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Hah yeah. Its amazing how much control you can get with such a simple mechanic. But then a few mistakes can drive you insane.  I think its fun.

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Yeah other than speeding the puck up I think the original breakout limited the possible angles so it couldn't really get too close to horizontal movement.  I didn't do either and I agree its definitely a detriment to the gameplay.

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Solid Breakout Clone.  Good job on getting some 3D experience; works well and ins't too crazy of a perspective so its still easy to judge the ricochet angles.  The puck speed gets really fast very quickly, but like you said in your other post it keeps the game from getting slow. 

Would have liked to see a score or a failure case, but clearing the screen is still a satisfaction without it.

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Yeah I havn't found a good solution for hex movement on keyboard; numpad is probably the most natural.

gamepad works alright.  But I didn't have time to adjust the mouse controls, they work even wierder in this version.  If I get time I'll fix the mouse controls.  Try gamepad if you get a chance.

Hope you are doing well.

I really like this game.

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If you havn't you should give the original Qix a play. It has a few more mechanics and its enemy, the Qix, is way cooler (and the audio is kinda crazy).

 But in this remake and the original a good strategy is to build traps; Construct a tight narrow area close to an edge, and then bait the enemy into it. Once it in there, do a quick short path to seal the entrance to the trap and fill in 90% of the board really quickly.

Its a cool classic game.  

Cute.  Not 100% sure how the scoring works but I splatted them pretty good once... got 2600.

Complete. Solid Gameplay.  Good execution on the theme.  

Simple and complete.  Honestly if you added something stupid like physics to the green goo dripping down the screen and let it pile up and get gross this would be a good mindless entertaining toy to play with.  

Good job.  Complete and good use of theme with the unbeatable wizard.  

Great job.  Obviously you did a good job scoping this as its pretty much complete.  Good use of the theme.

Yeah... I'm not proud of it, but points are points.  Don't hate the player hate the game sort of thing.  I think I am the only person who submitted in my division.  Havn't really checked yet.

Great Job.  Functional, playable, complete and decent use of theme.  Short and sh*tty.

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Ended up playing this myself with two browsers. Incredibly polished, stable and from the limited playthrough seems bug free.

I love abducting the animals and their cute animations.  

However, I don't think I really understood the gameplay. I just went around and abducted the animals and won, no problems.  I noticed player one could tranquilize and stuff and they other player could transform into different animals.  But that all seemed unecassary.  As far as I could tell, there isn't much gameplay.  But I suppose that is because its multiplayer and adversarial and just playing by myslef I don't get the adversary.

But you have an incredible foundation to add plenty of gameplay.  Marked this as 5 stars for 'post-production' potential.

Great job.

Great presention, polished and functional.  Looks high quality.

Obvious the name is cute.   The weapons are cool.  Good job on telegraphing the enemies attacks.

Some of the attack animations felt a bit stiff (squid specifically).  Not sure what the blue bar on the right that fills up is supposed to do/be used.

Good  Job.

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Simple mechanic, just needs some polish.

I would consider: 

  • Not starting the level until the play gives input
  • Change the controls to 
    • spacebar not down = gravity down
    • spacebar held down = gravity up
    • instead of the current press to toggle
  • Focus on the single move mechanic 
    • remove the shooting all together until you have fun puzzles with just the movement

Good concept.  Simple art style.  Good job.

Playable.  Has a decent foundation to build on.

I like the 3D environment and being able to see the path in the distance as it wraps around. But I had a real hard time following the path right where I was at.  It was easier to try and get a view of it from afar and then circle back and pick up the orbs.

Sound and music are good.  

Obviously being able to go through the terrain is not desired but I did think it was interesting that your trees have roots!!!!

Good job.

Ran flawlessly with good execution of the genre.  Simple controls. Other than being a little cramped, the level design and set dressing are very good.  Using the doors to help guide the player was smart.

File size was kinda huge for what is, but won't hold it against the submission.

Good job.

