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Wow this is so cool to see! Yes the game was originally made to be played on the web. If I recall correctly the reason the web build never happened was because of the very slow perlin noise library we were using as well as time constraints. But anyway its really to to see the game on the web :D

Wow! The soundeffects really sold the vibe you were going for. Was fun just to walk around. Good job!

Wow! This game was amazing, the voice acting, polish and game feel all felt so good! I found the game tricky to beat but am very impressed!

Cool game. I don't think there was a need for 2 fps counters on each side and the map went on too long. But other than than good work!

Very cool 3D perspective. I personally found the game a little challenging, but was a very cool concept :D

Loved the isometric perspective and clever use of the theme! I felt the last few seconds of gameplay it was too difficult to do anything lol. But I enjoyed how everything was in sync with the music

Wow! I have to admit the jump scare got me a off guard xD Very nice game, the atmosphere and sound effects work very well together

Thank you!

Thanks ne-mene! Yeah looking back, a controllable jump would have been a cool feature. Glad you liked the effects :D

Thanks! Glad you like it :D

Glad you enjoyed it! 


Thank you so much!

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the game :D

Thanks Leon! Yeah the game ended up being pretty difficult.

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the game, I also agree - the hitboxes could have been a little smaller.

Thank you Emc! Glad you enjoyed the game :D

Could you describe how you would like to use the code?

Thank you so much!

Sorry about that! As I said this game was made in a very short time, I am considering releasing an update at some point so I might be able to add it then :D

Very cool! Love the idea, game was a little too difficult for me but good job!

Epic game! Love it

Nice game! I really love the concept and the levels were well made. My only complaint is that when pressing middle mouse button, it clicks out of the page. Other then that great job :D

Nice! I really love how smooth and satisfying it was to move the character, not sure how it connects to the theme but good job!

Loved it! This game has such a unique and well-executed concept. Definitely worth a play!

Very cool concept! Wasn't able to complete all the levels but good job!

Nice game! Really liked the concept but it was a little too difficult for me. Besides that great entry :D

This personally isn't my type of game but it's a cool concept! Would have liked to see some sound effects. Otherwise good game!

Pretty good! The movement was a little difficult to get used to and would have liked to see a little more polish when attacking enemies, other then that good job :D

Really love the graphics and connection to the theme although the gameplay confused me a little bit. Other than that good job!

Nice! Game was pretty short, but considering how fast you made it, pretty impressive :D

Amazing! Honestly can't believe this mas made in a week! Was a little difficult for me however its a fun game :D

Nice! Loved the sound design and idea, to be honest I was a little confused on how to play and unfortunately I wasn't able to finish the game, other then that nice submission

Nice! Loved the sound design and idea, to be honest I was a little confused on how to play and unfortunately I wasn't able to finish the game, other then that nice submission

Awesome game! Loved the sound design and connection to the theme. Keep up the great work :D

Very polished! Great sound and music design, would have liked to see a stronger connection to the theme but other than that, good job :D

Really great game! Really enjoyed the music, graphics, and story, would have liked to maybe see a little more polish during the beast fight, but considering you had limited time on the week of the jam, really great job :D

Really awesome concept! Wasn't able to get past the 4th level but overall great entry!