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Ah, thanks for replying mate! - *REALLY* appreciate the kind words!  :D

Yeah, I spent ages trying to get the ship control to 'feel' right, and the multiple scroll speeds and zooming working smoothly - I'm now finding I'm 'playtesting' it far more than I should, which is probably a positive!  ;)

Thanks again for the kind feedback mate, it's the first I've had, and most appreciated! - Will be adding a LOT more to the game as dev goes on!

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The first publicly available playable WIP demo of my new shoot-em-up 'ICARUS' is now on! - It's a love letter to my favourite shoot-em-ups of the 16-bit / 32-bit era!

It's a side (and possibly 45 degree and vertically) scrolling, classic shoot-em-up...

Currently early in development, but I already have a big chunk of the first level playable! Also features a SUPERB chip-inspired music track - "My Pixels Are Weapons", very kindly given permission for me for use in the game by Soundcloud's "!Cube":-   ...Awesome guy! - check out his stuff!  :D 

Controls are Joypad or Cursor keys - Keys are (and are re-definable!):-

"Z" = Fire Shot/Missile (5 max at once) "X" = Launch Bomb (2 max at once) "A" = Charge Beam (or FIRE if set to auto-charge!) "C" or Left Shoulder Button = Speed DOWN (minimum 1) "V" or Right Shoulder Button = Speed UP (maximum 5)

"ESC" =Restart level / exit menu.

Gameplay recording 'almost' works flawlessly, but need to tweak more random stuff to well, be pseudo-random, so it doesn't mess 'playback' up...  :D )

Ultimately intending to release on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox, and possibly other platforms, if enough interest!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and motivational, cheers!  :D

Wow! - your tool is an absolute life-saver! - Well worth the measly asking price! - you've saved me a *massive* headache, firstly in trying to build a true physics shape for my concave ship, then I tried to create detailed levels for my physics game, and your tool turned a detailed, HUGE level with lots of contours into just 40 polygons - absolutely LOVE it, now my project is running at 1,600+ FPS (from 600+ originally) on my dev machine, meaning it's obviously going to run over twice as smoothly as before, on lower spec machines, so thank you...  :)

The only thing I'd ask for via an update would be, as others have said, to output the GML code with "*image_xscale" and "*image_yscale" modifiers for the x/y point values in the code, as I'm using lower res images, blown up, for my level templates, so I'm having to manually add this to all lines...

To not have to manually add these to the code, selectively, would make the tool AMAZING, and I'd even be willing to pay more to get this feature, so that I can easily create more levels...  :)

Many thanks again!


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Hi All - Apologies that my first proper post is regarding the release of my game, but I intend to be a helpful member of the community moving forwards!

With that out of the way, I just wanted to say that I've been working on my game, TETRALOGICAL, for about a year now, adding features, game modes, save states, etc, etc, and I'm now happy enough with it's current features and completeness, to release it, adding more and more features, levels, game modes, etc, for free as time progresses!

I've managed to set myself up a game page, so if anyone might be interested in checking it out, I'd be most appreciative! - I've put a TON of work into the game, and also managed to secure a superb 15-track soundtrack with it, by very kind permission of Demoscene legend and Bejeweled's musical maestro, SKAVEN / Peter Hajba, so aurally it's a dream!

If any Let's Play'ers, YouTubers, reviewers etc fancy giving it a try and possibly reviewing/helping me promote my game, then PM me and I'll drop you a reviewer key!