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Agreed! - Very good points and arguments @Metamorpho_SG - couldn't have put it better myself...

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This sums up my own feelings exactly @Mushroomstick and @foreverisbetter....

Graphically my own game came 79th (!) place - it's not fantastic, but I took a LOT of effort with the graphics, headings, etc, then I look at entries like Photon Storm, Non-Stop Space Probe, etc, VERSUS some of the TOP 20 rated (visually) games, and I'm like...  err...

VERY random, it seems - or (ahem) strategic voting I guess...  :(

Oh well, it was an 'experience'...  ;)

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This sounds more promising, and what we'd hoped for, thanks guys!

....great to know that you're playing all of our games too, wow!   :)

Cool tool! - I had more fun with this than I should have - it's a fun and interesting way of applying neon / posterizing effects - I like it!

Really polished game, very smooth and slick, with great music! - Interesting take on colour change bullet hell games, mixing it up with platformer elements!

I found it really difficult to play with keys even on casual (as I'm an old git!), as each function is generally needed with high reliability/timing accuracy...

...but guessing it would play beautifully with a gamepad, or perhaps if the whole game speed (character/projectiles, etc) could be cranked down a touch to cater for more sedate players...  ;)

Good luck!

Very smooth, lovely graphics! - I got to level 4 before stopping, as it was starting to get repetitive, but can see this being a lot of fun if different enemies are added, and maybe you could add other features like warps, etc, for certain levels!

The coder in me is wondering how easy it would be to implement slight raises and dips in your maze 'blocks' in case a future game goes for a rocky dungeon look on any levels! - just wondering if you can have a separate array as a heightmap and 'punch' values of cells and their surrounding cells, up and down randomly at the start?

Also intrigued how you achieved the floor reflections! - I'm guessing either actual reflections, or if not, it's a separate layer of blocks with flipped textures? - VERY cool effect, it adds a lot!

Nice entry - reminds me of Afterburner etc - good luck!

Crazy game theme, and great fun! - controls are tight, and lots of splat fx! - Love it...  :D

No worries! - I know that feeling!

I'm only just managing to add Online Multiplayer leaderboards to the own post-jam version of my game, but I love your game so far!

Hopefully you get a chance to re-visit it at some point, and well done...  :D

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Great entry! - The colour-changing mechanics work well, although as others have mentioned, you can die quite easily while trying to massage the colour wheel to what you need...

Have you thought about perhaps just starting off with an easier to use simple RGB or RBY tri-colour wheel, then later on it can be made gradually harder by adding the 'mixer' colours in between, possibly even 1 at a time, 'overlaying' the colour change areas?  (obviously with say, a different graphic to show, and different angle values for each stage of progression?)

Great entry though! - loving the Zelda vibe/influence, and good tutorial!

Interesting idea! - cool to see your created signs in the street!

Good luck!

Interesting game! - Reminds me a lot of of Kuru Kuru Kururin on the Gameboy Advance? - I think you could really expand on this with some nice graphics, some more sound, music etc, but as it stands, it's a fun and challenging game idea...  :)

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Just to add here, I have to agree with you!

REAL physical money (hard cash) is also used by criminals, WAY even more so than crypto, per $...

...and in terms of resource use / harmful fossil fuel use - normal physical currency (coin minting, cleaning, transporting back and forth, destroying, re-creating, not to mention banknotes, creating, cleaning, destroying etc) - the process for NORMAL currency to be created, and actually used, stored, transported etc ALL uses 'harmful fossil fuel' energy (or worse!) in some form.

I really don't like hearing one-sided arguments, so felt the need to balance this up.

Having said that, to answer your original post - It would be cool, but I still feel that 99% of crypto is WAY too volatile to purchase stuff *without* having the vendor change it to a stable coin once paid in, unless they have a REALLY good feeling about that market, but in terms of @WTF's point about the ecology, I have to disagree, in your favour.

Some people seem terrified of what Crypto can be (ab!)used for, but the fact is that institutions have been able to monitor, dictate, tax, syphon funds, and generally abuse the existing financial markets (and customers), blow BILLIONS on known bad deals / transactions, yet award themselves 100's of millions in bonuses, and track everything *YOU* do, by linking your account, personal details, etc, and following card purchases, payments etc.

