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Fast paced infinite bouncer!
Submitted by Nocturne Games (@NocturneGames) — 2 days, 30 minutes before the deadline
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Dude. That's fun.
Tons of polish, too. Well done!
Android port when? lol


Fine! Now I guess I played my ca. 2nd mobile-targeted game in my life.  Visuals 5/5 in my opinion. All the menus and their presentation is very pro. (Though in settings some captions would have been handy). Not to say the other gfx, as well. :)


Great game, very fun! The HUD is impeccable, very nice presentation, nice use of colors and sound effects. Also, I died a lot, still trying to figure out a flow to reach higher!

Suggestion: sometimes (a lot of times) I ended up being trhown to the lateral, going to certain death. It would be nice to have some mechanism (maybe an item?) that would allow the players to redeem their misplays, throwing them back to the middle of the screen. I don't know if it would defeat the general purpose of the design. Anyway, brilliant game, good job!


Thanks for playing! And thanks for the suggestion! One thing I found making Jam games is to keep the scope small! So when I had the main game loop working as I liked and had the turn-around time so short that restarting after death was almost instant, I just went straight to the polish! However, there are a few things that I would like to add in a future version, like moving particles, boosters and other things, and I'll definitely be testing your suggestion as I think that having some kind of "save yourself!" powerup or single use item is an excellent idea. :)


Great game! Very polished. Reminds me of a game called "Run from the Sun" that I used to play.


A very addicting game. Incredibly polished!
And some very nice music, too!


So fun! Great work! Very clean and straightforward! My only complaint was that the photon rotated around the orbs a tad too slow on bigger ones, and a tad too fast on smaller ones IMO. Overall I had a lot of fun! 


A very polished experience. I don't see myself playing longer than 5min, but I could totally see this on the play store as a hit for the more casual gamer. Great job!


Plays great. Very challenging!


Wow! - Incredibly polished game! - Addictive, and just so gorgeous! - Awesome stuff....

As others have mentioned, get this on mobile asap!  :D

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Game is very well polished, and definitely has the mobile style going for it, would really like to see the mobile port, honestly not a whole lot to say other then the game is very well put together and offers a long while of fun and replay value. @06:33


Cool runner mechanic attachting to the balls and letting go in the right moment. I'm not really good at the game though :D Is there a andriod version? It seems to be designed as a mobile game 


Thanks for playing! No android version yet, but there WILL be. :)


Awesome work! This game looks and sounds fantastic. I was a little confused with the gameplay loop and couldn't really get into any kind of groove with it - but I feel like that's more on me, and less on the game. Would definitely love to play this on my phone with touch controls!


Thanks! I'll be putting this on Android sometime in the near future, so keep an eye out... :)


Nice work - superb visuals especially the effect of the sun chasing you up the screen. It's actually a shame if you're playing well enough you don't get to see the sun as much haha.

Good gameplay with a nice take combining and endless runner & 360-degree platforming.


Well polished.  I find myself playing this 20x longer than I plan too... 'just one more' syndrome. Good Job.


Thanks for the comment! I honestly found myself in the same situation deving the game... I'd run it to test a feature then find myself playing for about 20 minutes!!! Making the game-loop very fast was definitely the right thing to do. :)


Well done runner =)