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Very very very very very very very good game! Congrats!

That's weird. I've tested it live many times through wifi, same local network, internet, etc, and never had serious lag issues or disconnects. If you play other games, those work okey? Try executing the jar through the command line and see what errors you get.

Start a new game, give your ip to your friend and have him join a game with that ip. If you're behind a router or firewall, ports TCP 2596/UDP 2597 must be open.

Post more information. Maybe a video of the gameplay.

Download button isnt working. Says the game will download shortly, but nothing happens.

Very nice Resident Evil feel. Played it through, and it's great. Great sound effects, specially for the guns and bullets. Music would make it  a little bit nicer. It's a great game.

I can't play it! I tried several times changing the inputs, but the bike just stands there. I can use the mouse to select the race, but i can't make the bike move. 

Great game!

Nice! Check out my version.

"Something went wrong loading the master map".

Great. I expect a whole game out of it. Or with same gameplay.

I wanted it to be the most look-alike to the original as possible. Thanks. Hope you can play it and enjoy it.

I want to present to everybody my version of the classic "Battle City", now with TCP/IP support so you can play with whoever you want, whenever you want! 

Features of this edition are:

  • TCP/IP support.
  • Connect as many players as you like (poorly tested with more than two players).
  • Level editor (in a separete download).
  • Toggle friendly fire to be deadly.
  • Select the number of lives per player.
  • Select the starting level.
  • Custom arcade or deathmatch maps.
  • Built-in chat.


Enjoy and leave your comments!

Visit page.

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Great! I really liked the gameplay.

Great. Now it makes more sense. Will try it out.

Watched the trailer. I have no clue what the game is about (in terms of gameplay).  More information would be nice. 

If my country wouldn't be so fucked up that $4 USD is x40 the cost for me, i would buy it. Looks sick!

Great game! The AI plays really well so it's challenging and it's very well presented. Congratulations!

First of all, congratulations for the game. It's quite an achievement.

I had the following crash while clicking "DROP" on a secondary weapon.

I know how much effort is to make a game, and you should be very proud. I will be donating to the cause.

These are a few issues I noticed while playing:

- The game experienced many hiccups (HIGH DETAIL), specially if there is more than one enemy  (I have a Core i7 with a 745m Nvidia Geforce).
- I didn't find a reason for aiming. I can hit everything while running like a maniac.
- Zombies die with few shots and they almost don't pose any danger (same as other melee enemies).
- The gauss rifle is too slow. Swappedit after a few seconds. Same with the knuckle spikes.
- Level textures are boring.
- Weapons are a little boring and some gun sounds don't fit the visual style of the game.
- Why the ceiling has no texture?
- Regular knife does little damage. Maybe raise the damage to compensate for the range.
- The arrow of the compass is confusing to know where it's pointing if you look fast. Maybe make the tip brighter or noticeable.

Excellent overall. I will definitely donate toward the development. 

Nice! Excellent art. I dont know if its a bug or i dont know what to do, but with grumpy idk who i was caugt by the girl and then i switched to the janitor and i had to do all the objectives of the grumpy fella, which i did, but when i got to the desk waypoint nothing happens. 

Great!  Keep making new murders, that would be interesting. I just wanna point out that the dialogue sequences get annoying after replaying the game a few times. Maybe if you can find a way to gracefully cut to the chase or just skip faster some parts of it. 

The game is great. It has good potential. It's simple and straight to the point. I will keep playing it for sure as i want to explore everything it has to offer. 

Really liked the game. Will wait for new content as adding my own executive orders is not as fun. Haha!

That's why i disable my microphone and camera from Windows. Haha.