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Не за что =)

1. Дело не в захвате, попробуйте взять звезду и не отпуская кнопку мыши не двигать мышью, получится, что она снова падает, хотя Вы её "держите". Это и сбивает и выглядит непонятно.

6. Как вариант, необходимо добавить переменную обработку (IsEmpty), когда можно получить энергию она становить False, как только пользователь один раз нажал, проверяем IsEmpty == False, то есть есть энергия, тогда забираем её и устанавливаем ей в True. Если пользователь успеет ещё раз нажать, то проверка не даст уже получить ещё энергии.

Cool shooter game with puzzles. You also need to correctly understand how to kill enemies in order to complete the level. But on the other hand, it causes difficulty at the start of the level, because as soon as it begins, I cannot immediately see it all and understand what needs to be done and what not. Therefore, in most cases, you overplay the level. There is not enough information at first.

The graphics are mixed (pixel art and vector), which is striking and does not look very good. The controls are comfortable, the music is good.

Good luck in development =)

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Выглядит здорово. Попробовал пока на клавиатуре и мыши, заметил следующее:

  • Сбор звёзд: непонятно поведение, если её взять (не отпускать) и не двигать мышью, то она начинает падать, как только подвинул - звезда телепортируется в то место (gif);
  • При нажатии правой кнопкой мыши увеличивает значение энергии и денег (я полагаю, это для отладки);
  • Локализация не везде работает корректно;
  • Когда прокачал капсулы, почему-то у меня сразу стало на экране звёзд их больше (5), а потом начал прокачивать количество капсул, так новые заменились на старые (gif).
  • Ошибка возникла - бесконечная работа 2 капсул из 5.
  • Если капсула отработала (т.е. висит значок Z) и если быстро наживать левой кнопкой мыши по ней для сбора, то можно 3 раза получить энергию с одной звезды. =)
  • Запись видео при запуске на смартфоне: видео. Очень медленно работает, хотя смартфон не слабый (Redmi 5 Plus).

Удачи в разработке =) 

Familiar faces! =)

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to launch your game during the voting (random didn’t issue it then), so I played it now. Nice platformer, but there are too many effects and it is not always clear where the danger zone is, where the enemy is. It is managed well, the music is pleasant. Good luck in development, if planned =)

Thank you for playing and for your feedback!

  • Training is the weakest point in the project. Everything in the game was done during the competition (only the music I edited for this project, my old tracks), as a result, there was no time left for the training levels. This version demonstrates pure gameplay mechanics, the very essence.
  • The buttons in the main menu reflect the launch of the game in one mode or another, so I did not make unnecessary submenus for this.
  • The location of the data for sending and the arena itself involves placing them in different places. I will experiment with the data display format.
  • The project is being developed from scratch, as it is just a prototype (with the appropriate code quality). In future versions, good training is planned, which will smoothly teach the rules of the game, mechanics, abilities, enemies, etc. I will also develop my skills as an artist and composer.

Perhaps, for the sake of leveling up, you changed the initial characteristics of the ship, so the game seems less fun. Since you continue to develop, then all claims are just comparison with the competitive version (I would write these comments if I saw this version at the competition). I believe that in the future all this will be corrected. Good luck with development =)

I got the impression that the version for the competition is more cheerful and dynamic. The environment is better, but where did these cubes come from, they don't fit in any way. This "trail" from objects and the ship, it also seems superfluous to me, if there were some ability, as a result of which this trail would remain. The boss fight has also become boring, long and it feels like the game is starting to be even slower, as if in jelly. So far, I did not go further than the first boss.

The font is not very good. And it is better to return the settings to full screen mode and back.

Good luck in development =)

Completed this cool game 2 more times (normal, hard). Everything is just as good. The only thing is that the music of the first location differs greatly from other locations. Difficult level of the game, it didn't seem difficult to me, a slightly different boss behavior and that's it. And only this time I noticed that you can twist the pistol and somehow it probably shoots harder (didn’t have time to try it). By the way, the pistol is only needed so that the "cats", which are far away and a couple of buttons, no longer use it. Good luck in development =)

Thank you for playing and for your feedback!  =)

Unfortunately I was late, but I have already looked.


Do not worry, there is no general rating like this. In each section (Theme, Fun, Visual), the places are arranged according to the corresponding indicator. As a result, in the opinion of those who voted, your game uses the theme of the contest more interestingly (beautifully, etc.). But this does not mean that the same people voted for both games. That's all.

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The voting time will end soon. Thanks to the organizers for extending the voting time. It helped to see more projects (In the end, I watched 145 games). Without this time, most likely, much fewer games would have been watched, because everyone will return to normal life. =)

Thanks to all participants for wonderful projects, ideas, experience! Good luck everyone! =)

Thanks for playing! Thank you for your feedback!

