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This is pretty neat! I'd love to play more of it and fill out an entire lineup, even though I'm pretty bad at chess.

I also felt terrible any time I lost a piece, even if they get better after each encounter.

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Short but fun! The first level is pretty difficult since the rainbow attacks moves you toward the zombies and they don't disappear when you hit them. I tried hiding up on the ramp but they still got me!

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Who knew a mortician's job was so hectic? A really nice idea, as long as you don't mind working with the dead. And sometimes fighting the undead! I did sometimes put the bodies into the wrong spots by not being careful enough, it's hard to be precise with all the ticking clocks. But I'm sure with practice I'd get those first place finishes!

Thank you for playing!

Yes, I used MagicaVoxel! has a nice, short, free course on it.

At least a few people have found the infinite spider bite, I think it's fine if people want to exploit the game that way. Not everyone has a lot of time to grind with so many submissions in the jam to play through. 😀

Fast-paced, corpse jumping, spiky death action! Very smooth movement, to the point where it can be difficult to use precision where it's needed. For some reason when I tried using a controller, the game used the right stick for movement instead of the left, so I couldn't both move and jump or interact at the same time with it. Using the keyboard had no issues, so I was able to finish the game without too much trouble!

A heartwarming visit! Very touching. The art and the voice and the music all compliment each other so well. More of an 'experience' than a 'game' but this is the sort of thing that doesn't need to worry about labels. Thank you so much for making this and sharing it!

Good idea! Interesting mechanics. I tried my darndest to get through town without being detected, but I had difficulty timing my hiding. Sometimes the poor ghost didn't want to hide even though it was right above a manhole, as well

However! I found that if I just ran straight forward without hiding at all, I was able to make it past without being detected. So happily I was able to make it through limbo and into the afterlife, even if it wasn't the intended way to do so.

Pretty neat! There's a good concept in there with picking up the powerups only when you're a ghost.

I found I had very little time to collect anything before the circle shrank too much. As well, I had to stick to one area so that there would be anything to loot. That on its own can lead to some interesting strategies, but because you're also consistently taking damage from the curse it results in being stuck in one spot waiting to die. Since enemies run away when they get hurt, it's really, really tough to defeat them without straying from vital resources. Even if I complete a full wave before death, the circle that results feels pretty small to start.

Anyway I don't mean to sound too negative, it's a fun experience! Just a bit too difficult for me to get very far, the best I could do was wave three. Great job overall!

A neat idea for a puzzle game! Pretty simple, but that's fine with me. Actually in more than one puzzle I ended up with unused abilities, I'm not sure if I did the puzzles differently than expected or if those were intended to keep the solution a mystery to the end.

Speaking of the end, it got very dark! I thought I was in for a surprisingly unhappy ending, thankfully I was wrong!

Waffle Over! Clever puzzles that aren't too difficult. The first time through I got almost all the way through level ten and trapped myself, it was disheartening but I came back today to finish it off! It can be difficult at times to get through an area without accidentally nudging the wrong block by mistake and needing a restart, but otherwise it controls great.

Face paced! I thought I was doing really well as a skeleton wizard but I couldn't quite do it. It took me four resurrections total!

Short but not too short. It looks good and the controls are great except for a bit of skidding when you land. But you could also consider that to be a part of the challenge! I also like that there are two routes you can go, I did it both ways. 😺

Very ambitious! The 'killcam' after losing to Cerberus was a nice touch! And the cutscene which followed was impressive the first time I saw it. Not so much the third time, though. It felt very punishing to be brought back to the start after each death and being unable to skip that scene as well.

Ghost hunting action! I tried my best not to resort to the cheat button, I thought I could get by just with upgrading damage and attack speed. The first appearance of the yellow, bullet shooting ghosts were still the point I couldn't get passed. Each run would only give me enough points for one single upgrade which still wasn't enough to defeat them. After getting unlimited points I still tried to get as far as possible with the least number of upgrades bought. The green ones, especially, really spiral out of control if you don't hunt them down right away, so the speed and jump upgrades are necessary for those guys, plus the health upgrade to survive the swarms they can spawn. In the end I had to fully upgrade absolutely everything to complete the game, pretty tough!

