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This game is really enjoyable!


Hi there! My name is Luke i am a 13 year old game developer. I have recently started working on a top down pixel art rpg game where you fight monsters, go on quests and trade with villagers. I plan on releasing the game in late 2020 on for 2 or 3 dollars


The future:

I will try to post weekly about the progress i make on this game as well as the bugs i have to fix an problems i face.

I hope you will enjoy reading about this game! 

If you want to follow the development more closely you can follow me on twitter -

Thanks - Luke

way to hard!

Thanks for the feedback!


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Hi everyone this is an early version of my game Stick Man Brawl!

This game is a 2D two player pixel fighting game where two stickmen fight using pistols while jumping between platforms! This game is still a prototype and i would love some feedback!


Player1 - Black Stickman

W - Jump

A - Move Left

D -Move Right

Space - Shoot

Player2 - Blue Stickman

Left arrow key - Move Left

Right arrow key - Move Right

Up arrow key - Jump

Right Control - Shoot

NOTE: For best experience play in fullscreen!

You can play here -

Still looks fun though

Got a bluescreen when downloading the file

Thank you for the idea smirlianos! i will be updating the game soon and  i will defiantly try to add this.

Thank you for playing and i appreciate your comment! 

This is a early prototype for my game Stick Man Brawl i would really appreciate some feedback!  

link - Stick Man Brawl