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Very cool! Love the idea, game was a little too difficult for me but good job!

Epic game! Love it

Nice game! I really love the concept and the levels were well made. My only complaint is that when pressing middle mouse button, it clicks out of the page. Other then that great job :D

Nice! I really love how smooth and satisfying it was to move the character, not sure how it connects to the theme but good job!

Loved it! This game has such a unique and well-executed concept. Definitely worth a play!

Very cool concept! Wasn't able to complete all the levels but good job!

Nice game! Really liked the concept but it was a little too difficult for me. Besides that great entry :D

This personally isn't my type of game but it's a cool concept! Would have liked to see some sound effects. Otherwise good game!

Pretty good! The movement was a little difficult to get used to and would have liked to see a little more polish when attacking enemies, other then that good job :D

Really love the graphics and connection to the theme although the gameplay confused me a little bit. Other than that good job!

Nice! Game was pretty short, but considering how fast you made it, pretty impressive :D

Amazing! Honestly can't believe this mas made in a week! Was a little difficult for me however its a fun game :D

Good, To be honest it made me pretty motion sick, like the connection to the theme, very polished but would have liked to see the bullets when I shoot, good job!

Nice! Loved the sound design and idea, to be honest I was a little confused on how to play and unfortunately I wasn't able to finish the game, other then that nice submission

Nice! Loved the sound design and idea, to be honest I was a little confused on how to play and unfortunately I wasn't able to finish the game, other then that nice submission

Awesome game! Loved the sound design and connection to the theme. Keep up the great work :D

Very polished! Great sound and music design, would have liked to see a stronger connection to the theme but other than that, good job :D

Really great game! Really enjoyed the music, graphics, and story, would have liked to maybe see a little more polish during the beast fight, but considering you had limited time on the week of the jam, really great job :D

Really awesome concept! Wasn't able to get past the 4th level but overall great entry!

Nice! The gameplay was a little slow-paced for my liking, maybe a few extra obstacle types would have been nice but other than that, great submission :D

Loved it! Really enjoyed figuring out what the different characters can do, this game has amazing potential and I would love to play this as a full release :D

This is a really interesting idea! I was a little confused at the very start but I quickly understood. Really clever! Great entry :D

Awesome graphics loved the music, and great polish, game was a little difficult but overall great entry! Would love to see this turned into a full game

I liked the 3d models, textures, and music, would have liked to see a connection to the theme however, nevertheless thanks for submitting :D

Overall a fun little game, especially considering it was your first game jam. Would have liked to see a little more connection to the theme but otherwise good job :D

Thanks for the feedback!

Very fun and highly polished, Congrats!

I really like the pixel art, Gun effects where nicely polished. Other than a slight bug with the health bar everything worked great, Keep up the good work :D

All in all a fun little game! Great pixel art and sound effects although I would have liked to see some more variation with the gun shoot sound effect and I think the health bar could have been a little more visible. Otherwise great submission! :D

Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate you taking the time to play the game :D

Brilliant! The music and Sound effects were satisfying, Clever gameplay idea. Despite a slight glitch with the fish and my mouse cursor. Everything worked great! Maybe in the future, I would recommend a game over screen :D

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The ocean is something that I believe everyone should care about. It provides us with oxygen and is home to some of the most beautiful and amazing species on planet earth. 100% of the proceeds from this indie game bundle will be donated to an organization striving for sustainable and fair usage of the oceans.  The ultimate goal would be able to raise $500 for this cause. If you would like to get involved in this bundle please review the QUESTIONS section and leave your game link in the comments below :D


Oceana was founded in 2001 with the goal of making the oceans as rich, healthy, and abundant as they once were. This is done by influencing policy decisions on a national level. For more information please find their website at


Does my game have to be ocean-related?


Can I submit more than one game?


Can I submit games with adult content?

No! Please don't

How do I get my game in this bundle?

Leave a link to your game in the comments in the comments :)

Can I submit something that isn't a game (assets, etc)

No, unfortunately for this bundle games only

When will the bundle begin?

2 weeks after this post goes live

How much will the bundle cost?

Not sure yet, depends on how many game submissions we get

Can I submit a free game?

Unfortunately not, we would like to keep this bundle for paid games only


If you have any more questions that you need answering please don't hesitate to write me an email at: alternatively you can join our Discord community here:

Thank you for your support and I am looking forward to seeing where this project takes us :D

- ScriptLine

Hey everyone I have decided to do something very experimental, I have taken parts of the source code from my new game for specifically the code for the various enemies I have in the game, bundled them into one script to sell on The pack includes all the code I used to make my games enemies, however, does not come with the games art. If you have any feedback or suggestions please let me know and if you want to check out the pack you can view it here: Thanks!

The Game:

In collaboration with the creator, we made a Pixel Pizza infinite runner mini-game. The goal of the game is to pick up every pizza you see, and if you miss one, you lose. This made a really fun and compelling game and we bet you can't beat our high score of 200!

Download -


Magnite, is a top-down farming game that takes place on a procedurally generated map, the game is still an early demo but feedback is always appreciated!

Page -


Yes a swimming animation is definitely on the to-do list. Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for the feedback, yes the map is procedurally generated each time you play :D

After over 6 months of work I have finally released a demo of my 2D pixel art farming simulator Magnite! Page -


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the game! :)

Thank You! :D