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*laugh from the twitch distance*

Yeah sure but if your game has bad design choices I have no reason not to say "yo, the passability in this map is BULLCRAP WTF FIX IT" or "having 100  scripts means nothing if they're all tacked on with no thought put on it", "yo these map transfers suck", "yo the text is not readable" or "using custom/purchased   resources does not hide the fact that this is badly made".  A regular player can tell you what they like and not, but dev criticism (while obviously has bias) can help pinpoint super easy stuff to fix if only you know the framework. 

Also I'll keep shouting "WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? It's a freaking JUDGED CONTEST WITH PRIZE MONEY". Good on you if you're happy showing off a crappy first project but when placed next to a polished product on a scale you can't expect the same response. (And besides, it's not in anyone's job description or streaming cred to prop you up particularly, they're usually there to entertain an audience if at all.) Besides, obviously streamers don't think to much about what they're saying. It's a STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS sort of media. 

Srsly, don't give up and all that, but don't try to push the idea that everyone needs to be babied about feedback IN A BLOODY CONTEST.

Tl;dr do your thing and don't give up, but understand people don't owe you anything and a contest environment has a competitive and harsher edge. If you don't feel you can handle that, don't start from there. There are other much friendlier places where an early game can be seen more kindly. 

Heya! I thought I should put this up here. I'm having a go at a whole bunch of over the next few weeks, so if you want to put in a request or just look at them you can do so over at the page. (I'm WAY too lazy to manage two forum threads at once, sorry).

Here's the link for the forum thread over at RpgMakerWeb.

Here's the YouTube playlist.

And the Twitch Channel where I stream.

(Hopefully this is okay to post here. If it's not, please tell me and I'll take it out).

Thank you for the praise! Honestly I was getting a bit nervous since all the comments from non-friends were a bit mixed and we usually do a tad better.  We put so much work into it if it just got a mixed reception I'd have been sad OTL

The arrow indicator was something I started doing a long while ago and it tends to work really well for me. Now that Fomar made a MV plugin for it I'm using it forever.

The ocean color...oh boy. I could have tinkered with it but in the end as I was using tiles that already existed I decided to leave them as is rather than struggle against them and lose time. I noticed they were kind of in reverse. Hey maybe it's a magical sea, who knows ;)

Man you have NO IDEA how scared we were of bugs during gameplay. The first IGMC we entered with a way too ambitious project and a last minute bug slammed us right as the judges were doing the screening. The sheer FEAR x_x

But really thanks for giving us a try and letting us know! It really means a lot, it feels like I've never worked so hard in my life (to be fair, first time I did a contest while having a dayjob XD)

Woop! People who like the game! :D

To be fair, Riya is almost everyone's favourite. I think it's the first time I manage to successfully pull off my favourite character archetype, the female BAMF. I try and fail pretty often, happy to see this time it worked!

Really thanks for the praise and giving this a try! And don't worry I remember the secret santa XD

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if you ever get back to it: the puzzle mechanics of the root are melding colors and carrying them with you. You can put them back in pedestals if you need to. 

The short version to just advance is pick up the first yellow orb, go east, get blue orb, go around back through west to find the red orb. Go back around, leave the yellow orb, and presto, with blue+red you have purple and can get to the boss. (Theres a ton of extra stuff to do in the cave but that's the base route).

The game clocks at 2-3 horus if you don't run into too much trouble We've never been any good at the "short" part ¯\_(ツ)_/¯