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Ah, one of my favorite DCjam projects. Just finished 3rd level. Pretty cool! I like blob-zombies (like HalfLife headcrabs). Waiting for full update :)

Oh, that's bad. Music is one of the best part of the game. Thank you for reply :)

I dont know about music license. This rock-band just allowed me to use their tracks :) 

Completed! That;s was fun :) Btw, what's green bar (right from portrait) means?

awesome! I'll play it tonight!

Still waiting for downloadable version :) Game is great!

Completed! Thats was fun and great!

Oh, long time ago i've waited for updates :)

I'm glad to hear it :) Thank you!


Waiting for next update :) Btw, can you add some options to choose lower screen resolution or add/remove lighting effects? (on hi-res sometimes it lagging)

That's was good. Finished. I've got some fun with it :)

I'd like to see finished game! Voice acting is great, nice atmosphere, secret room makes me invincible :) Subscribed!

Exiting Options Menu crashes game :) First impression quite good! Need to play more to rate

Good looking but too unfinished. I'll wait update, it has potential.

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I like your idea  of more detailed grid map. So, wall size is 1 tile, player size 2x2 tiles, attack goes 2 tiles. Its very innovate for me. I've just reach first 2 blob enemies Fighting against 2 foes goes hard. Good job!

Updated: finished :)

I've played further. Nice! Needs map/minimap/compass. I like music. You need some more hi-res sprites :)

Okay, i have some fun first 10 minutes. I found a pole, killed goblin, jumped over the water to little room with chest. Pole vanished after using, so i have no pole to jump back and i've got trapped %) 

Thanks for reply! Game is turn-based, so fast clicking wouldnt help :) Try to lure out little groups. 

link to this rock-band

Nice survival game. I'll play more later. I like atmosphere of 'Alien' :)

Nice! Really good! I'll play more later

Thank you for reply! Moonshine rises max health. Yeah, i need to make some stats messages (like 'max hp rises up'). After jam finished, i'll polish it all. 

Hah! Before jam starts i've thinking about such wall-crawling concept (play as an ant fighting another ants), but decided to make 2d game. Good job! 

10 minutes of creating/balancing party, 3 minutes of gameplay to found out its a demo %() 

Pretty-looking demo. It have potetial, i hope to see full game in future.

I just love how you combined  DungeonCrawler and FPS :) arrow keys like a mouse for FPS. I'd love to see more stuff (like new guns and monsters) for such great idea.

Oh, this is just a demo... But demo looks great! I'll subscribe to see how it goes in future. 

I see you've played Geneforge from SpiderwebSoftware. I just LOVE their Avernum games, one of my favorite game series.

Short game with smooth nice visual. Morgana is cute :) BTW with my screen resolution 1366x768  combat hit/flee/block panel was hidden under windows "startup panel", so i was disoriented during my first fight %)

This is VERY original atmospheric game! I like this neon-style. Reminds me old TRON movie. 

Well, after Jam i just want to fix some in-game bugs and port it to android. I've already working on another game with my friend, so first of all i need to finish it. After we finish this side-project, i'll start making 2nd part of Characternik wich includes animation, inventory and party of 4 characters.

subscribed to your channel :)

and bear with balalaika :)

Thank you! After watching your video i've edited game description. I've added  #+'and'-' buttons -  change volume level#, i forgot to write it in game %) Oh those big group of enemies in level2, you just need to start shooting at first little group (there is an ambush right after the corner). 

Ну так йопта, от души же)))

Good game. I'll wait untill you release pc version (unity browser games somewhat glitchy on my old laptop).  I love Lovecraftian themes :)

Nice dungeoncrawler SURVIVAL. Yeah, your main enemy is HUNGER and THIRST! 

Oh my, Roguelike Dungeoncrawler! Looks awesome, plays interesting, nice atmosphere. I like faces of characters :)

 One more thing. I'd like to see Stairs Down on minimap. Sometimes i've forgot where they are :) Ah, of course... Implement Save Game function!

Nice fairy-tale-looking game. I really enjoyed visual. Frogs are so cute "ribbit-ribbit!" i dont want to kill them. btw, my "compass text field" updates only after fight.