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I want to play some of your games on my Youtube channel

A topic by ScriptLine Studios created May 14, 2020 Views: 613 Replies: 27
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I run a small YouTube channel all out gamedev - and I want to help you guys by making a video where I play your games! To enter post a link to your game along with a screenshot/gif 

Please make sure all submissions are family friendly and suitable for YouTube

- Looking forward to playing your games!

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hello ScriptLine Studios! Thank you for your proposition. If you want to try my first game, it’s a little platformer I made in Unity last year :

I have also made recently an AdvanceWars like tactical prototype.

Hope you will enjoy it ! ^_^

I have also a youtube channel where I’ll post every game I’ll create in the future

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Hey ScriptLine, my game's name is GeoSpace. Its a cross between Space Invaders and Breakout. 
This is the first game I've ever released so if you have any feedback, please let me know.

Have fun! (:


Hi ScriptLine, thank you for doing this!

Here are two of our games if you're interested in checking them out:

Vincent: The Secret of Myers


Thanks again and lemme know if you do end up playing our games!


I would love if you could play Roopit and Boopit!

It is a Co-Op game, but it is playable with one player!

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hello scriptline studios

here is my game:

It's not that good, but It's my favorite game I've made just because of how ridiculous it is.

here is a screenshot:

thank you for this opportunity :)


Here's mine! >>
Beware: Lots of spooks

This is my demo game it's only for 1$ , i know it doesn't worth it but i would appreciate your support !

Hey Scriptline, Thanks! Nice work on your games and good luck with your channel! I would appreciate if you make a video on my game.

That's so awesome of you!
I've been working on a vertical shooter combined with pinball for two and a half years and I'd love to get your feedback on it!
No charge!

Thanks! :)

That's very cool of you!  This is my first piece of hypertext fiction.  It is a surreal trip to the pet store called "The Fish Project".

I actually just released a new game today! It's called 6 islands and it a plat-former game with 6 different characters in 6 different worlds!!

If you get a chance to play it, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Looks great! Will defiantly include it 


Below is the link and trailer to my newest tittle.  

The Mine:

If interested in more I have other games on my game page.

Hi, I'm Ofihombre. Can you try my game called Randy & Manilla? And then could you make a gameplay?

Game link:

I read your comment in my game and i worked on it!
User feedback is really important, now can you play it again
I keep players updated with devlogs and also have a discord if you wanna join there. I hope all of you play its a casual fun game, thanks!

Iridium has gotten a update that makes it tons better play it now!
What highscore can you get??


Thanks everyone for the entries! I will be making and releasing the video soon!

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 thanks for this. I could definitely use the exposure. (:

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Hey! Wonder if my latest is in your style.

Pretty simple arcade shooter. Probably not the best in this thread!

Thanks for doing this!

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If you get a chance it would be great to hear/see somebody else's experience while playing my game Tetrivoice. It's a 3D variation of Tetris controlled with your voice! It was built for Gamedev.js Jam 2020 and currently in development and works in Chrome only at the moment. Any feedback you have would be great as well!

Link to game:
It's not much to look at right now but here's a screenshot:
No GIFs but here's a short clip of me playing it for my Gamedev.js Jam 2020 Submissions Playthrough video:

(Tetrivoice gameplay starts at 30m44s if it doesn't start at the correct time)

Thanks for this!

Hello there! 

I'll be glad if you give this one a try:


It'd be great if you check out my latest when you get the chance.  I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thank you for your time. 


This game is based on a recurring dream that I have once and a while. (Also this is not a horror game unlike what the name suggests.)

Thank you for giving us this chance! Here is  one of my RPGs  Moonstone Deep 

Please Do My Game (Running Simulator

Thank You So Much!

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What's  up, ScriptLine? I just made a game for Mini Jam: 54: Memories. I would appreciate it so much if you would make a video of it for your YouTube channel!

Thanks so much,


Hello! It would be great if you could play Direct Ascent, the vertical endless runner with rockets.

Choose from many real-world rockets, get a high score, and get some money in case all the space junk, comets, asteroids and more makes your rocket blow up...

Link to the page:

Link to my itch profile:

Link to my website:


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