Glad you liked it =)

Well done platformer! An interesting idea.

The only problem is the stairs, if you are at the very top and press "Up", then the character's animation works, and if you are on the stairs and press "Jump", he will rush upward with the sound of a constantly starting jump.

Good luck in development =)

Interesting idea. But you need to polish. The music is suitable, as it seemed to me. Found a cheat (or is it described?) That you can drag the character along the level with the right mouse button.

Good luck in development =)

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A meditative game or rather an astronomy teaching project in a playful way!

Got an error on my first try (v1.0.2):

  • ___________________________________________
  • ################################################# ##########################################
  • ERROR in
  • action number 1
  • of Mouse Event for Left Pressed
  • for object obj_star:
  • Unable to find instance for object index -4
  • at gml_Object_obj_star_Mouse_4
  • ################################################# ##########################################
  • gml_Object_obj_star_Mouse_4 (line -1)

Good luck in development =)

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Interesting idea! The music is not good for my taste.

Good luck in development =)

Nice prototype =)

An interesting idea, played dynamically, the music is right.

Good luck in development =)

A good idea. But the game needs polishing.

The music is well chosen, I like it.

I fell into lava, which I did not expect at all, because of this I have to move from the very beginning. This is not the best solution, in such cases, you need check points or redo the level.

Good luck in development =)

At startup, it gives an error that UnityPlayer.dll was not found. Games for this competition must be made on GMS 2.

Not a badly done top-down shooter.

Good luck in development =)

Well done platformer!

Good luck in development =)

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Thank you very much for such kind words, I am very glad about it! =)

Very cool idea with mix!

Unfortunately, at this stage it is a very beautiful prototype with great music and sound effects!

The only thing I will find fault with is the font in the narrative. Wish the font style wasn't picked from pixel art graphics.

I hope for a full-fledged continuation (subscription from me). Good luck with development =)

Thank you for playing and for your feedback! Glad you liked it!

Thank you very much for your wishes! In any case, I added your proposal to my notes and I will check it. Thanks for that =)

I agree, but testing is needed here. While the option fell on shutdown. The game turned out to be not easy to understand (because there is no normal training), so hiding / showing the controls would confuse the player even more.

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Thanks for playing or for your feedback!

Reducing the number of buttons - how?

Data controls are needed. Character controls too. Perhaps, in different game situations (with different sizes of the field, etc.), something is not needed. But, in this situation (as in RTS), it is necessary to show all the possibilities that the player has.

The number of phases is also difficult to change, this is the basis: posted data, player actions, enemy actions.

Thank you for your wishes =)

Thanks for playing! Thank you for your feedback!

And you are lucky and chose the right tactics at the right moment. The fact is that the Arena cards (starting) and Data packets are generated randomly, there are coefficients on how many opponents, walls, health, energy should be, but they also have a probability. Therefore, no matter which mode you choose, you will get a unique situation every time. This is the balance and its setting now.

Thank you for your interest in the project =)

Thank you for playing and for your feedback!

  • Regarding training, I wrote about it already in the comments, if interested, please take a look. In short, a full-fledged training and a uniform complexity curve are planned.
  • Secretly, input from the keyboard is possible even now: WASD - change the position of the frame, QE - rotation, Space or Enter - sending data to the arena. Due to what I was doing on the 2nd platform, and similar to the games of the RTS genre, all controls were displayed on the player's screen. Also, the game is unhurried, so I did not think that it would take out the difficulties (my mistake).
  • Moving an object in the arena while sending a data packet is not possible. The main idea and mechanic is overwriting objects. It works simply: there are 2 two-dimensional arrays Arena (A) and Data (D). The task is to select a position for array D within array A. When sent, the values in array A are overwritten with the corresponding values in array D. Thus, you can destroy or add walls, enemy, etc. Overlapping is a basic mechanic and idea.

On the page with the game there is a video of the gameplay, if you are interested, you can watch.

Thank you very much for your interest in the project and for your kind words! =)

Interesting idea! Did I understand correctly that if we click on the enemy, he will stand for us? Because that's how it worked for me.

Good luck in development =)

An interesting, beautiful game! But polishing is required.

Good luck in development =)

Cool game, dynamic, with beautiful graphics!

Good luck in development =)

A beautiful, high-quality game with good music!

Good luck in development =)

Interesting idea! The music isn't quite right for my taste.

Good luck in development =)

Looks beautiful! And as a game, an interesting idea!

Good luck in development =)

Nice runner.

Good luck in development =)

A beautiful, high-quality platformer with good music!

Good luck in development =)

Interesting idea, cool sounds.

Good luck in development =)

Not a bad platformer with an original beautiful drawing!

Good luck in development =)