I just watched yalls stream of the jam games.  I watched it on  Six's stream.  Did you stream it as well. I learned a bit from watching Six play me game, I would like to see you play it if you streamed it.  


I just saw you streamed the jam games. I appreciate you streaming mine and I learned a bit from watching you play.   Thanks.

Excellent. Fun.  Good and expandable structure.  Consistent style pulled off very well.

Solid game.  Look good, sounds good. 

I had a previous complaint about picking up and moving the skeletons.  Not exactly sure if you changed it, but it didn't seem to cause me issues playing this time.

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Thanks.  The multipliers and the tiers aren't communicated very well, but they are key to getting bigger scores.  Here is a video of how I play to give an idea.  I spent too much time trying to get multipliers unsuccessfully, so this isn't a highscore run.

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High scores were implemented via LootLocker.  I had never used the service before but it was pretty simple.  They have an extension available for Unity and Unreal.  As well, YYG made an extension for Gamemaker which is what I made this in.

It is using the 'Guest Login' of LootLocker, but they also support first party logins; Steam, Playstation, Xbox etc...  The guest login required no addtional setup, it just worked out of the box.

I'll probably use the service more as it the leaderboard service is free if you stay under 10k monthly users.

It did load for me this time.  Took like 45 seconds.

The presentation of the menu, music and models is really good.  I would like to play it.  I waited a while finding room, nothing, and then made a room and waiting a while, no one.  

Think I'll load it up on two machines when I get a chance just to try and get passed the menu.

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Thank you.  I agree its a good foundation and I am pretty happy with it as a prototype.  

I think it is probably you that is better.  The only real mechanic change I made is removing the explicit move timer, and instead the tail speeds up its chase if you wait too long.  I think that feels better than the move timer and also you can intentionally speed up the tail to see if the regenerated cells open up a new path.  So I think its way better than the previous move timer.

Thank you very much.

Looking ahead is definitenly key.  I have an update ready that I will probably push after voting, where while the player is moving fast the camera zooms out a bit more so you can look ahead even farther.  I think that can help a bit once the player has gotten used to looking several moves ahead.

I am glad the linestyles help you out.  Seeing almost 10% of the population is color blind in one way or another, it is surprising there isn't more accomodation for it.

The music bug is known. For some reason it is getting set to mute. Havn't tracked down why that is occurring.  Going to the pause screen or main menu should show a speaker icon in bottom left corner to unmute the music.

I also think the game isn't in the best place to keep you in the flow, but I have a few more ideas for tweaks.

Thanks for playing and the feedback.

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Thanks. I think I need alot of experimentation to get it into a good place. But I think its a good foundation.

You definitely want to play fast, but also need to plan to pick up some multipliers.

Right now if you just played as fast as possible, never slowing down, but didn't pick up any mutlipliers then the max score is about 2000.  But if you can build up a 50x muiltiplier and then start moving fast the score can easily get into 30k+.  The cell tiers are not super obvious but if you can get a few cells to a high tier you can build a multiplier very quickly.   That is how I got my current highscore. Spent about 30 seconds just trying to build up a few tiers and got a multiplier to about 100x.  Then just started cruising as fast as I could.

Trying to balance that and communicate it has been challanging.

I'm hoping to get this mode in a fun state.  But I have ideas for other modes/playstyles.

The web version doesn't seem to load.  I've tried a couple times and waited a while each time (2-3 minutes).  

If I get a chance I'll try to downloaded version later.

Looks great.  Plays well.  Controls work well, but jumping is a little stiff and the platforming is pretty limited.   Alot of potential.

Great job.

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Runs well and looks good.  Controls are solid, though I would have aprreciated an auto run button.

I liked that I didn't have to press any button to gather items (peppers and bananas).  However, I spent sometime trying to figure out how to get iron. Never got any. I think I found the big rocks but couldn't figure out how to give them a 'whack.'

The day/night cycle and the world in general is very nice.  I really like exploration games.  Music was good.

Huge potential.  

Tell me how to get that iron so I can get in the space ship.

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Took me a second to figure out how to loot stuff.  The 'E' key.