Hectic stuff! I suppose I can be satisfied with ninth place... It's tough when mana gets low! I tried storing the bottles in easy to reach places and usually ended up running out near the end of a wave anyway.

Very well done and, of course, the leaderboard is a brilliant motivator.

Mind bending puzzlery! There were several points where I thought for sure that I couldn't progress and then managed to stumble onto the next step. I'm happy to say I didn't need to consult the list of hints, though I did read the first one before starting, because my eyes were going faster than my brain.

I did also need to restart at one point, when I grabbed all the skulls leading to the witch and then managed to have her teleport me around, meaning I couldn't get back to the starting passageway.

It was very satisfying to make it to the end!

This one is definitely too tough for me, I tried my best! The idle animation is a nice touch. The puzzles are devilish and that's great for people who are better than I am. The furthest I managed was the level where you start of trapped with boxes and a laser across the bottom, where you need to die immediately and then make it through the rest in one go.

Clever idea! I evolved to perfection after four ancestors and the deaths of thirty-four beautiful, innocent creatures which I feel bad about now. Except some of them did shoot lasers at me, so how innocent were they, really?

Short but fun! I had a bit of trouble with the platforming near the end, but all it took was some confidence. The art is nice and I enjoyed the way the enemies creatures fell apart when they died, with their eyes rolling across the ground.

WebGL seems to cause quite a few problems that don't exist in other versions of Unity games. I wish I knew more about how to avoid that myself. There's a short tutorial I found which you can try, if you're interested, but for myself it didn't seem to make any difference. How To Easily Fix Unity WebGL Game Export Problems

Fierce space combat! The space station shop is a nice touch to give a sense of progression and make the game feel bigger. Being able to move faster with the boost was also really appreciated. I finished the game on the first try so I played again to try out the death mechanic. The first two times my ship seemed the same as before, but on the third respawn I had a monster with 95 shields and cargo space, plus four lasers! So that was a lot of fun to fight with. 🚀

Good job! I managed to eat 122 glowing brains before I stumbled into a hole! Some music would help to keep things interesting.

A very expansive world! It's amazing you were able to make such a large and varied experience. Some things weren't obvious to me at first but with time I understood, like the number of lanterns at each pressure plate showing the order they needed to be pressed in.

Smooth, fluid controls! Neat puzzle solving mechanics! I was surprised and a little sad when I found out I'd finished the last level, since there was a lot of ingenuity shown in the problem solving. Also there were two slightly different ways to get through level seven, I was proud of myself for finding a slightly shorter method.

A lot of games like this would simply make it a case of 'stand on every platform to progress' so I appreciate that the puzzles involving moving several doors actually had more thought put into them than that. The delayed explosions also help to add complexity. Very nice!

I can't recall a more intense stair climbing experience! The music really heightens the tension!

There seemed to be a glitch when I restarted after getting knocked off the first time, a gap opened about halfway up the stairs and the ghosts of previous sins fell into that instead of being able to travel down to where I was. Somehow I was able to move across the same gap without problem when I got to it, so it led to a really easy victory. When I refreshed the page and played again it worked normally.

I'm sorry, dinosaurs, I tried my best! Which was only getting to level 3 with a score of 9354. Jumping across a river of lava is very intense!

The stampeding dinosaurs were keeping a great beat to the music with their animation!

For a single day of work this is still quite fun! There isn't much to it, but everything that's in there is good, the controls and music and sound effects are all very satisfying.

Very cute art style, smooth gameplay and a ... well I hesitate to say it's a fun concept, I feel bad for that poor cat. Putting the deaths to the side, yes it is fun! It could easily be expanded into a full game and this plays like a polished demo.

Super creepy! This is honestly the first submission I've played where reading "Death is only the beginning" was genuinely scary. A dark, twisted and superb take on the theme.

The first shadow to appear in the game, the one running past, really set the mood right from the start. The ones which loiter around are also a nice touch, perhaps a bit too prominent to be as creepy. Which is fine, though, since the ones that attack you are plenty scary to deal with when they sneak up on you.

I think some sort of sound effect, a subtle one, to indicate there's an enemy nearby would really take it to the next level. Not necessarily a noise from the shadows themselves, more along the lines of the radio static in Silent Hill; an audible trigger which warns the player of danger and, more than anything, increases their paranoia.

