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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest

FAQ, Tips and Tricks Sticky

A topic by PixelForest created 88 days ago Views: 3,228 Replies: 17
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What is FlowScape?

FlowScape is an easy to use nature scene creator aimed at casual users who would like to chill after a busy day and create something nice from a large library of models, textures and sound fx.  You can take photos of your creation or record a video with your favorite capture app.

The design philosophy behind FlowScape will always be to keep it as intuitive as possible.  

What cant it do?

FlowScape is not a design program like 3D Studio Max or Maya, there is no import or export. If you want to make more complex scenes, there are dozens of technical programs you can use that give you far more flexibility than you can with FlowScape, but the tradeoff will be a high learning curve.

What are your plans for the future?

Much more content is planned so that you have a larger variety of fauna to create more unique scenes, as well as exposing more camera settings to allow you to take better pictures. VR support is coming soon, Mac and Linux is done. I will look into import (easy) and maybe export (not so easy), but no promises as this might be beyond the time i have available.

Below are a few tips and tricks to get you started.

You can right click on any icon and it will delete any object of that type

Pointing at something and pressing delete will delete that object

Holding Delete for more than 1 second will turn to continuous delete mode

You can Delete everything with CTRL Delete

Moving Rotating and Scaling can be activated with 1,2 and 3 rather than pressing on the toolbar

Backspace will undo the last paint, up to 8 times (working on redo for the next release)

Rotate the sun in the camera settings or press 8 4 6 2 on your keypad to fine tune it

Use the layers (top right) to determine if you paint on water, rocks or land

If you set the flow slider all the way to the left, it lets you place single items, useful for animals

Clicking on the FPS button top left, will toggle VSync

You can turn water on or off and also make it endless instead of box in the texture settings

You can change the height of your terrain in the texture settings to make more or less water

You can zoom right out and set the FOV of the camera all the way to the left for an isometric look

Clicking on the hint bar that pops up every 5 minutes displays the next hint

Create a rock and scale it really big for a bigger terrain, just be careful with delete as you might delete the rock

Painting tiny trees will make your landscape look bigger

The textures menu also has an slider to make the tiling smaller

Pressing P starts another random terrain with procedural generation

If FlowScape is not saving your screenshots, it may be due to permissions. Some things to try is to right click on your icon and choose Run as Administrator. Or move the game to a non system drive such as D:

Is is possible to copy savefiles (if that is a thing) from one installation to another?


Could you, please, add Minimum Requirements?

Doing so would help assess whether one's hardware is enough to run the game.

Thank you.

Quoting this comment:

PixelForestGames • 12h

Cheers! runs on my crappy laptop, but slowly. The faster your graphics card the more you can throw at it before the framerate goes south. Im running a GTX 970 and rarely drop below 30

Good question! I Like to know the minimal requirements. Please, let us know.

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I really enjoy the new version 1.1 but I have a question about changing the houses / buildings. I understand from fellow users that you can change the item by using the mouse-scoll wheel. But if you do not have a scroll wheel, is there a hot key for this function?

Unfortunately, the connected Logitech Gamepad has not offered a solution, not even with the help of the buttons configurations.


i will add some keyboard buttons next release

Thank you, I really appreciated your response.

Regardless of graphics quality, can I create the scenario and export to another graphics engine like UDK4?


I am only guessing but it possibly depends on the assets PixelForest is using, Unity often forbids using assets in Unreal and vise versa, if it's something licensed for redistribution maybe or if for use by the purchaser for renders only but even then most things need to be baked into a game. I honestly think import is going to be the simpler option but it could be limited by size a Makehuman or Bastioni figure maybe but a DAZ character is unlikely to fit

I bought this game/program last night. Really awesome. But I'm wondering ... is there a Undo function? I know you can delete the last placed items but .... what if you accidentally delete a wall which is placed many moves before? 


Yes you can point at something and press the delete key. 

Can it make renders eg export a spherical render to use in 3D software as a background - preferably HDRI?

And are there any restrictions of use of the render for commercial purposes eg a screen cap as a background in a commercial comic for example.




No restrictions, but you cant do a spherical render at the moment, i have it on my list for the future though

oh okay.   Thanks.  You know you could charge more for this software than you do don't you?

do we get the future iterations of this as you update or will we have to buy them 

you get them for free!

Maybe this info exists somewhere and I just missed it, but does FlowScape have a first-person movement mode or is it a free camera only?

(If not, is it something you'd consider adding? Basically just a mode where the camera is constrained to the terrain height with slow-ish horizontal movement.)