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I don't have anything of that nature sorry! But I'm happy to help through emails if you have any issue using the asset. Please contact nocturnegames(AT) and let me know what's up and I'll get back to you! Oh, and thanks for the purchase!

Thanks for playing! And thanks for the suggestion! One thing I found making Jam games is to keep the scope small! So when I had the main game loop working as I liked and had the turn-around time so short that restarting after death was almost instant, I just went straight to the polish! However, there are a few things that I would like to add in a future version, like moving particles, boosters and other things, and I'll definitely be testing your suggestion as I think that having some kind of "save yourself!" powerup or single use item is an excellent idea. :)

Great game! Incredibly polished and with a great deal of content for a game made in such a short timespan. The level difficulty is a little irregular, but that's about the only complaint I have! The game looks great, sounds great and plays beautifully and has JUST the right amount of frustration in each level to keep you playing for "just one more game" as you try to get every diamond before progressing. Loved it!

Thanks! I'll be putting this on Android sometime in the near future, so keep an eye out... :)

Thanks for playing! No android version yet, but there WILL be. :)

Thanks for the comment! I honestly found myself in the same situation deving the game... I'd run it to test a feature then find myself playing for about 20 minutes!!! Making the game-loop very fast was definitely the right thing to do. :)

Hello! I'm afraid that to keep things as optimised as possible, all the lights and shadows are rendered to a single surface which is then rendered to the screen. This means that both light and shadow are either aove or below the rest of the instances being drawn. That said, it may be possible to intercept the drawing and have an intermediate step where the shadows are drawn, then the instances you want, and then the lights, all to the main Aura surface. It would mean though that you would have to move all your instance draw code into the Aura draw code... I'll investigate at the weekend and see how that would work. :)

(I'd do it before the weekend, but I have work and no free time 'till saturday, sorry!)

Hello! The asset is 100% compatible with GMS2... in fact, the assets I have here on itch are ALL for GMS2 only. As for HTML5, I honestly haven't tested but see no reason why it wouldn't work as the asset simply manipulates the view camera, which should be 100% cross platform. Thanks for the interest!

Yes! It will be coming to iOS and Google Play in the next week or two. Been porting it and testing it the last week or so. :) 

Thanks for the interest!