boxes and barrels feel like they should be destructable. If they are, I couldn't work out how to destroy them.

I like how the strafing system is used as part of the combat. For the first couple levels, you can't get health potions, so to heal you have to level up. Maybe there should be something better to do with unused items than to drop them? Personally, I think the orc should be able to eat crossbows and axes for health. Healing options are very limited.

I got to the second level set, again very pretty. Unfortunately, I died soon after because I couldn't heal. For the purposes of a gamejam, I would have tried to shorten the whole game as much as possible and made sure players would be able to see all of your work, because I'm sure some people will have missed the second level set (and I suspect that I might be missing a third). That's not really criticism of the game itself though, since the pacing works fine.

All in all a strikingly competent and well polished experience, great feel and great art. Good job!


Gorgeous, and intense.


Very good graphics and audio, but gameplay-wise it's more of the same two-step tango that made me catch zzzs very fast.

(1 edit) (+2)

Very well made game, got to the boss, but with 1 hp and died :(. UI, how to play, monsters, sprites, sound, music, everything I really liked.  But the dungeons are way too long and since there's not much to do other than finding the next door in a maze, makes it a bit boring I think. Lacked destructibles (maybe u could destroy chests and stuff but i didnt figure out how), chests and other stuff.  Found too few health potions, on one character (archer) I didn't find any at all so that sucked. But great job, jealous of your art skills, can make such a nice game with so little :D. Boss was pretty cool too. Great job guys u can be proud :D.


The game is great, i really liked it. Makes you keep playing. Great job everyone, from graphics, to music and sound to game design and everything. Really well done!


The look and feel of this game are so good, it captures the spirit of the classic dungeon crawler game. The most part I love is the pixel art and combat, I played it non-stop. Well done guys, what a high-quality game in this Jam! 


This game has quite alot of depth! Awesome work!