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Some Gameplay footage

Game of the year!

Currently, it is just the title screen, thinking about working on this project again, I need to update it to the lastest version of GameMaker first, so stay tuned!


Awesome!, Thankyou so much for playing my joke game and recording it, teh game was originally made for The GMC Jam 39, I thought the theme was going to be "you only have 3 minutes" and well it wasn't, anyway Thanks for your playthrough of my timer! :)

Was just trying to make one of these! Bless you!

Best game 10/10

Okay first off all, I want to see some behind the scenes of this, 

huge props for irl action for this game

but the gameplay sucks worse then atari's ET

The green ball things can f- right off

Hehe Spaceship go BRRRRRRRRRR

I'll send you a dm on the GMC

some bugs here and their
not enough blood or violence

that aside EPIC SHOOTER!

NEEDS MORE VIOLENCE!! And maybe some bug fixes lol

appreciate it, Thanks!

Didnt even know this was apart of a jam, so consider this an outside perspective 

This game looks great! and the feeling of day and night are great touches! Feels like an emulated N64 rom! I enjoy this and hope it gets a lot more love and becomes a full polished game!

Good luck with the jam as well!

This looks epic!

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Game is very fun, and looks great! its a shame I suck so hard at it, Very well done. @01:42:37

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game needs some polish, but shows high potential, would love to see a more fleshed out and polished form of this game, 3d camera was nice! @40:00

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Game was really buggy and felt like it was missing some structure, all in all it feels like a great start to a game rather then a fully able to play game, there is an ending but its more of just an overlay, didnt know i could talk to the guy at the stand until messing around. Needs more polish but shows great potential @12:17

the tilt during movement. :)

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Extremely fun and creative, I dont have a lot to say about this other then the html5 version completely destroying my computer, allow switching to fullscreen! Very fun! @04:49:29

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Fun to play, the style and presentation where fantastic, whish there was more to the game, maybe less screen shake during the platforming over all very nice, hope to see more. @04:41:36

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Shame about the crashes, but lead to really fun moments with you guys digging through your code, would love to see a post jam version this fully fleshed out. really fun and solid shootem up! @04:12:47

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Game is wicked fun to play! would love online co-op! visuals make me want to vomit but are nice to look at, wouldn't recommend this to car sick people but yeah, those are my thoughts, motion sickness but massive fun.  @01:41:39

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I have no idea why I'm allergic to this game, cant really breathe, That aside, game really fun and easy to get into, the graphics are really simple, i do feel Mr. Spiky sticks out a bit, all in all would defiantly play this again. @01:15:02

(was looking up the timestamp and started sneezing, what have you laced this game with? O.o)

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The bugs were amazing!  The game is really fun to play even if i suck really hard at it, needs more polish and Q/A testing. other then that really decent game! @36:27

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Game is very well polished, and definitely has the mobile style going for it, would really like to see the mobile port, honestly not a whole lot to say other then the game is very well put together and offers a long while of fun and replay value. @06:33

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This is an amazing GMS 2 game, Its not very common to see a 3D game made in GMS and it took my brain longer then it should have to realize that this was indeed game maker so huge props to that. This is a very polished and fun game, the game play all be it simple was quite enjoyable, my only suggestions would be to raise the camera so it doesn't feel like I'm in the floor, I know you wanted to make the maze feel bigger and it did indeed feel big but I don't not think crawling on the floor made it seem any bigger, maybe make it more fast and action paced with some killer techno music, rather then a recharge maybe some ammo and health pickups, would really like to view the source to this as well if you are willing, but all in all would love to see this fleshed out into a really great fps! @01:57:55

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It has some bugs to be ironed out, but very visually pleasing and fun to play, without the bugs i think it would be a very solid game! @01:38:13

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Very nice concept, would love to see it more polished and optimized, no crashes when graphics where low, found a bug where you can cheat by having the light cable be blocked by a hedge but click on a extension cord, decent game, just wish there was more too it, @5:10

Great game, level 12 was really hard!


I took down the jam edition because I wasnt proud of it, but im making it into a full game, shoot me a message on my discord if you want to play the jam edition. :) thanks for your art!

Thanks! used for this game!

Needs more runes

How'd you get the trees to work? This games awesome!

The game:

My game for the ludum dare 42: running out of space

It's mostly a visual novel.