This level of monitoring and control is beyond any legitimately required, so it's no surprise that lots of people are embracing the anonymity that crypto transactions and crypto markets in general provide, for completely legitimate reasons.

TL;DR   ....So yes, I think crypto currencies ARE the future (if the governments of the world, and banking/financial institutions aren't allowed to outlaw it somehow - and even then..  ;)  ), but sadly at present I'd say that it's too volatile to use for everyday purchases - like others also mentioned, the GOOD thing about is is that it generally changes price more rapidly (making it desirable for shorter term investments, vs. historical markets), but then people don't want to spend it if they think it will rise, and don't want to sell it at a loss - it's difficult to justify purchasing stuff with it, rather than exchanging or trading it for other stable coins or crypto...     I refer you to that original Bitcoin Pizza purchase....   :)

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Great stuff! - Will do!  :)

EDIT:  Just tested it, GREAT work! - especially allowing in-game sensitivity!

MUCH more playable now, great job! - and options like having mouse button to fire, makes it so much better...    I've increased my 'FUN' rating as a result...  :D

Well done!

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I've tried leaving as much feedback and ratings for as many of these fellow indie games as possible! - some great stuff in here!

I've just checked, 38 games rated, complete with feedback, phew...    ...I've tried to do my best, and played some great games, but craaaaazy busy with day job stuff and late-night coding...  :(

Best of luck, everyone!

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Love the graphical style - nailed it! - and excellent faux 3D that just moves just right - very clever!

Fast, smooth blaster, and I had a lot of fun with this one!  :)

Liked the music too!

Interesting game - reminds me of 'City Connection' on arcade, or Jumping Jack on the Spectrum, but I have to say, the control and platforms etc scrolling speed feels WAY too fast for me? - it was more a matter of luck than skill, when I managed to clear gaps - I think a little less speed, and it will be very playable for myself and other oldies...  :D

Good effort!

Fun little shoot-em-up! - Lots of stuff flying around, nice and hectic! - Good luck!

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Great stuff! - 3D in GMS, nice! - I found the default mouse sensitivity waaaaay too high, so ended up using QOAP-SPACE, but definitely feel like it would be easier to control via mouse if it way much less sensitive...

I feel it would definitely benefit from adding a sensitivity option to scale the mouse input, but as it is, it's fun, SILKY smooth, and reminds me of a cross between Star Wars and Star Fox - great stuff!

Ha ha! - Oh man, you just reminded me! - yeah, that was soooo boring! - kind of like the tedious 'deflect the balls with a shield' intermission in IK+ / International Karate + spoilt the beat-em-up action!  :)

Good luck!

Impressive 3D GMS racing game YAL! - Reminds me of F-Zero GX etc! - Rated...   :)

Good game! - Hard to figure out what to do initially, but once I did, I had fun! - smooth and playable...

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Very involving and thought-provoking game, with a lot of attention to detail and some clever gameplay mechanics! - obviously made with love!...  :)

Good luck!

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Fun game! - Reminds me of that old C64 game, Master Of The Lamps! - Enjoy it? - "You Bet I Did!"... :D

An interesting and fun take on the classic block-shoving genre, and you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into it!

Really makes you think, and I love the fact that you didn't just 'box' the players in! - I got a shock the first time my player fell over the edge, ha ha!  :D

Great submission! - Rated, and best of luck!!

An interesting game mechanic, and quite fun! - I thought I was running out of moves, when I kept failing - I can see now that is it a timer-based deadline...

I personally think that for such a sedate, relaxing game, it might be better to remove the timer in at least one (zen or relaxed?) mode, and perhaps reward score (ie. classic 1,2,3 stars etc) based on how many moves it took versus your set 'par', but obviously just a suggestion!

Nice idea though, and can definitely be expanded upon!

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I just saw this reply of yours regarding the difficulty, and what a superb way of using real-world data to allow you to re-organise the levels order!

I wouldn't have thought of that, but such a perfect way to analyse difficulty when you think of it  :)