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Really liked this one, feels like there's a lot of effort put into it - All of the custom artwork really goes a long way. Only thing I wanted to note is that i think the diary needs to be slowed down - Reading aloud probably doesn't help but it still seemed to go by really fast and I found myself just trying to quickly get it read so much that I didn't focus properly on what what it actually said - Second part there is probably more a me issue but yeah just wanted to note that, everything else was great, really looking forward to seeing more. 馃憤

Damn that was depressing, but in a very well written way. I don't much about the accuracy of things but I feel like you did a really good job with this. Hope to see you take on more RPG Make projects.

Oo I didn't realize there were multiple endings. 馃槷

Glad to see more games coming out from you in this style. 馃憦

Took me a while but I managed to get all 3 endings, good stuff. 馃憤

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I didn't play quite as intended but I did have fun. 馃槄

Sounds like an interesting one! About to play Red Trees and then found this and was going to grab for later but the download button shows "Nothing is available for download yet.".

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Cool concept, fun to check out. 馃憤 Only things I would note are that it may work better being a little longer to give more build up on doing 1-3-4 commands before getting to 5-6. I also thought it was a bit too generous when it comes to winning - I won but didn't think I did very well haha.

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Loved it! Really hope you continue making point and click games in this style. 馃憤 Would be cool to see a project with more item management/puzzle solving - I think your style would mix really well with gameplay like that of the Deep Sleep/Don't Escape series. 馃

+1 hoping for an English version someday 馃榿 Looks so good!

Loving the artwork! Just curious about the download version, I'm not seeing it at the moment.

Does the job until after this part but then you get stuck. 馃槄

For some people it's not working. She appears but doesn't move at all.

Was a real pleasant surprise to randomly see an Act Two when I was browsing the 2D/Horror tag. Hope to see things continue further. 馃憤 Just one thing, you can finish the game without realizing immediately after you get in your car if you travel to the last location. 馃槄

This was quite the experience. 馃槄 The only things that I would note is that the reload could be a tad faster and I think there may have been a issue on the last level where some of the flying insects were already dead.

I had some issues with the sprint and I think it'd be great if progressed saved after finding keys(I found myself going up and down the elevator to save) but other than that I really liked the concept and thought the first person view with the camera worked really well. I could definitely see this as an interesting anthology series. 馃憤

I ran into some very minor mechanics issues(Such as not being able to access the menu) but otherwise this was really solid. The simple art style worked really well and I enjoyed the puzzle elements, would be all in for more of that for sure. 馃憤

This was good, hope to see you do more in the future. The art/depiction of the end scene in-particular really stood out for RPG Maker. 馃憤

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I didn't know what to expect but the cover image caught my attention and I'm glad it did. This had a unique feel and I really enjoyed playing, grim story aside haha. 馃槄

I tried not to miss anything and noticed a few things, such as there's an interaction on one piece of fence in the first room that hasn't been translated. Also after leaving the house in the forest, it allows you to go back to the other areas such as the bar and first area but doing that seems to re-trigger some scenes/events that have already happened and locks out being able to go to the last area. The only other thing is the translation could use a little cleaning up, there's some sentences where this stands out due to the order of words being unnatural but I didn't have any trouble understanding. 馃憤 Hope to see more in the future! 馃憤

I had no idea what to expect going in but this was really good, would love to see more in this style(art and gameplay). 馃憤

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Looking all good to me! It automatically flagged previously but nothing this time, not with a manual check either. 馃憤

Nice one, thank you! 馃檹

Awesome, cheers! 馃憦

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Just in-case for reference I believe I was playing the latest version. The readme.txt says 1.0.2 if that helps. 馃憤 And looking forward to it!

Ah I did get that fullscreen text too but wasn't sure if it was a bug afterwards or not since there was some longer text pieces. 馃

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Really liking this so far but I seem to be stuck and I'm not sure if it's a bug or not. I went around every multiple times but I still couldn't find the last clue. I believe I can see where it is but there's candles blocking it one way and then a skeleton blocking it the other day, I can't get past either of them from any direction. In case this was a bug I went with the solutions file but it doesn't seem to work. Every time on the 7th way I go I end up with a "The path ahead of you is starting to blur" message that sends me outside but after I enter again, that messages pops up and sends me out every time, no matter which way I go. To confirm this is after already failing it the first time and Kat mentions about being able to help with hints, etc. Going to keep trying things but just writing now in-case you see this sooner. Cheers!

EDIT: I loaded an older save to try the solution file answer before the first fail and that does work, seems there may be a bug with if you don't get it the first go.

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Could we get a download version? Please and thank you! 馃檹

Looking forward to it! 馃憤

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Ran into a small bug with the police car scene but otherwise great stuff! Good as-is as something short but I could also definitely see it as the beginning to quite the "adventure". 馃槄

Looks good! Any chance of a download version?

This was really good, very curious to see where things will go. 馃憤

Great stuff, really love the style, tried to do/find everything I could. 馃槄 Didn't find a use for the shovel, wasn't sure on that. 馃 Ended up with 69 coins found total. 馃 Only things that I think could use a small tweak is making the coin loss to be more momentum based and having the option to turn the wings on/off.(Like maybe they get pinned/sort some of clip goes over them when off so they can't open up). Looking forward to seeing where it goes down the line! 馃憤 

The "Run" section was pretty rough for me to get through haha. 馃槄 Kept going until I got it though. 馃挭 That aside the only thing I wanted to note was that the audio balance could use a few tweaks. The game over sound was too loud and the dialogue could use a boost. Overall not bad at all, I liked the use of the scripted sections such as the intro. 馃憤

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More zombie survival is always good, I would just really recommend a screenshot or two for the page here. I believe the click away rate is a lot higher without them. Either way I'll try to check it out later today. 馃憤

Oh yeah the files are all good, just thought that zip name may have been unintended haha.

File name says but downloads as 馃槄 Looks fun though, going to check it out later today! 馃憤

Awesome, I'll make some time to get all of the endings over the next couple of days! 馃憤

Took me a while to realize there was a flashlight but my diagonal running strats went well so it all worked out. 馃槄

I just wanted to finish packing... 馃槄

I just wanted some water... 馃槄