I think the idea is solid.  Plenty to expand on.  The music when you break into the building is mood.  The style of the environment models is cool; minimal yet detailed.  And I love the mix of a 3/4 iso camera and 3D models.

The timer is a real short. Also I think it is bugged, several times it went negative and I guess I could loot for ever? 


Yeah I keep thinking about ways to improve the keyboard controls for WASD and Arrows.  Six way works ok QAZ EDC but isn't standard.   Dpad on a controller is kinda wierd too.  Unsure if there is a way to make it work well with a hexgrid.

Mouse, touch and gamepad axis work pretty well though.

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Great art and aesthetic.  Music is good.  Controls feel good.  Mechanically its a fairly complete platformer with lots of potential.

Unsure if there was a goal or win condition to this or if its just a sandbox.  Either way i had fun jumping around and climb up on things.  I'm a fan of climbing and exploration, see a place and trying to get to it.  Even without direction, your game provides that so it was a pleasure.

I played with keyboard.  Controls felt good, but I had problems timing the jump on enemy to actually trigger my own jump.  Maybe I just suck, but it felt like something was off.

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Characters looks good.  Menu music is cute. Buttons work.  But that is about all I saw as its multiplayer only.  I would suggest, especailly for the final polish phase, to try and arrange play groups and events on Discord or on a twitch stream to try and get more people to actually play and rate the game.

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Thanks for the feedback.

The color palette and line styles are definitely a work in progress. I actualy have 9 shapes and 9 styles.  I limited to these set of 3 for this phase, as it made the rudementary grid generation I use fairly simple with a decent challenge.  

But one of the interesting phenomena of the mechanic is, IMO and my experience, the player gets 'blind' the more they play.  e.g. if you start focusing on the oragne double line shapes, alot of times you can't see the other matches because your brain tunes the rest out, and a form of tunnel vision occurs.  Part of the challenge is to keep your mind open and resisting that tunnel vision.  I agree the colors and shapes are not ideal at the moment, but I would be curious how much of your experience was due to the failing of the design's chosen shapes/styles/colors, or how much is that psychological effect is responsible.  Not sure how to even measure that.

I have thought about different types of progression and possible levels or specific patterns.  However, what I am currently going for is something closer to classic Geometry Wars style, specifically Pacifism mode.  Where the game session should be short (60-180 seconds) and its more a sandbox that gradually increases in difficulty and the player sees how long they can last; Ideally where they sorta zone out and let their brain unconsiously play.  Unknown if I'll be able to achieve it as well as some other games have, specifically Pasifism, but that what I am currently going for.

Currently my main concern for difficulty is avoiding making dead ends during the generation. I only want dead ends to exist due to the player inadvertently creating them themselves and then running into them.  Currently dead ends are created during maze generation.

As far as your score; due to how the multipliers keeps stacking, it actually doesn't take long to go from 60k point to 500k to 3000k points.  Sometimes its a matter of 10 seconds longer just to get a much higher score.  i.e. the score is compounded so the natural tendendcy to compare the scores linearly is deceptive.  e.g. You may have gotten 60k points one run, then the next run 500k and the only difference was you went a littel faster and lasted 5 seconds longer.  I plan on exposing alot of stats on the game over screen. I am always a fan of stats and letting the player choose what they want to be judging thier progress on.

Thanks again for the feedback.  Later this week I have it planned to address some of the things you brought up.  

Interesting game.  I like the theme. 

Defense is very strong and the AI seems to really stack defenses.  Consider a ramp up in difficulty.

Once the AI wins there doesn't seem to be a way to restart or exit the game.  

Interesting system of interaction.  Lots of actions and enemies and all being handle with simple mouse clicks or touches.

However, the little menus tend to get in the way of eachother.  Also on room 3 or 4 the into text is long enough to push start button off the screen but not long enough to realize you can scroll down.

Not sure if it is just the reality of a jam game that you chose simple graphics, but I actually like them alot.  The walk animation for the main character is simple and effective and looks cute.