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I think you'll enjoy the 1.0.1 update with nav markers and additional QoL features, then. :)

Please pay attention to the upper left corner of the screen -- the log contains not only combat-related messages, but the story messages as well. You'll hear a notification whenever you need to take a look to learn more about the controls / objectives / etc.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. There's no ability to rebind controls -- these settings are leftovers from the standard Unity configuration.

The waiting mechanic was designed to allow the player to replenish energy in combat, but also rest in the dungeon while risking a random encounter. However, since random encounters never made it into the game due to lack of time, it ended up feeling like 'debug cheat' indeed.

As for the UI -- the visualization for attack types and targeting modes was cut to stay on schedule. Initially, you'd have a list of body parts of each target and their status and hit probability to figure out the best sequence of actions to deal with each enemy type.

This game has huge potential and nice presentation, and it's evident that a lot of work went into it, but it's too ambitious for a jam game and falls apart way too quickly due to the unskippable intro, very quiet VA, and barely-working combat.

I hope you'll keep working on it and realize your vision, but also make more focused games for future jams.

Fun, but some extra variety in the environment would be nice, or at least the ability to mark walls to be able to see where I've already been.

Seems interesting. The slapfights against zombies and skeletons were pretty amusing, and I like the subtle communication of where the traps are. I think the combat is slightly too abundant for this kind of game -- I wonder if it would work better if enemies were less frequent, but more dangerous. Overall, good effort.

Decent game, but the movement feels too slow, the steps feel too short and the perspective seems too narrow. That said, I think that a realtime crawler where you observe enemy movement and get a drop on them is an interesting idea and I'd like to see more of it. Keep at it!

There's not much, but what is there is done in a competent manner, and the visible exit is a neat touch. With some audio and itemization it could be a fun crawler.

Has potential, but needs more work on feedback, and for some reason I stopped being able to pick up items during my first dive into the dungeon.

Very nice, but the rhythm part feels a bit wonky and the music got a bit repetitive after a while. I hope you'll make a bigger and even better game out of this. 

Simple, yet fun. Give me more of that turn-based pew-pew in the dungeon.

Looks and plays nice. One thing that I wish the game had is automatic turning towards the enemy when the encounter starts. I hope this game gets further development later down the road.

Pretty nice and polished, I liked the humor and the way the shop is turned into a dungeon. What I didn't like: no 'run' button to make running back and forth less tedious, and slowdown in a few areas.

Solid systems and nice art style, but lack of music (and incomplete, jarring SFX) and samey dungeon didn't keep me invested for long. This concept demands further development.

Impressive choice of color palettes, but the idea with 1-bit graphics feels undercooked -- for example, I can't use a firebolt spell to light the tunnel, and since it's too damn dark, it's hard to orient yourself when there's little to no signposting. If there was a third spell that would allow me to place a rune on the ground or something, the navigation would feel much better.

I liked the arcade-style gameplay and resource management, but peeing on aliens is a bit too much.

Interesting idea with spellcasting (reminds me of Arx Fatalis), but the game is too clunky and buggy at this point. That, and having to sit through a huge infodump and a tutorial video didn't feel good at all.

Nice puzzle crawler, but gets unnecessarily annoying due to the lack of a 'skip turn' button.

Nice game. The UI feels a bit clunky and the player feedback could be better, but apart from that, it's already pretty enjoyable. I hope it gets further development.

Playable, but very short and there isn't much in the way of the content.

Nice idea with a decent execution, mining these tunnels would be almost meditative if it wasn't for the deadlines. I hope it gets further development.

Nice dungeon visuals despite the noticeable pop-in. The atmosphere is pretty good, but the music feels a bit too soothing for this kind of crawl.

It was in the dungeon, second floor/area I think.

Very nice, but needs more work on balancing, as battles were over way before I could use any of the abilities. Also, the game crashed on me when I tried to attack the boar (?) enemy.

The grid feels so tiny it barely feels like a grid-based game.

This game is pretty fun and has tons of potential. I hope it gets further development, or even a commercial version later down the line.

Nice idea with the shift mechanic (and jumping), but the game started to run very poorly for me around level 4.

The gameplay loop is solid, but the balance feels off and the perspective makes the game feel confusing as hell.

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The world needs more games like Doom RPG. Had a lot of fun with this one.

Unfinished, but has lots of potential. Keep working on it.

Solid idea, but the execution needs more work.

Original and enjoyable, but the main view feels very buggy and some combat music would be nice.

Thanks for letting me know. That sounds silly indeed...

That's not necessarily bad -- I think you can end up with a grid-based System Shock-style game if you keep pursuing this concept.

Can't get it to run.

Feels generic at first, but the timer adds a lot to the game.

Short and very linear. Sadly, lacks any music, and the sound is pretty meh.

Pretty original, but it feels like it needs more work. I hope it gets further development in the future.

Do it.

Solid gameplay loop, but the font made me squint.  I chuckled at slap fights with rats.