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Very interesting concept!

A short but amazing little game.

For some reason the game started running at like 10 FPS when switching levels into the archeological site. Other than that, no issues. 

"Windows Key + Print Screen" for fullscreen screenshot.

"Windows Key + Shift + S" for a window screenshot.

Good game.  Graphics are OK. Physics are very satisfying. Finger gun is floppy.

Final rating. 9/10

Actually a very good racing game. Physics reminds me a lot of the Dirt series. 9/10 not enough milk.

Burning ship and SFX Fractals create some of my most favorite sounds.

That also didn't work. I tried changing my screens orientation from "Landscape" to "Landscape (Flipped)" and that worked!

Wow, what an interesting concept! Loved this. Art style, although simple, is really nice and pleasing. 

Game looks awesome except I have one issue. 

I cannot move the game window, and it's stuck off-center.

Please help.

This looks so good. I love it. Also the CRT shader is beautiful.

Got reminded of this game by the month old file just sitting in my downloads.  Redownloaded because I though it was a new version, guess it wasn't, you can't update perfection. Gotta say something nice I guess.

Very fun game, the ragdolls are amazing, physics could be more realistic (bigger the chunk of block the bigger rigidbody mass they have (1 block = 1 mass (mass is kg so 1 block is 1 kg) ) ). 

Screenshots because yes:

sleepy boi

sleepy boi

they're here :O

they're here :O

ragdoll hand why are you so random

ragdoll hand why are you so random
look at that gun o.o
bunch o' diamonds
physics bridge
rigidbody (physics) bridge


This game is based on a recurring dream that I have once and a while. (Also this is not a horror game unlike what the name suggests.)

Hi I played your game. Now please play my game I left my body

Your game is really fun although really hard. The art style is nice.

I left my body

This game is based on a reccuring dream that I keep on having every once and a while.

bad game, bruh. mine are worse. this game is actually very fun! Spent around an hour playing this, until I bought and maxed everything out in the shop. 

drink yo milk gamerz

yes. good game. actually love it!

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It is pretty sad that you have to have a dedicated GPU because I have a laptop with a GeForce 920M (a GPU from 2015) and to play this without being able to count each pixel I would have to spend around $400 on a GOOD GPU. But I can run this game on Potato with 60 FPS, the second option goes on 30 FPS, the third 10-15 FPS and the other ones just freeze my laptop and I have to restart... But the game is still amazing!!

Have not had time to play it yet. But from the screenshots it looks pretty cool!

This game is so disturbing, I think I was brainwashed.

send help