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Had a great time checking out the demo, looking forward to play more in the future! Great use of RPG Maker 2003! 馃憤

Is that where it looks like a door? The opposite side to where you go outside to the water stream? If so I clicked all over there but no interactions, tried all along the wall/left side too.

Awesome, hopefully I can make some time to play it later today, looks great! Ahh yeah I'm really not sure on that, I noticed HawkZombie didn't have that problem but I have played a lot of RPG Maker games and not run into it before, strange. 馃

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I think there may be a few bugs with the current version. I went around in circles and with many reloads but was unable to progress beyond figuring out the puzzle, getting the terracotta owl and finding/using the golden arrow. I had charcoal but couldn't find anywhere to draw or what to do with it. I couldn't find anything to do with the chess board. The secret passage gets locked out after you go in and out once. Sometimes it goes dark everywhere after being in there but if you go back to the wine room it fixes it. I was also locked out at times from going back outside, not sure if that was intended or not. The left side of the secret passage room appears to show a door but couldn't use it. Also couldn't find anything to interact with in that small room with the person with green flowing eyes, couldn't talk with them or do anything in there other than save. Tried everything I could think of and clicked everywhere I could but yeah, I can only assume at the moment that there's some bugs going on that's stopping progress. Last thing is that you can keep trading the rabbit paw for terracotta owls, it doesn't get removed from your inventory. With all that said I do hope to see updates, I would definitely be up for trying it out again. The art style made a few spots difficult to tell what was going on but overall I really liked the unique/chaotic look of it. 馃憤

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I just downloaded the latest version but I think there's some issues. The start appears to be different and then you get stuck - The first time at the church rather entering the area and you are already put in the church, you load into the area where the church is and walk in but there's just 1 guy instead of the big group. After talking to the person in there you can't progress further, checked all over but no one else around and can't go back into the house or anything. Also in both versions I'm getting an issue with the movement where it stutters, as if you are taking 1 step at a time rather than moving smoothly.

My pleasure! Appreciate multiple of you taking the time to watch. 馃檹

Thanks for taking the time to check it out! 馃憤 No worries on the controls, I thought they were fine honestly, just didn't click to me to sprint for a bit haha.

I kind of shot myself in the foot by avoiding the encounters but after a reload I got it sorted! 馃槄 That aside I thought this was good, banter between Sol and Lune was solid and I would definitely play more. The only things I would note is that it would be good if you could exit back out of the mansion for extra exp if you happened to have skipped most of the zombies like I did and also that I think the final boss could be buffed quite a bit - I had a lot more trouble with the other two, last one went down really fast without any need for heals. Hope to see you develop things further!

Complete playthrough, hopefully I didn't miss anything! 

Definitely on the shorter side so I don't have too much I can say but I did really like it and I was all-in for playing more, very curious to see where you will take it. 馃憤

I really quite enjoyed this one, in-particular I appreciated everything that you could click on having unique text, such as the boxes/garbage out the back. I ended up playing for almost an hour to not miss anything. 馃槄 Will have an LP video up tomorrow. 馃憤 

I found the key no problem but just wanted to note here also that I didn't run into any teddy bears. I was wondering about that when it was mentioned again at the end, I was trying to be thorough but thought I must have missed something, wasn't sure. Either way, I enjoyed myself and I would definitely play more. 馃憤

Thank you! 馃檹

Thanks for checking it out and sorry for not getting back to you! Lucky I was checking back here for something, I don't know why I didn't get an email notification. If the offer is still good I would love to take you up on that, I hope I can do it some justice to make it worthwhile for you. 馃

For such a short game I think it did well. The environment could have been a tad more detailed, the bathroom was a bit weird, but even then it's probably nitpicky in terms of what this was and it gave me something to ramble about. 馃槄 I played My Uncle's Garden afterwards and going to check out My Uncle's Story in the near future. 馃憤