Retroiffic! I don't know that I've ever played the original Asteroids but this was really fun! At first I felt sort of invincible, the cubes weren't attacking me or anything so I didn't think I'd be able to die unless it was on purpose. And then I went a bit too fast and carelessly... 💥

The second time I was cautious and managed to get 40300 points by avoiding any crashes until my shards were full, which left me confused. Luckily someone else had asked about this, so knowing the trick I was able to win on my third fourth try!

The core game play is very good as it is, I'm sure people who are better at this sort of game than I am would be able to zoom around faster and safer. I did a lot of coasting and avoided the edges of the level. Even though I could tell the blue cubes were different, and rarer, I don't think I would have realized their purpose on my own.

Other than that,  you could easily add any number of things to increase complexity, powerups or different targets or even static obstacles. Have you ever played Gridwars? This reminds me a lot of that, and it uses different shapes for enemy behaviours. Squares just float around like yours do, while other shapes chase or shoot bullets.

Excellent and fun! There's a simple joy in throwing fireballs, teleporting all over the place and making a massive explosion every six seconds!

Also, and this is just my personal preference, I like that the swarm of enemies are skeletons rather than the more common zombie. 🦒🦒

A neat idea with good motivation! I got down to -581317917 Mega¢before I ran out of asteroids to mine. I'm not very good at flying around, but it's only my first day as a brain inside of a spaceship! The stars are quite nice as well.

Cute, with a surprisingly bittersweet end! Not just for the main character, but all those poor souls who went without their food because I wasn't fast enough.

A really nice blend of simple mechanics with gameplay that still felt complex with a ticking clock element. It took an embarrassing amount of time for me to wrap my head around how to play efficiently and I always felt so rushed to cook that I couldn't pick up on the clues of my customers.

Short but challenging! I think I was able to make it to the exit with all the coins, for a score of 1485! I really like how responsive the controls are despite the gameplay being so fast-paced. Everything is very fluid and quick, plus you can shoot heaps of fireballs which makes any game better.

Although it's not mentioned in the game or on the page, it also works great with a controller, though pushing up and down for the ladders was reversed.

This entry reminds me of something... like the game I spent too much time playing last weekend when I should have been working on my own gamejam submission. 👻

Quite well done! For some reason the music is much quieter than the sound effects, but otherwise it's well polished. I also like that you have to sink further into death as the game goes by tying the power-ups to hitting zero health each time. It took two tries for me to help Brunhilda exact her revenge, a shame she didn't find it satisfying.

A funny concept which fits this theme perfectly for those who get the reference! I got to 10 heroes before the lag really kicked in, and crashed at 13 (unlucky)! It doesn't have to be a sad ending, maybe Truck-kun would also like to start life over in another world.

Very charming art style! I'm sorry to say I shot the first thing I saw before I realized there might be other options. I was gifted a pair of horns at the end, as a result. My second time, I managed to make amends!

A fun little experience, once I understood what to do! There's a little luck involved at the very start, if the mushroom spawns too far away to get to in time. Or I might just be slow to click.

The music and sounds are super quiet, I had to turn the volume way up to hear them properly.

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The cheerful music and art hide the malicious difficulty, much like a certain bush hides most of the spikes near the end of level five! I tried my best to help Beany collect his Mystic Coins but I fear all of those failures along the way have powered up Death Wizard to a fearsome degree.

Is it my imagination or do the levels get harder after you've cleared them?

Anyway! There's a great balance of difficulty and the addictive need to try one more time, hopefully learning how to get a bit further each time.

Oh, and I really liked how the music changed up! It helped to heighten the mood later on.

A good concept for the theme! The physics are really tough to work with, I got as far as level seven. If it were possible to lock the dead Bunes in place somehow, it would probably help the areas where you have to jump on top of them.

This definitely gives the feeling of being stranded, dead, alone in a barren world! Though it was tough at times to find the salvage, I'm pleased to say I did manage to get the ship back to 100% and even stumbled over an extra piece on my last trip. The robot is very cute as well!

A neat idea for the theme! And a good execution of searching for clues!

Poor Bob, he might get killed in different rooms but every time I solved his murder it was a green alien with a wrench!

I did end up muting the sound on the second playthrough.