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Thank you, and have fun :D

LOL, don't overuse it, because I don't want player "rest" too much, try to save some food and water when you enter the last room, just 1 food and 1 water you can pass the last room very easy :D

Thank you for your feedback, and you're totally right because I'm new to the genre too,  it hard to invent something new, cause I don't play a lot of DC games. I'm glad that I made this game, with all my heart, and I try my best to archive it, that all I need :D 

Thank, you mean a Firetrap in this game?? I saw it somewhere in asset but don't remember where it is, and can't give credit, if you know where is it, pls tell me.

:D Thank you, and I enjoyed your game, too.

Thank you so much!

You're right, I watched some streamers playing my game, and I found out they struggling with what you point out, thank you for your great feedback!

I've checked it, thank you for telling me :D

Nice stream bro, I'm glad you made it to the end !!!!!

Thank you, I try my best in a week :D If I had more time I would make more Spells, characters, and weapon, but I'm happy with this game :D

Stone is near the Gate, so you need to drop unused items to remember the way, it not that difficult to find it, I hide the stone in the dangerous room with a lot of Traps.

Thank bro, i enjoyed your game, too!

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:D Thank you for playing my game! And if you play through the game for a couple of times, I believe you will have full inventory to throw away for fun, the game becomes very easy to beat :D 

Opss, thank you for letting me know, this is the first time I saw this happened :D Checking on it right away! 

I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Thank you!

Thank bro, if I had a chance to change 1 small thing in my game, i'll make the gate bigger :D

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I have a good time playing with Belo1 and paBlury , you guy should definitely check out this game or contact paBlury  to host the game cause it's an online game. What a nice combination between dungeon crawler and survival game, reminds me of Dead By Daylight, a nice idea!!! 

You're right, that why I decided to make another dungeon crawler game after this jam, and learn from many great games here.

Thank you for your sweet feedback, and thank for pointing out the bug, it happens when we trying to rush through the level  :D

I definitely check your channel to watch the gameplay from you, when you learned how to use the shield, the game becomes easier.

Thank you so much, and most of all thank you for hosting dungeon crawler Jam! What a great experience!

That's nice of you to say so. I'm really glad you like it. Thank you!

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Wth did I just play? Got my ass beaten by a Dancing skeleton, so funny. Good idea and beautiful game, btw.

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Such a high-quality game!! take my 5 stars :D. Everything in this game is good, except 1 thing I don't like is the movement control, it'll be better if you can move faster because navigating around the map in the dungeon crawler game is a pain, when you need to search for an item, find the way, a lot of walking. Especially for a doom dungeon crawler like this game.

The visual and atmosphere is quite good, but lack of sound effect, music, and some visual effect in combat. 1 more thing you need to improve is movement speed, it too slow for me. 

Nice visual, bro! But I found a lot of bugs about the inventory system, the game will be better if you add more effect when attacking an enemy. 

I need someone to play this game with me, this is an online game.

Do you have a Windows version of this game?? I want to try it because the visuals look beautiful!

Thank you for your feedback, I want to make the food and water spawn rate lower than the health and stamina potions because I don't want players to take advantage of "REST" button. Your game is really good, btw !!

I have an error when trying to enter your game in Window version. Fatal ERROR: SDL_CreateWindow failed. 

Such a great game!! Well done

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Pretty good game, sir! I watched your dev stream, and really enjoyed it! I hope I can still keep up my passion for making games at your age. Well done!

The look and feel of this game are so good, it captures the spirit of the classic dungeon crawler game. The most part I love is the pixel art and combat, I played it non-stop. Well done guys, what a high-quality game in this Jam! 

Good idea for a dungeon crawler game, combat is hard and fun, really good job!

Zombies and skeleton slap on my face all day :D  Pretty nice game, well done!

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One of the best game I played!!! I love everything about it... No more word to say, 5 stars. With 7 days how you can make such a professional game like this one. I learned a lot from it, thank you!

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The visual is really nice :D I like it, dungeon crawler with the wild-west theme plus chill music, what a strange combination!! 

Thank you for your comment, I'll make another dungeon crawler game later for commercial, I need to play the other games in this Jam to learn from them more.

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Nice graphic :D I like the atmosphere of your game, but one thing I want you to change is the movement, it too slow, which affects my experience a bit.