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This was so good, I could have kept playing for hours. 馃槄 I tried to find/cover everything but I didn't end up using the potato and afterwards I realised that I forgot to go back to that person who asked to prove we were kids, not sure if there was something more to that yet. 馃 Either way, loved it! The only things I wanted was a sprint option and save slots - Movement felt a touch slow for me but then that thought also faded off completely after a while. For saving I had no issues but I always get worried about moving the story forward and missing things so I always like to have that option so I don't have to worry about it as much. Small things that didn't take away from how much I enjoyed it but wanted to make note. Looking forward to seeing more! 馃憤

Ahh gotcha, gotcha, awesome, looking forward to checking it out down the line! 馃憤

Well that certainly took a dark turn. 馃槄  Added Doce Sonhar to my list. 馃憤 Are you working on any new projects?

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Took me a little longer than it probably should have(On me, not the game 馃槄) to get all of the game overs/endings but I had a good time with it. 馃悘 Are you planning to work on any other RPGMaker based projects?

Had a fun time with this, looking forward to checking out Blue Blood and Custodial. 馃憤 The last 5 minutes did make me wonder if you originally planned this as a demo. 馃 Either way, good stuff!

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Seeing a lot of these other videos I'm not sure how I managed 40 minutes but still, I had fun. 馃槄

Had a good time with this, I'm glad I found it. I'll definitely be playing the sequel. 馃憤

Really enjoyed this one, will definitely check out your other releases. 馃憤

Very nice, looking forward to checking it out! 馃憤

Ah that's good to know! 馃憤

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Hi there! I think there may be a bug with Brorgos. The fight seems to get stuck in an infinite loop where you beat him and is says he was defeated and then the fight starts over. Are you able to confirm or is that the end? Either way I thought it was a really solid prototype, a couple of thoughts/concerns but overall it left a good first impression. I would love to see it continued; I didn't know it wasn't being worked on until after playing haha - I seemed to have misunderstood the way AlphaBetaGamer described it as a 4 year old build. Oops!

Oh damn I somehow didn't ever see that you had replied, that's my bad! I hope you are doing well! How has everything been going with the aspect ratio changes? I guess that was a while back now haha. I would love to play the new version when it's available. I really enjoyed my Let's Play of the older demo, it really stuck with me.

The Steam demo was a great time, I really got into it and while I did complete everything it had to offer, it's too bad that it was taken down after the festival. It's a good size demo and I think a lot of people would enjoy it. 馃憤

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Dungeon Keeper, Evil Genius and Stargate were huge parts of my childhood so I was pretty much all in from the first screenshot. 馃槄

I would love to check out any future builds! 馃憤

I haven't finished the demo yet but my first impressions are definitely good. Nice clean UI, interesting world setup, I'm liking the combat + it does look like there will be quite a few build options down the line. I will be playing more soon! 馃

I knew of Blinx from way back but I hadn't actually played the original so I couldn't really make comparisons but I still really enjoyed checking this out. I would definitely play more! 馃榿

10 minute video? Over 30 minutes for me haha. I tried not to miss anything and the last part got me a couple of times. 馃槄

Definitely a very, very early prototype but I gave what feedback I could. 馃憤

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Solid silly fun for the sake of fun! 馃憤

Also I'm curious about the doppelganger that I found, he was a tad suspicious. 馃槄

Hope you are doing well! Looking forward to any updates.

I'm enjoying the game so far, a few minor issues but nothing major until just now where I can't seem to fight the Lich. When I enter the area, the game walks the party up to the girl and then it freezes. Sound keeps going but I can't do anything else. Opened and tried again a few times but no luck. Any ideas?

I have now completed the content of Alpha 0.5 and I can say it's a solid experience so far. With that said, being that it's an Alpha there's of course still a lot of little things I would like to see, but above all I believe that for 0.6 the way that the content ends should be changed. I think there really needs to be a forced save or some sort of warning that would allow you to save.