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I like this battle system. Nice work!

This game is awesome! But... mac version is somewhat glichy. Inventory items/slots positions are wrong, and i cant exit "modules" menu, so i cant play furher :( So... I'll play it on Windows later %)

Hey, hello! Great project! Once, i've worked on similar idea, but our team have broke 7 years ago, and project was shutted down %( 

Thanks! I hope too ;)

Wait... I've just searched 'MegaZeux' on itch io... And i found this!!! I'm a jammer of Dungeoncrawler Jam 2021 too, but... MegaZeux!? Man, i dont remember how i've rated your game year ago (i liked it btw), but this is GREAT work making beautiful dungeoncrawler on Megazeux!!! 

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I've worked on it before war in Ukraine starts. After russian invasion i'm afraid to make something big (sometimes rockets reach my city). But, i've enhanced my dungeoncrawler engine through short gamejams :)

Well, i could try, but...  Gameplay Rating:  2.077 Fun Factor Rating: 2.308. People dont like it :(

Well, i like what we've done, but.... I dont know :/ 

So many knights with chains brings us this Jam. 

BTW, i think main hero is Black Knight from Monty Pythons "Holy Grail"

Cool game :)

Thats was awesome. "Bloo-blah-blah-blah-blo-bleee" - thats me trying talk to a girl i like.

Great visuals and atmosphere. Controls is quite strange:  sometimes double jump just dont work, and sometimes im just fly up like cannon ball %)

Good job :) I've got a real butthurt on some moments %)

Good concept. Btw i have some problems, after i failed there was no 'restart'. I've reloaded game, but it wont start again (i see only title screen). Loaded on another browser - it starts, reloaded again - wont start :(

Just cant understand am i hitting the boss or not o_O 

Okay, thats was awesome. Needs some sfx :)

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Thank you! I've made this place on purpose %) One of 3 "i'm stuck" traps :)

Thank you. Its a first time i've made a not-a-demo platformer (level design for such genre - its quite hard to me). 

Ah, 'not enough time for this' - every Jam problem :) Same thing with me - wanted to add axes and spears to enemies, but had no time :)

Great work! Its fun, beautiful and very original.  Btw start over whole game after i died (just one little mistake) - its too painful for me 

Nice puzzle game. I wish there was a music/sounds too. I has some issue: sometimes laser cannons are invisible o_O 

Also, its quite hard to drag "mirrors" and "planks" - if you move mouse too fast, mouse leaves mirror/plank hitbox, dragging stops.

Theme implementation - 5 stars, bc i love pixels :)

Game is hard for me bc of controls. I got it - pixel is moving... pixel-by-pixel (ba-dum-tss), so its not a game problem, its my problem :)

Thank you!

Hmm... ok, i dont see here  jam 'theme' and 'object'

5 stars  to Fun Factor, it was REALLY FUN!

Thank you very much!

Nice and fun. Most favorite part is escaping explosion.

thank you :)

Finished. Nice puzzles!

Cool! I wish there was a pause when dialogue starts :) I've beat it. Great work!

Cant run on MAC. There is .exe  file in Mac version archive O_o maybe yo've put Win version inside ?

Thank you! Added video of 'how to hit with chain' %)

Added video of 'how to hit with chain' %)

I  played 1 time as a hunter and 4 times as a mage. Always die %)

Now thats was awesome.

Cool game. I like non-traditional rpgs, setting is very interesting. I like skill system (i always use similar system). One of those games want to play and beat the game. Great work.

Btw, will be there any automap or compass? Sometimes i'm very confused where am i.

Okay, it was nice :) Ay first i havent understand battle system, but then i start to Potion-Hit-Hit-Hit--Hit-Hit-Hit--Hit-Hit-Hit--Hit-Hit-Hit-Dieeeee tactics. Sometimes i dont notice i've picked up something. Strafe steps and full map could be useful for exploring.

Agreed. Its quite hard to get in to some of game mechaics.

also, there so much space between messages, i need to scroll up/down to see all text/options. Anyway, game is very interesting.

quite cool, i like this depressive in-game atmosphere. IMHO: needs some dark music

Wow! Thank you!

Good game. Needs bigger size of window and some sound or music :) PS: i like goblins and orcs, so this game fits my tastes

thank you! yes, robot is quite slow untill you attach 'Legs'. Tried to make fair fights :)